The Frenzy Way (The Frenzy Wolves, #1)

The Frenzy Way (The Frenzy Wolves, #1)➵ [Reading] ➷ The Frenzy Way (The Frenzy Wolves, #1) By Gregory Lamberson ➪ – When raped and dismembered corpses start to appear throughout New York City the investigation draws police captain Mace into a plot that plays like a horror movie Taking the lead role in this chilling When raped and dismembered corpses start to appear throughout New York City the investigation draws police captain Mace into a The Frenzy PDF or plot that plays like a horror movie Taking the lead role in this chilling story may be the challenge of his career testing his skills and his stamina but even a superhero would find the series of terrifying crimes daunting Unlike anything Mace has experienced every blood spattered scene is filled with body parts and partially eaten human remains and in the wake of each attack is the haunting premonition of another murdering onslaught As Mace follows this crimson trail of madness he must accept the inevitable conclusion whomever or whatever is responsible for this terror does not intend to stop and it’s up to him to put an end to the chaotic reign of a perpetrator whom until now he’s met only in the annals of mythology Unfortunately the mere mention of the word—werewolf—would send New Yorkers into a panic. Fun fast paced werewolf novel It is basically a supernatural police procedural werewolf noir? but it has enough blood and gore to fit snugly in the horror genre Fans of High Moor should enjoy this one and anyone who enjoys writers like JA Konrath or Jeff Strand their serious stuff Years back I read a book by Whitley Strieber called Wolfen about a couple of NYPD detectives battling it out with giant wolves Greg Lamberson's Frenzy Way kind of reminded me of that at least starting out since it involves NYPD detectives battling it out with werewolves I didn't really enjoy the Strieber novel a whole lot mainly because it played out like a police procedural with some horror elements thrown in As I started reading Frenzy Way I wondered if I was in for of the sameShort answer no I wasn'tSee I'm not big on police procedural stories at least the ones that feel like lost episodes of Law Order or CSI What I've sampled from the genre usually focuses on the tools of the trade the techniues and technology rather than the trade itself the conflict and the intrigue With my preconceived notions of what this book would be like I had my fingers crossed the werewolves one of my favorite monsters could steal the show and drive the storyThankfully that turned out to be the case After a few chapters that had a heckuva lot of lingo and procedure on the part of Captain Mace and his investigators the book livened up considerably with a genuine werewolf stalking the streets of New York and racking up a bit of a hit list Mace a celebrity cop in the wake of busting a famed serial killer is brought on to an especially gruesome murder investigation surrounding a university professor who has been attacked and decapitated and a bloody message left on the wall with the word skinwalker From there what is already considered a career killer of a case by Mace and others on the force gets even worse as murders occur by the killer and and evidence points towards a wolfmanThe book plays out in very cinematic fashion starting out as that straight detective mystery then swerving into a built of a thriller as the killer emerges and then to an outright action horror onslaught leading into the climax The characters take a while to shine with even the villain getting a chance to do a lot than twirl his proverbial mustache The mythos involving the werewolves the multicultural aspects especially and a centuries old conflict with a Catholic sect of guardians really added depth to the story tooFor me this was one of those books that gets better as it goes along I suppose all books should do that but some that get off to a bit of an underwhelming start never find their footing The Frenzy Way definitely finds its footing or rather its claws A believable Werewolf story? Who would have thought it? Amazing detail with historical and plenty of myth behind it How does a Police Captain cope after he sees what can not possibly be? This is a intense action packed book I highly reccomend it to anyone who likes believable horror Five stars easily I can hardly wait to read the seuel I gave this book 3 stars but that's because this just isn't my genre It's got a good mystery but so much violence in it If you like a mysteryhorror book with supernatural elements than this book should be right up your alley Monsters in books and movies are cyclic For a while Vampires were all the rage until they turned into a sparkling mockery of what a movie monster should be Then Zombies dominated the scene for a while Now for those who like their horror with fur fangs and claws werewolves seem to be on the rise And answering the feral call with a stylish and well written entry is Gregory Lamberson Johnny Gruesome Personal Demons with The Frenzy WaySet in New York City The Frenzy Way opens with a middle of the night phone call to Police Captain Anthony Mace about a gruesome murder An old man has been ripped to pieces and the killer left the word skinwalker scrawled in the victim's blood on the wall In the old man's safe they discover a broken sword its blade forged of solid silver What starts off as a horrific and bizarre case becomes much menacing as bodies turn up each torn apart each missing their heads and with strange words written in blood on walls that all mean the same thing werewolf Mace soon discovers that there are things in the world than fits into his vision of reality and that not everyone is what they seem As in if there's one werewolf there are probably a lot than you thinkLamberson does not waste time with pleasantries as he starts the book out with a shot to the gut and keeps amping up the pressure from there His plot is so tight that readers barely notice how many pages are going by In addition just when you think you know what's going on who the heroes are and how the whole thing's going to end out Lamberson pulls the rug out from under you letting the reader know that there are no rules and that anything can happenOne of Lamberson's strongest points is his ability to make the reader care about his characters He accomplishes this rather difficult task by bringing the reader into the characters' heads and presenting their points of view on the situation at hand In doing so he makes even his most brutal creation into a sympathetic creature with whom the reader can almost identify While he doesn't excuse the rage he does let the reader know that there are reasons no matter how twisted they may be So much care is taken with the characters that the reader will be genuinely affected when they dieIn short The Frenzy Way is a good pulpy detective novel with to it than meets the eye Fast paced well written bloody sexy and brutal this is Lamberson at his best Anthony Mace the captain of a NYPD homicide suad gained popularity after nabbing a high profile serial killer A film was made from a book about the case and he's now easily recognizablewhich makes it tricky when he's working out in the field And his latest case is a doozy a body is found decapitated and shredded to pieces Then another is discovered left in a similar manner Bodies start to pile up while unusual words are left at the scene of each crime While Mace can clearly see the evidence pointing to some kind of creature his superiors and fellow workers refuse to believe they're facing anything other than a demented psycho or psychos But when Mace witnesses the creature killing someone for himself he goes before his bosses and gives testimony not caring what they'll think Refusing to recant Mace is suspended but continues investigating the murders and seeking the elusive creature on his own aided only by a woman who runs a strange bookstore down in Greenwich VillageWhile THE FRENZY WAY is a violent action packed old school horror story it also works well as a police procedural and not too technical which helps the story to keep its uick pace without all the forensic psychobabble that slows down mainstream novels of that genre Lamberson takes a couple of unexpected directions with his characters creates some genuine tension and thrills and best of all being this is a werewolf novel delivers werewolves and one rogue wolf who you'd never want to meet in a dark alley ie they're actually SCARY There's plenty of latent social commentary interesting American Indian history and folklore thrown in and a fine back story dealing with an ancient battle between the wolves and a secret Catholic orderLamberson's monster mash is an excellent addition to the current rise of werewolf fiction; I'm not a big werewolf fan but when a story is spun this well I don't care if the creature in uestion is a mutated guinea pig THE FRENZY WAY is a rip roaring bloody good time that you'll read in a sitting or two Don't miss it This book was really dang good It was well written contained some thrilling action scenes and the author got the atmosphere of NYC just right I also really appreciated that he captured the diversity of the city as well as the subtle and sometimes not so subtle underlying racial divide It gave the story and the characters an added layer of authenticity There were uite a number of POV's featured and I'm torn on how I feel about that Sometimes I felt the shifts enhanced the story and I did like them especially when providing another viewpoint to a scene or action seuence but sometimes it did get a tad tiresome There were one or two moments after a pivotal scene that a shift to another POV drove me a little bonkers That being said I was extremely impressed with the fact that each and every character featured with the exception of one was fleshed out and well done No matter how minor they had their own voice Very impressive The only character I felt was not fleshed out well was Mace's wife She felt 2 dimensional In factview spoilersometimes she came across as a littledumb For example after Mace tells her he thought he'd seen a werewolf she tells him not to tell anyone which made sense but then she says she's tired and is going to bed Whaaa? Another example is when Mace thinks he's being followed by the villain She asks Mace how the villain would know who he was and where he lived It's already been established that Mace is uite well known due to the media attention of the crimes something she is well aware of hide spoiler Pretty solid horror story Lamberson takes a traditional view of werewolves but the werewolf element really takes the backseat The real horror comes from the element of delight that the Berserker feels every time he kills The rest of the characters are kind of murky Lamberson should have focused on the basic elements of the story instead of trying to create so much mystery about the killer himself The violent scenes than make up for it and it all just became superfluous I didn't particularly pay attention to the Vatican sponsored assassin until he died even Stalk was pretty useless although it did seem like he was their only hope Mace as a hero lacks personality He's really static throughout the whole book and failed to elicit any sort of emotion from meThe chase was the best part of the book Everytime he rips into someone and our protagonists are just minutes too late is really what kept me going Those scenes were exactly as gory and terrifying as they should have been; I felt genuinely panicked for the victims It was that skill that kept me reading If you feel like a New York populated by lycanthropes then take the Hudson River line to the bookkindle store and grabdownload a copy of this chilling exhilarating romp The author Lamberson does not disappoint The book takes a cool concept police procedural with a werewolf serial killer and delivers it with panache great characterization werewolf mythologyhistory secret Catholic and werewolf cults and heart pounding horrific scenes that urge you to turn the page A pretty darn good read Must admit to a bit of a crush on Mace our mc Love a good werewolf tale pun partially intended I grabbed this on a whim and am super glad I did I feel like I found a little gem I'll be reading of this author

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