Immortal Ops Immortal Ops #1

Immortal Ops Immortal Ops #1❮KINDLE❯ ✽ Immortal Ops Immortal Ops #1 Author Mandy M. Roth – Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with his newest target Peren Matthews Something about her has left him staring at her picture and wondering what it would be like to touch her soft skin When Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with Immortal Ops PDF/EPUB ë his newest target Peren Matthews Something about her has left him staring at her picture and wondering what it would be like to touch her soft skin When the time comes for the team to strike Lukian senses danger and aborts the mission He makes an attempt at meeting Peren and is set in his place by Immortal Ops Kindle - an independent young woman who knows what she is and isn’t looking for in a manLukian is having trouble telling Peren that he’s what she fears most a werewolf Can they make the passion that burns between them last or will Lukian’s condition be too much for Peren. Lukien and Peren35 ⭐⭐⭐✨It may be short but its still intriguing fun and exciting Its easy to read and you'll be hooked easily to the story It has great characters well developed and it has multiple POV 😍This is the first book I read from Mandy Roth and now I can't wait to read 😊🤗I would recommend this book to any readers that loves paranormal romances 👍 4 stars Immortal Ops by Mandy M RothGenres; Adult Paranormal Romance Suspense325 StarsStarted off fast paced and really interesting with bits of humor that helped you connect with the characters Then between 30 40 percent I noticed the pace started to slow down There was still humor And I was still intrigued by the story line and the characters But by 50% the repetitiveness was getting on my nerves Now wasn’t the time to be lusting after the hunk who had saved her life was repeated so many times by the end of the book I wanted to slap the characters and the author upside the head And that is just one example of the repetition To add insult to injury the story became jumpy and the editing went downhill At 56% there is a sex scene that is so jumpy and oddly worded it is absolutely Cringe worthy It starts off good But during this scene the characters positions jump without any fluidity That is the least of the problems with this scene Some of the wording is very off putting This scene goes on for some time and I will give credit to the good bits but there are a lot of areas that needed massive improvement I Can NOT say it was romantic nor was it erotic It was Odd AwkwardWhat a strange book It has a lot of really good ualities but it's like numerous people wrote it Some of which should not be writing at all When the story was good it was really good But when it was bad it was horrendously bad Either way I have the other stories on my kindle I got the bundle after I got this one in some deal or other I am intrigued enough that I will read the 2nd book in the future Sometimes the 1st book in a series has a lot of problems but shows possibilities Then you read the 2nd book and it really takes off I hope that is the case here The good parts of this story has me hoping the rest of the series was taken seriously by the author It would really be a shame if that is not the case There is clearly talent here Peren lay there and soaked in Roi's words Vampires Fae shifters demons? Every fiber of her being wanted to protest but she knew what he was saying was the truth Hearing it said aloud was hard She closed her eyes and took a minute to try to accept the informationYou're a werewolf? she asked awkwardly unsure if she really wanted to hear him answer thatI can turn into a wolf if that's what you mean And before you ask yes I can lick my own balls when in shifted formThis had it's moments but overall it was pretty underwhelming Everything was a little too convenient and that usually doesn't bother me but for whatever reason it didn't work herePeren was all over the place wolves attacked her as a kid and she was terrified of them then she just wasn't She was mourning her missing fiancé then she was over it She's bumbling around in the woods then she was using supernatural DNA she doesn't know she has to effectively run away All of it is easily explained away but it doesn't seem genuine I'm usually all for the you're my mateyou have powers you don't know aboutit's fate and that's why explanation but I'm just not buying it hereI had the same problem with Lukian the big bad alpha king wolf He was supposed to be this badass but it didn't come off that way He's supposed to have all the skills of a great hunter and when he does sense danger he brushes it off as nothing and fucks Peren instead view spoilerAnd when the bad guy does show up Lukian ends up chained up somewhere Of course he gets free to save Peren in the nick of time but you don't know how he got away Mostly it's implied that he was saved by his team after he gets a nose bleed Come on? Where's the badass alpha king? hide spoiler I've had a run of books lately that I don't dislike exactly but which I feel like there's something missing from I can't even pinpoint what I feel is missing I just get to the end of the book and start looking around like a piece of the puzzle was left on the floor and the picture isn't uite complete without itHere's the thing I know that the first book in a series doesn't tie up all the loose ends You wouldn't want it to or the rest of the series would be pretty damn boring I know that good backstory should be doled out slowly so you don't get hit with information overload I'm not denying either of those things at all But I also think that you should feel like the information given and the ends that were tied up completed enough of a loop to keep you happy while you edge toward answersAlthough the main storyline with Lukian and Peren was tied up as in the mating and claiming and what have you I feel like we barely skimmed on the surface and never got than our toes wet The secondary characters who have entire books devoted to them in the series didn't feel like they had much depth You never got to know them as than just background noiseI'm not sure if I really like this book It's a shame too because I've enjoyed several other series by this author I just never really connected to what was going on in this one Kelly Reading the Paranormal 25 starsThis was an allromancecom freebie for their 12 days of Christmas It was a short book my version had 100 pages I liked it I didn't like it I'm kind of ambivalent Basically it's about these genetically enhanced were creatures that form an Ops team At times it was exciting at times a little silly and way too predictable But for free it was a good diversion for a few hours I liked Lukian's character He was a tough macho man but also gentle when it came to Peren The lengths he goes to in order to protect her is amazing Peren is a great character I like how we got to learn a little about her dad I did not expect her blind date to be Benthe one who attacked her I am enjoying learning about this fantasy world These books are short and sweet There is absolutely no filler in them which makes them a nice read Yikes you can tell it's a first book Has a germ of interesting premise but it was done better in other series like Breeds or Shadow Hunters or that one with the neutral hospital ground and all the demons? Reading book 2 as it came in the free bundle and Missy was interesting; shame the author's setting her up to be destined for the man whore Hot Fun ReadThis fast hot little number is well worth the read as it introduces you to a new type of special ops that are immortal only these few selected agents have DNA enhancements from different species added to their human DNA with the exception of one full blooded Lycan to lead the team With the species of the were wolf were panther and were rat the team makes a bad azzz team taking out crime on all their missionsThe author does a great job with all the characters connections between each other making them a tight net team with brotherly love and loyalty through thick and thin as brothers in arms So when the mission is set to take out a female there is no second guessing about the job – that is until Luke gets a look at the photo of the target and a weird feeling comes over him Once he meets and has his target “Peren” in site the connection becomes undeniable stronger and realization hits him hard as he realizes he can’t complete his mission for he has found his mateThe story is beautifully told as the mission becomes complicated and the team tries to figure out why the person who hired their team wants her dead especially after they figure out that she is than human Peren a normal weird person she believes she has always been gets an eye awakening discovery when she discovers she has the whole mixture of all the species of the paranormal word enhanced into her own DNA making her not human and finding herself uncontrollably attracted to the Lycan as her wolf trait heeds to the mating cycleThe erotic scenes between Luke and Peren are passionately wild as they ravage each other fiercely With great slamming of a huge and expanding cock as the wolf surfaces Luke takes her every way imaginable to include by anal and lots of long tongue lashing in her tight cunt and all over her body Peren’s dormant DNA surfaces like wild fire as she releases her wolf vampire fairy and demon power towards her climax and marks Luke as he marks her in a biting frenzy while releasing his jetting seed in her fertile wound claiming her as his eternal matewifeueen of the were'sThe suspense the drama the fighting action and the hot erotic scenes combined make this an awesome book to read and will keep you glued to the page Awesome start to the beginning of the series I look forward to reading the next book and finding out what happens to each team member as they meet each mission head on Great Read 💝 FREE on today 12262017 💝Immortal Ops New Lengthened 2016 Anniversary EditionBlurbImmortal Ops packs the action of a Hollywood thriller with the smoldering heat that readers can expect from Ms Roth Put it on your hot listand keep it there The Road to Romance5 Steamy Cups of Coffee Combining the world of secret government operations with mythical creatures as if they were an everyday thing she MsRoth then has the audacity to make you actually believe it and wonder if there could be some truth to it I know I did Nora Roberts once told me that there are some people who are good writers and some who are good storytellers but the best is a combination of both and I believe Ms Roth is just that MandyRoth never fails to surpass herself coffeetime romanceFrom NY Times USA Today Bestselling Author Mandy M Roth comes the much anticipated New Lengthened Anniversary Edition of Immortal OpsParanormal Shifter Military Special Ops RomanceImmortal Ops Team Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with his newest target Peren Matthews His higher ups want her eliminated He simply wants her The alpha side of him demands he claim her that is if she'll have him After all he's what she fears most a wolf shifter But there is to Peren than even she's aware of and the enemy is closer than anyone imaginedThis book has been revised and expanded from its original release in 2004