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Under My Skin Skinned #1➵ Under My Skin Skinned #1 Read ➼ Author Judith Graves – Oaklandjobs.co.uk All her parents wanted was for Eryn to live a normal lifeRedgrave had its share of monsters before Eryn moved to town Mauled pets missing children The Delacroix family is taking the blame but Eryn kno All her parents wanted was Skin Skinned eBook ↠ for Eryn to live a normal lifeRedgrave had its share of monsters before Eryn moved to town Mauled pets missing children The Delacroix family is taking the blame but Eryn knows the truth Something stalks Under My PDF/EPUB ² the night Wade the police chief's son and Redgrave High's resident hottie warns her the Delacroix are dangerous But then so is Eryn in fact she's lethalBut she can't help falling for one of the Delacroix boys dark brooding human Alec My Skin Skinned ePUB ✓ And then her world falls apartA normal life Now that's the real fairytale. Snarky heroine hot guys and werewolves what could you ask for? Under My Skin will keep you turning the pages Under My Skin is one of those books that you sit down thinking you'll read a few pages of it and then a few hours later you're done I found myself wanting to read of Judith's mythology and world building By the time I finished reading the book I wanted to read The first half of Under My Skin was a little slow for me but this was due to the building up of the mythology and introducing the reader to the characters and the world in which Judith has created Being the first in a 3 book series there needed to be the world building and I think Judith did a good job with it Had there been a lot of the action that comes later in the book I think it would have distracted from the mythology and getting to know the characters and what Eyrn is and why she's in Redgrave I loved the setting of RedgraveEyrn is a very snarky stubborn character who isn't afraid to fight her worst nightmares in the form of werewolves That's not all that's hidden within Redgrave's small population Witches Vampires and are introduced as we get to know some stand out characters Be rest a assured there is some great tension in two hot bad boys that Eryn is torn betweenThere's the dark brooding Alec who she has an immediate chemistry with but there's something about him that she has yet to figure out I loved her first meeting of him when she's running in the woods and he's running with pet wolf Then there's Wade who she can't help but be drawn to especially after her dream about himEryn will soon find herself torn between Wade and Alec and the dark secrets that are unraveling around her in Redgrave As tensions build between Alec and Wade who are both trying to help Eryn she will find herself facing the toughest choice of all Letting her true nature be revealedI liked Under My Skin and I'm looking forward to reading the second book in the series Judith's book will be released on March 27thIf good reads would allow half star ratings I would have given it 35 stars Mild spoilers for first couple chapters“Under my skin” revolves around a teenage girl named Eryn who is living a than complicated teenage life Her parents have disappeared and she is shipped off to somewhere in northern Alberta to live with her Aunt Uncle and cousin On top of all that you guessed it there’s some paranormal goodness brewing Eryn is half human and half wolven which means that she has the ability to morph into a wolf thanks to her mother’s genetics Since her father is human and hunter of the paranormal outlaws she has chosen to live in her human skin but that doesn’t leave her without bloodlust and animal instincts that her wolf side carries deep within her In this small northern town Redgrave everything seems as normal as Eryn appears on the outside There is typical high school drama and cliues and annoying family members to put the icing on the cake Eryn befriends a couple outsiders in school hoping to ignore her wolven side from bursting out but easy and normal doesn’t seem too common to come by in Eryn’s existence She becomes torn between a beautiful and highly ridiculed boy in town simultaneously while she gets intrigued by the police chiefs can’t do no wrong son who is pretty much king of their school Even with her best efforts forward some rogue werewolves begin making a mess in her new town During her attempts to hunt to keep her town safe she stumbles over the most unlikely allies and enemies Like any other paranormal book nothing is what it seems and trust should be a four letter wordThe concept of this book is good The paranormal details and facts are interesting how they all get wrapped together and the characters are likeable but a little long winded There’s some good wit and character interaction that you can get hooked on Only problem I have with this book is the slow pace A lot action and revelations could have been stuffed in this pretty book I’ll be giving the 2nd book a read when it hits the shelves in 2011 The bones of this first book shows some promise so I hope we get a lot meat with our bones next time around When Eryn's parents go missing the Council decides it's best that she live with her Aunt Uncle in Redgrave On the outskirts to nowhere they suggest a paranorm free place like Redgrave would keep her safe as they search for clues to find what happened to her parents When animals kids go missing someone needs to take the blame the Delacroix family Eryn struggles as she discovers there's to this sleepy town then meets the eyeWow this debut by Judith is action packed If you love paranorm this is one you need to check out From vampires to werewolves to witches well there's but I don't want to spoil it for you there's no holding back on beasties Eryn is part wolven shapeshifter and part human Her human father had created concoctions to suppress the wolf inside of her BUT with him gone so were the meds Hands down she was my favorite character in the book with her kick ass sarcastic attitude Her cousin Paige is one you love to hate you can't help but laugh at what she does sometimes just want to slap her Of course there's a hot guy actually two but ones a part vampire and we aren't really sure about him There is a downfall to adding so many characters with so many beastly abilities and unfortunately this means that the plot sorta takes a backseat for a big chunk of the book Along the way uestions are answered but there were times when I wasn't sure exactly what the conflict in the story was all about I think however the very powerful ending then makes up for this and I'm dying to see where book two takes us It was during the night on my weekly search for new books to add to my reading list that I stumbled across Under My Skin I have to say when I read the blurb for the book I was sold I had to get my hands on it instead of waiting for the following day to go look for a print copy in my local BN I downloaded it straight to my Nook Color I loved how the beginning draws you in Judith as delivered in a way that you can clearly imagine the story unfolding before your eyes I also have to say usually my first concern is whether or not the continuation of a book will deliver just the same as I continued to read on through the night I had a hard time wanting to put it down you know when you were a kid and use to tell your parents just five minutes? I found myself 40 minutes later still reading I loved the characters in the book; they each have a uniue personality and found most of the plot refreshing Mixing a bit of different paranormal beings into one book can be hard because I had read a few where there have been a mix of paranormal beings but it doesn’t feel as a whole it feels as if many parts are clinging trying to connect and bring the story together However Judith Graves does an amazing job of mixing the different aspects of the paranormal into this book Though there is a bit of a love triangle in the story the plot doesn’t focus on it however I feel that love triangle will deepened in Judith’s second book in the Skinned Series and look forward to seeing how this triangle develops45 batsMarie from Paranormal Reads I am not sure where to start without spoiling the story Debut author Judith Graves does a wonderful job setting up her paranormal world in UNDER MY SKIN The first in a trilogy finds Eryn in a small town in Northern Alberta This was suppose to be a uiet place where she could lay low after the disappearance of her parents and instead she finds herself face to face with a werewolf Eryn's story is one where she is attempting to learn about herself as a half wolven paranormal She soon finds herself a part of a group of teens who hunt and fight paranormal beasties And if it wasn't enough to have one resident hottie in the form of Alec Delacroix hunter she finds another part of herself attracted to Wade a vampire and eually hot UNDER MY SKIN has great characters I liked all of them humor action and pending romance What can you want? Under My Skin has all the elements of a good paranormal YA – werewolves vampires shamans and sprites It has secrets danger and of course a love triangleI really liked Grave’s spin on werewolves There are Wolven who are born and werewolves which are made Eryn is a half breed Wolven who has had her wolf kept in check by a drug her father has been giving her When her parents go missing Eryn has to deal not only with their loss but also with her primal wolf impulses – impulses that may put her and those she loves in dangerEryn also works as a Hunter for The Council a group that keeps paranormal creatures in check The council has moved Eryn to Redgrave to keep her safe while they look for her missing parents Despite her secrets she manages to make a friend in Brit the resident goth chick who warns her against taking up with Alec Delecroix whom she has encounter while running in the woodsOK – I didn’t really get pulled into this book right away but once Alec entered the picture it’s always about a boyisn’t it?? I was hookedBrit “He’s hot alright butYou don’t want to go there” Eryn “I don’t?” But the image of his long dark hair broad shoulders and powerful thighs had already registered on my but – I really think I – do – want – to – go there interest meter”Alec and his brother Matt are also Hunter’s and Eryn joins with them to help fight the paranorms all while trying to keep her secret fearing Alec will reject her if he finds outWade also enters the picture as the sexy son of the local police chief and this sets up a pretty good love triangle I usually get stressed out over these but I loved both guys and could see it going either way I think Alec gets a little short changed once Wade enters the picture but Alec’s mom has a pretty ominous prediction about Alec and Eryn so this storyline is guaranteed to get time in the next bookThere is uite a bit going on in Under My Skin but I don’t want to reveal spoilers so I hope I’ve peaked your interest enough for you to check it outI did have a few issues One was the aforementioned love triangle As I said I loved both guys and Eryn is drawn to both for different reasons and it makes complete sense But her response to both boys is pretty intense and gave me a case of whiplash at how fast she could go from guy to guyIt seems that the book walked the line of YA and adult The themes and romantic interactions bordered on of an adult paranormal but then it would slip into of a breezy high school vibe – lowering the intensity for meUnder My Skin leaves a few things up in the air Can the council be trusted? Is Wade evil? Is there to Alec than meets the eye? How far will Eryn have to go to save the ones she loves? And what the heck does that vision mean??? I have my own thoughts on that last one but I will just have to wait and seearghh – I’m not the most patient personLiked The boys Nice love triangle Lays the foundation for a really good seriesNitpick There were illustrations throughout the book They were very nice but took me out of the story and I prefer to have my own vision for what a character looks like Not too distracting though As with most first books in a series it had a lot going on to lay the foundation for the future storylines In the book Under My Skin by Judith Graves is considered a paranormal genre of book because of the paranormal creatures in the book This book was about a teenage girl who is part human and part wolf named Eryn Her parents disappeared and she moved to the town of Redgrave to live with her uncle aunt and cousin Eryn met some other teenager from Redgrave that she eventually learned were a lot like her they all come together to realize there is people trying to ruin the young children of Redgrave by turning them into wolfs They then figure out that it is not the original person they thought it was and there is a giant fight scene hurting many of the main charter like Eryn Britt Matt and AlecI think that the characters in this book could have been believable then how they seemed The main characters encounter many arguments with a vampires in the town because they think he is causing all the problem and changing all the teenagers My favourite character in the book was Britt because she kept her secret from people so well and used it as an excuse not to run My favourite part of the book was the fighting scene between Eryn and her friends and the wolves however my least favourite part is how she did not really make the book as paranormal it was about a high school life while kinda incorperating paranormal creatures That is the one thing I would change I would make it so that it is around the supernatural type of thing with an even bigger back story then a paranormal book with a small back story I thought this book would be better then i was told i would recommend this book for people who have interests in fairies vampires and paranormal things then supernatural This book definitely exceeded my expectations While I'm not a fan of the cover or of the somewhat juvenile pictures found throughout the book the story was surprisingly good Graves puts a new spin on things that go bump in the night and those who hunt them I expected another supernatural romance novel that gained popularity on the tailcoats of the Twilight phenomenon Instead I got an original tale of witchcraft and paranormal butt kicking Eryn a snarky teenage girl has always had a weird and extremely dangerous life She is forced to walk the line between the supernatural world and the ordinary world Its easy to see why she's as tough as she is The entire novel is filled with her sarcastic comments and witty comebacks Although she puts on the front of a tough girl who can handle anything she's really insecure and vulnerable underneath In the beginning Eryn annoyed me a teensy bit but by the end of the book I'd really grown to like her While fighting her worst nightmares and struggling to learn the secrets of her parent's disappearance Eryn is torn between two very different boys There's dark brooding Alec who is a hunter like her Then there's Wade who seems to understand Eryn like no one else can even if he does have a dark side I really enjoyed this love triangle aspect of the novel It definitely sets a good foundation for the next books in the series I'm going to recommend this fun read to anyone that enjoys a good mystery along with some paranormal romance The Skinned series is currently set to be a trilogy The next book Second Skin comes out on March 27th That's too far away for me Eryn is new to Redgrave She is also part wolven but tries to hide this from her friends as well as herself Redgrave however is a town that has uite a bit of paranormal activity going on and it gets harder for Eryn to control the bloodlust within Her closest friends are the Delacroix boys who seem to have secrets of their own The police chief's son Wade has warned her to stay away from the Delacroix boys saying that they are bad news but then again they say the same thing about Wade Who is telling the truth? With both Alec Delacroix and Wade trying for her affections who will she choose?Upon receiving this book my initial thoughts were lame cover art and REALLY lame interior art work but I'm glad I looked past those things Judith Graves’ first book in the Skinned series is a great read for both teens and adults I must admit that I did feel a touch of Twilight deja vu while reading about the love triangle between Wade Alec and Eryn but this book is loads better than Twilight Beyond the blossoming romance in this novel there is also the mystery of what is causing all of the paranormal activity in town Waiting to find out the cause of kids going missing and the animal attacks makes Under My Skin a page turner from beginning to end The romantics out there will want to know who Eryn is going to end up with This is a great first novel from Graves and I am truly looking forward to see what happens in the next installment of this series This book would make a great addition to all libraries Recommended Contains Kissing Mild ViolenceReviewed by Rhonda Wilson

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