As Husbands Go

As Husbands Go➿ As Husbands Go Free ➶ Author Susan Isaacs – Call her superficial but Susie B Anthony Rabinowitz Gersten assumed her marriage was great—and why not Jonah Gersten MD a Park Avenue plastic surgeon clearly adored her He was handsome successful an Call her superficial but Susie B Anthony Rabinowitz Gersten assumed her marriage was great—and As Husbands PDF/EPUB ² why not Jonah Gersten MD a Park Avenue plastic surgeon clearly adored her He was handsome successful and a doting dad to their four year old triplets Dashiell Evan and Mason But when Jonah is found in the Upper East Side apartment of second rate “escort” Dorinda Dillon Susie is overwhelmed with uestions left unanswered It’s bad enough to know your husband’s been murdered but even worse when you’re universally pitied and uietly mocked because of the sleaze factor None of it makes sense to Susie—not a sexual liaison with someone like Dorinda not the “better not to discuss it” response from Jonah’s partners With help from her tough talking high style Grandma Ethel who flies in from Miami she takes on her snooty in laws her husband’s partners the NYPD and the DA is the person arrested for the homicide the actual perp or just an easy mark for a prosecutor who hates the word “unsolved” as she tries to prove that her wonderful life with Jonah was no lieSusan Isaacs brilliantly turns the conventions of the mystery on end as Susie Gersten suburban mom floral designer and fashion plate searches not so much for answers to her husband’s death as for answers to her own life. This book was so bad I stopped reading it after 50 pages Against my better judgement I decided to give it a second chance and read another 50 pages The main character Susan was amazed at how beautiful she was and had such a perfect body even after giving birth to triplets no less Even her best friend's husband didn't escape ridicule Susan and her friend referred to the husband as Fat Boy and described him as nail gnawing buffoonish 300 lb waxy skinned and not a dreamboat Every other person in the book wasn't worth living in Susan's world Some of the actual descriptions of these pathetic people included fat stupid bucktooth boring zitty blobby mongoose describing her own mother etc etc If they didn't have one flaw it was many one lady was needed to attend both overeaters and alcoholics anonymous I had enough when a policeman showed up at her door and had such bad BO that Susan actually got dizzy and had to hold herself so she didn't pass out because of his smell On the pages that someone wasn't being insulted we were treated to constant brand name dropping After 100 pages I didn't see any relief in this very childish hate filled book Absolutely one of the worst books I've read in a long time I am being generous with two stars probably overly generous Susan Isaacs used to be an awesome writer; this one isn't even worthy of Jackie Collins It's shallow full of pretentious brand name dropping and hateful unlikeable characters Obsessed with looks the only nice people in the book are described as obese hairy stupid looking or otherwise unfit to habit Susan's ultra nouveau riche designer world If you like your laughter at the expense of making hideous fun of people you might consider beneath you you might find this book humorous I didn'tThe end wraps up the mystery but leaves all of the interpersonal relationships hanging does Grandma Ethel ever even call the daughter she abandoned? She's a hideous character as an adult and you get the feeling she was a hideous child and deserved to be abandoned Do the in laws and awful brother in law apologize for their out of line insulting hateful behavior? It doesn't even feel like Susan herself has any resolution even knowing what happened to her husbandI can't believe I even finished this but it was light and mindless which I needed at the moment But there have to be better mindless diversionary reads I don't have much to add to other one star ratings Life is too short to read bad books and I generally don't ever feel the need to finish one I was intrigued by the loving husband being found murdered in a hooker's apartment and so I continued reading The wife is such an unlikeable person that it made reading her narratives for example about how her financial situation was stable after her husband's death and wouldn't result in her having to wear Vanity Fair panties almost unbearable She has 4 year old triplets which she really has nothing to do with except to put them to bed at night or complain about the noise they make all day while being cared for by two au pairs The option of getting a real nanny rather than keeping the two au pairs went right over my head as I have no clue what the difference is but I really don't care Bottom line Susan is just not a very nice person I'm ashamed to have read this I'm ashamed of the author I'm almost ashamed of the English language Detective novels don't have to be literature but they do have to have plot I was looking for a fun light chic lit whodunnit Having read a few previous books by Susan Isaacs Compromising Positions Shining Throughwhich fit that bill I thought this might be another winner Was I ever wrong The other Isaacs books I'd read were generally 3 stars but at least they were entertaining and satisfying However if the Goodreads system allowed for a minus rating a 3 is what I'd give this oneThe mystery portion of the plot was at best a nugget of a sliver of an idea enough for a veryvery short story at best The characters are all thinly painted and run the spectrum from benign to obnoxiously annoying The bulk of the book reads like a product placement extravaganza with high end merchandise described in loving detail and used as a way for the author to show how rich and tasteful the main character is In fact all that comes through is a sense of nouveau riche guacherie So why did I slog through this crap and actually finish the darned thing? Some masochistic part of me kept thinking that the story couldn't possibly be as transparent and stupid as I think Wish I could tell you I was wrong This is a terrible book I picked this up thinking it would be a light hearted chick lit easy read Not really what I got It's really a hate filled book with the main character Susan describing all the other characters flaws in GREAT detail think several pages apiece The writing even by chick lit standards is uite poor There is an overcompensating uality about the writing every topic is narrative ad nauseum There isn't a character in the book that is likeable and every time they refer to the best friend's husband as fat boy I cringed I set a fairly low standard for this book and I aimed too high It tries very unsuccessfully to be funny This was my first book by the auther and I would not venture to read another Really not a nice book don't know what the good reviews are for this is bad There is nothing fun or lighthearted about this it's just mean I was thrilled to win a copy of Susan Issacs most recent book from First Reads and it did not disappoint Susan's plastic surgeon husband turns up dead in a prostitute's Upper East Side apartment leaving Susan with her three boys big suburban house and lots of uestions Although the police and prosecutors uicklywind up their case against the call girl Susan just isn't satified with their answers She and her granny who is ahoot decide to track down the answers for themselves What the reader gets is a wonderful summer read Eh I've enjoyed some of Susan Isaacs' mysteries most notably After All These Years and Long Time No See for what they were light entertainment This one was of that genre but not uite as good Susan's mysteries usually star a reluctantly suburban hausfrau charmingly cynical and snarky while being an overall nice person Here the main character got on my nerves I was tired of hearing how good she looked and about the brand names of every designer item she owned or noticed from clothing to shoes to home furnishings and what have you I also solved the mystery very early in the book extremely unusual for me as I tend to be clueless when reading these things There wasn't a whole lot of tension and many of the characters were over the topFor light entertainment it wasn't terrible but you could do better This book was much better than I expected it to be Susie is a beautiful woman with a beautiful life amazing husband Jonah who is a successful plastic surgeon in NYC 4 yr old triplet sons a lovely home on Long Island a full time housekeeper plus twin au pairs a career as co owner of an upscale floral boutiue It all crumbles when Jonah is found stabbed in a low rent call girl's apartment in Manhattan Susie can't accept the facts that a deranged prostitute killed her husband She decides to investigate on her own much to the horror of everyone around her who are worried that she'll damage the prosecution's caseThe book is part mystery part novelcharacter exploration of Susie Susie narrates the book and provides not only snarky comic relief but also her uniue view of the world as someone who has an eye for beauty and is one herself Everyone she meets is evaluated according to how they're dressed and specifically what designer they're wearing But while the superficial is very important to Susie she also has a strong sense of who she is and who her husband was and she knows in her heart that he loved her and the facts don't add upSo while the pacing is a bit meandering I have to say I enjoyed the journey And what a great title Susan B Anthony Rabinowitz Gersten is married to Jonah Gersten a well to do plastic surgeon The are happily married have triplets all boys and have a very comfortable lifestyleSusan's like turns upside down when Johah her loving husband is found dead murdered in the apartment of a second rate escourt prostitute by the name of Dorinda Dillon aka Cristal RosseauSusan must now prepare for a funeral take care of the boys answer uestions not only from her family but the press and the police Dorinda has disappeared and althogh she is a prime suspect there is no direct link to her committing the murderSusan believing in her husband begins her own investigation Her inuiries lead to uestions than answers Of course there is Dorinda but Susan finds it hard to believe that her faithful husband would be involved with a prostitute but then again what was he doing in her apartmentJonah was a partner in a business that may have some financial holes in it Their business manager seems suspect when uestions come up concerning the monies earned by the Doctors The partners themselves become suspect when some of their work might be considered illegalOh of course where is Dorinda or Cristal?When all seems hopeless Grandma Ethel comes flying in from Miami to lend assistence Grandma is considered the Black Sheep of the family Ethel answers to no one does her own thing and the devil be damnedIt is with Grandma Ethel in charge that the mystery of Jonah's death is unraveledAs Husband's Go is classified as fictionliterature but might just as easily have been classified as a mystery with a little chick lit for good measure If you looking for a nice easy uncomplicated read with no brain drain this would be the perfect read

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