A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ A Taste of Honey Author Jabari Asim – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Poignant and powerful this debut collection from preeminent writer and critic Jabari Asim heralds his arrival as an exciting new voice in African American fiction Through a series of fictional episod Poignant and powerful this debut collection from preeminent writer and critic Jabari Asim heralds his arrival as an exciting new voice in African American fiction Through a A Taste eBook ´ series of fictional episodes set against the backdrop of one of the most turbulent years in modern history Asim brings into pin sharp focus how the tumultuous events of ' affected real people's lives and shaped the country we live in today   The sixteen connected stories in this exciting debut are set in the fictional Midwestern town of Gateway City where second generation off spring of the Great Migrators have pieced together a thriving if fragile existence  With police brutality on the rise the civil rights movement gaining momentum and wars raging at home and abroad Asim has conjured a community that stands on edge  But it is the individual struggles with love childrearing adolescence etc lyrically chronicled here that create a piercing portrait of humanity In I'd Rather Go Blind and Zombies young Crispus Jones who while sensitive to the tremors of upheaval around him is still much concerned with his crush on neighbor Polly and if he's ever going to be as cool as his brother   When Ray Mortimer a white cop kills the owner of his favorite candy store Crispus becomes aware of malice even scary than zombies and the ghost that he thinks may be haunting his house   In The Wheat from the Tares and A Virtuous Woman Rose Whittier deals with her abusive husband with a desperate resignation until his past catches up with him and she's given a second chance at love  And Gabriel her suitor realizes that his whole hearted commitment to The Struggle may have to give way for his own shot at romance And in Ashes to Ashes we see how a single act of despicable violence in their childhoods cements a lasting connection between two unlikely friends  From Crispus' tender innocence to Ray Mortimer's near pure evil to Rose's uiet determination the characters in this book and their journeys showcase a world that is brimming with grace and meaning and showcases the talents of a writer at the top of his game  . I was expecting a series of short stories with no connection and about completely different topics What I found was a fantastically written book then weaves the lives of so many people together that I was dizzy trying to keep it straight but what fun I had trying This touching insightful thoughtful descriptive book had me running down back alleys rooting for true love and cheering when the horribly racist cop finally gets his doo wop whooped While each chapter was a story unto itself the magical way Jabari Asim illustrates how our lives are interconnected in ways we can't even imagine yet had me feeling sorry this great read was over This past week I became a member of the fictional town of Gateway located in one of the central Midwestern States I think during the Spring of 1968 A good book will do that for you transport you to a time and place where reality is transcended by the strength of your imagination But in order to pull it off a writer has to deliver characters with such depth and power that they leap off the page to intrude upon your thoughts long after the book has been set aside Jabari Asim does exactly that in A Taste of Honey For the past few days my time and energy has been invested in this wonderful collection of short stories eighteen vignettes inextricably linked by common threads of culture community struggle and aspiration Honey takes us on a journey through the lives of hard working first and second generation beneficiaries of the Great Migration during a time in our nation's history when our collective soul was left with a series of huge and gaping wounds; some of which it can be reasonably argued have yet to fully heal The turbulent civil rights era capped by the tragic and untimely death of Dr King serves as the backdrop for Asim's colorful presentation On many levels the tension and uncertainty of those violent times manifests itself in the prose like a steady pulse reuired to keep the stories alive; but in spite of the potential for disaster the reader suspects is always nearby the triumph and beauty of each carefully rendered account is unmistakably evident; even as the most difficult trials and tribulations of Gateway's citizens are put on display for all to see Gloria conuers her demons and re learns how to embrace the world Rose discovers true love without being asked to compromise her virtue and dignity Gabriel becomes vested in something than just slogans about power and revolution and Pristine and Reuben reaffirm the value of a family's strength and enduring love Absolutely spellbindingbefore I even beginREAD THIS BOOK I highly recommend it This is a set of interwoven stories in which everyone is searching whether consciously or unconsciously for that beacon of hope The characters and there are a lot of them were amazing The stories and the prose were well written and very captivating I could not put this one down and when I did finish I was overwhelmed with joy I mean I was smiling from ear to ear after reading this Asim used humor sincerity and poetic language to explore sensitive topics like rape domestic violence racism police brutality and adolescence to name a few It was written so well that at times I forgot that I was reading fiction Through the short journey I found myself becoming attached to the characters I would like to see this as a mini series or on television I would also like to teach this in my classroom somedayGo get it NOW sorry I didn't mean to yell I love this book so far A lot of times you can predict where a book is going Not that this book is suspenseful just that I don't know where the author will go next and haven't felt that in reading in a long time Kind of an uncomfortable feeling but in the best of ways Good starting back up with your reading regimen bookTried hard to stretch this one out lest I couldn't find a good follow up suggestions welcome Very sweet and encouraging Just wonder if it was too encouraging This book focuses in on the real lives of many interconnected characters while the volatile period in the late 1960's when so many were being fought and fighting for their own civil rights was going on all around I appreciated this book's uplifting tone but knowing how far we still are from euality I can't imagine how people found peace back then Perhaps this book is a credit to what my dad always says hope springs eternal Anyway it was good for a lift when I needed one Also I loved this author's writing style A novel told in the form of connected short stories about an African American community on the verge of change in the late '60's The Jones' family is the main focus Reuben the artistic father Pristine the mother who holds it all together Schomburg the oldest son who is flirting with the new radical Black nationalist movement and Crispus the youngest son who features prominently in most of the storiesWHAT I LIKEDThe writing is beautiful and captures accurately the voices actions and diversity of the Black community at that time It not only talks about some of the racial and anti war upheaval that happened then but also touches on domestic violence and police brutalityWHAT I DISLISKEDThe ending was a tad bit predictable but well written so I forgave it I loved the compact elegance of this book the characters are so vividly drawn and things come together in a way that tells you about the whole of that place and time Which is pretty wild for such a slim book You learn a lot through Asim's skill at putting things together in a powerful way One of the things that struck me most about reading this was the memory of how scary youth can be When you're a child you're powerless in a lot of ways I think that's why I liked the child characters the best they negotiate their world in a way that rings true When you compound that with the political situation of the characters' community at the time well you've got a very very interesting book The Lord loves a cheerful giver but I guess I'm just not in the mood Aunt GeorgiaI'm sorry but this book is absolutely amazing I could NOT put it down I laughed I commiserated I clucked my tongue I snapped my fingers and I just enjoyed the sheer pleasure of reading this book It's painful to read at times and then it'll have you laughing out loud at other times I related to these characters and felt a sense of enlightenment and sadness for my people I don't know it was just nice reading about real Black people dealing with racist cops abusive husbands and racism but still holding on believing in God and believing in love and putting family first I must own this book for my personal collection I will never forget it This has to be one of my favorite books from the Go On Girl Book list The setting invoked memories from my childhood although I was just born around the time frame of the book It reminded me of some of my neighbors on my block I fell in love with the characters This was a great book I am glad I purchased it on the Kindle I don't have to share it with others and worry about what condition my book will come back in This is definitely a keeper and one I would read again I generally do not reread books but this one will be read again I thoroughly enjoyed it the characters the neighborhood the storytelling and especially the interweavinginter relationships of the characters and plotlines very well done in all areas It read like a novel than short stories and I kinda hated to see it end I hope he revisits the story to keep us updated on Crispus Ed and their families friends and neighbors This collection of linked stories is probably closer to a novel; few of the stories could stand alone It reminds me of Ntozake Shange's Betsey Brown in the looseness of its construction and in its intense focus on a very particular St Louis neighborhood Though Asim calls it Gateway City most of the street names and landmarks are given their real names The book is set almost exclusively in an area of about ten suare blocks around Vandeventer Avenue just south of Fairground Park and it features an interesting range of African American characters—a family with three adolescent boys an orphaned young woman an abused wife a community minded gangster with a hidden connection to a local minister and the gangster's portly enforcer who steps in to save the orphaned young woman from a white cop with evil designs From what I've read Asim follows some of these characters further in his new novel Only the Strong This earlier book begins in 1967 with the police killing of a blind storekeeper and it concludes with the murder of Martin Luther King Jr which leads to rioting and looting in Gateway City of a scale that I believe exceeds anything that actually occurred in St Louis at that time Asim's sympathies however seem firmly rooted not with the angry young men out burning and pillaging but with those who find ways to love and support each other amid the chaos and violence of racism This was a good book that I look forward to adding to my independent reading list for Reading and Writing Fiction I hope it will provide an inspiring model for students

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