Lydia or Love in Town

Lydia or Love in Town[Read] ➵ Lydia or Love in Town Author Clare Darcy – A Most Shocking Young Lady — Who but a young lady from America would dare arrive in Regency London at the height of the season and promptly announce her express intention of marrying wealth and posi A Most Shocking Young Lady — Who Love in MOBI õ but a young lady from America would dare arrive in Regency Lydia or MOBI :¼ London at the height of the season and promptly announce her express intention of marrying wealth and position Who or Love in eBook ¸ but this outrageous beauty could keep two of the most eligible bachelors in the realm on tenterhooks while defying the wishes of the arrogant incomparably attractive immensely rich Lord Northover himself Who is uite the most captivating heroine of this or any other season Who else but Lydia Leyland. What a little treasure I've found Lydia or Love in Town has proved to be a wholly endearing Traditional Regency fitting the truest definition of the label to perfection The 1973 edition I've read touts it as the best next thing to Heyer one could get and even if it doesn't reach the exuisitely filigreed prose and dialogues of such a uniue wordsmith it gets pretty close while maintaining a good dose of distinctiveness than any other descendant I've ever encountered And this is not a small feat for a book belonging to one of those few genres that draw their strength in being stylistically formulaic and where conseuently all the winning odds rely on the execution rather than the invention The author has won her risky bet though achieving to infuse freshness and vitality to the narration making her book a pleasant and personal exercise in and not a merely unoriginal and uninspired imitation of Navigating through the insidious waters of the Ton Lydia an American young woman down on her financial luck must find a wealthy husband in a very short time she's not an ambitious fortune hunter but the family's future is really at stake And fretting butlers besotted brothers compulsive gambler grandmothers smarmy suitors clumsy suitors contented inheritances and elopements are not likely to facilitate the task Let alone that handsome young devil of a viscount Northover who has the good sense to abominate missish females and the indecency to look at her and at the world with a constant sardonic light in his dark eyes You'll find the uirky jargon the imagery the fashion the s the society rituals the banters all the right ingredients focused in conveying that perfect union between a farce and I intend the term in a positive acceptation here and a comedy of manners the genre is supposed to bring on the fictional stage to fully succeed where the plot in itself takes secondary importance and the characters are witty templates almost fixed theatrical masks making the comedic mechanism engage and tick The story and the love story may seem reduced to mere pretexts in such a literary construction and it is in part true but only to a certain point as one should rather regard them as the essential linchpins around which the author finely and deftly weaves the threads eventually forming the choral tapestry allowing the genre's authentic vocation to emerge precisely by rendering the atmosphere permeating the setting the absolute and undisputed protagonist of the showFor the sub genre aficionados well worth the tracking down efforts or on the contrary a captivating point from which to start if you've never read a real old fashioned Regency before and why not to give yourself a chance to fall in love with the entire categoryBuddy read with Anne What Regency Romance Has Taught Me I'm afraid this is Part 1 of many1 If you meet a man and immediately dislike him thinking him the most arrogant toad alive chances are he's in fact your soulmate2 A gentleman's library Please help yourself to any books you like Said gentleman aka the hero will in all likeliness pop in while you're perusing and find you extremely hot 3 Heaven forbid you waltz without first having being presented at Almack's Capital offence4Driving a high perch phaeton at top speed in the middle of Hyde Park will not impress the hero but make him secretly sick with fear 5 If one has resolution one can accomplish anything6 Chances are though the hero will try to help Even if he says he is by no means lifting as much as a finger to help he will help They can't help it hahaha pun not even intended7 Elopements For heaven's sake give them up they NEVER work 8 And if you are rescuing someone from an elopement DO NOT write a silly letter mentioning that you are gone without telling why and DO NOT mention the man who is accompanying you without telling why's he with you Everyone will think that they now a double elopement to deal with and the hero will likely be seized of a fit of rage when he learns that you ran off with someone else 9 Big hats with an overdose of ostrich feathers are NOT all the crack 10 Last but not least most rakes are really really really hotWe all know Wentworth's not a rake but I needed a hot man to illustrate my point Besides on this photo he looks a tad rakishOh and yes I did like this book a lot and strongly recommend it to all Regency romance lovers; it was funny witty entertaining and very Heyerish Clare Darcy was very talented and she's the first Regency author that I've come across whose style so resembles Georgette Heyer's Just three chapters down and I strongly dislike the hI may be in a minority here but certainly not the only one to find the h and her family and their maid to be shameless freeloaders Actually parasites is the befitting term Let me be as barefaced about it as themFirst they brazenly lodge themselves at one of the H's houses in the owner's absence emotionally blackmailing old retainers It once belonged to the h's family long ago butdoesn't nowWhen the H unexpectedly visits they show complete insouciance The h's persona jars badly as a self satisfied and forward beauty bent on bettering her lot through her looks And she calmly shares her brazen views with a stranger the H within seconds of meeting him Even that can be forgiven but to look down on the owner and his rundown house as proof of his lack of funds and so stating to his face that's he's beneath her to even consider as a contender for her handThen she recounts of a rich uncle who they may persuade to look out for them but he has other relatives who have been turning him up sweet for years Says one parasite of anotherHer family is eually unabashed and forward The grandmother while not asking for a delayed permission or an apology goes on to criticize the H's great uncle as a disagreeable man Too much brazenness for me Just the kind of inconsiderate self serving people I'd hate in RL Not sure I can continue I first discovered Clare Darcy in junior high My mother deemed her appropriate for me to read because there was no sex in her books Through Clare I met Georgette Heyer and began a lifetime of trashy novel reading Years later when I happen across either Georgette or Clare's books at Half Price books I have a hard time resisting themAlthough Lydia or Love in Town was not the first of Clare's books I read it was in those critical first stacks of books I'd pick up at our library Even back then they were light reads to be accomplished in about 2 hours I always find them perfect for those days when I just want to relaxAfter reading trashy novels for a while it's easy to figure out the storyline Eventually they begin to blur I remember Lydia because the storyline is a rare one of an American breaking into the Upper Ten Thousand through family connectionsI recommend both Georgette Heyer and Clare Darcy for anyone in need of light reading and a giggle or two at the wit Kit Viscount Northover returns to England after the war to take up his title and his country seat Great Hayland only to discover his house is occupied by people unknown to him Lydia Leyland her brother and her grandmother have come to Grandmama's native England from their home in New Orleans to try to repair the family fortunes Lydia declares to Northover that she's going to marry a fortune no matter who or what tries to stand in her way She'll do whatever it takes to rescue her family from ruin Northover amused by the outspoken young American introduces the Leylands to the ton where Lydia uickly finds herself the object of attention Her brother hopes to inherit his great aunt's husband's fortune but Sir Basil's first wife's nephew Mr Pentony also has designs on the fortune and he will stop at nothing to get it Lydia has her hands full trying to keep her relatives out of trouble and avoid the nasty Mr Pentony and the odiously rude Northover Desperate to prove to Northover she can and will marry a fortune she sets about to find suitors causing mayhem and mischief wherever she goesThis is a traditional Clare Darcy novel written in the tradition of Georgette Heyer It does not copy one of Heyer's plots though Lydia is a bit reminiscent of Sophy in The Grand Sophy I really liked Lydia though at times she was a bit cold and unlikeable and other times was completely crazy I felt bad for her that she was the only sensible member of the family Her antics made me giggle The romance hardly develops at all Most of the interactions between the hero and heroine consist of arguments which conclude in Lydia running off We're supposed to assume they fall in love based on mutual admiration of spirited personalities The middle drags out a lot before picking up with a hackneyed plot towards the end and culminating in a slightly rushed romantic scene Even though it is not the best Clare Darcy novel I enjoyed it Too often American authors write regency romances set in England where their heroines show complete disregard for custom tradition rules or the rest of society and the hero is supposed to be attracted to them and find the character speaking their mind with zero manners 'refreshing''Lydia' starts off this way The Leyland family emigrate to England and force themselves into a grand old house that used to belong to their ancestors by bullying the poor old butler When the owner of the residence returns to town and finds them situated in his house not a single member of the family finds it necessary to apologise for barging in and making themselves comfortable Their manners are entirely lacking but rather than making Lord Northover understandably angry he is apparently diverted He finds Lydia 'uniue' I found her obnoxiousLater her behaviour improves a little although the way she talks to people would realistically have led to her being shunned by the ton not considered all the rage Speaking fluent French to the patronesses of Almack's would hardly have been likely to make those ladies forgive flagrant rule breaking being carried on right in front of their noses as most wealthy ladies in those days would have spoken French thanks to governesses and it being considered a necessary accomplishment for ladies It felt far too showy as though the American author wasn't fully understanding the attitudes and ideas of England during the regency period she was writing aboutI felt society in general was far too forgiving of the Leyland siblings and their grandmother and of the many scrapes they found themselves in Lord Northover's character I enjoyed however despite his inexplicable attraction to LydiaNot my favourite Clare Darcy book but a uick mildly entertaining read In this one a young woman her brother and their grandmother arrive in England for the purpose of improving their financial condition through marriage or rich relatives the method doesn't really matter Lydia beautiful and fiesty is linked romantically with various wealthy suitors but falls for the one person she swears she could never be interested in These novels all end the same so it's not really a spoiler to say that all the main characters end up with true love great wealth and enviable social standing No surprises no sadness that's why we read these books right?I like this time period in any novel but I like those better that were actually written in that time I know the authors of the newer ones do lots of research to make sure the fashion manners morals and language are authentic but I sometimes feel like they're trying too hard I thought in this one there were too many details brought to the reader's attention that didn't advance the story in any way and so much Regency slang used that it became tedious to read This one is for when you want something you don't have to think about a harmless distraction from real life and weightier books Very light reading Ugh I really wanted to like Clare Darcy because she was touted in her day as the new Georgette Heyer but after reading four of her novels I’m seriously underwhelmed She’s got the language mostly down but her characters just aren’t enjoyable And the relationships have no excitement or tension I’m so disappointed Why can’t anybody write like Georgette Heyer?So this book Hated Lydia from the start She didn’t get any better Northover was fine but not deep enough to tempt me The other characters weren’t well drawn and kept changing personalities The grandmother was this seasoned old tartar who makes a deal with a banker to get his richest client to will his money to her grandson then she seems to forget all about it and wonder why her granddaughter keeps trying to get it done And she lets herself get lured into a gaming hell and loses 4000 pounds What? The brother is this devil may care bored guy then he turns all Mooney eyed and romantic for the girl of his dreams Where’d that come from? And the hero and heroine just battle each other the whole time then suddenly they’re in love at the end Whatever Some people love this book and this author I just wonder how they can say that if they’ve read Georgette Heyer But that’s just me I guess President of the GH Fan Club This was a total romp I stayed up way beyond my bedtime to read this book I read a lot of reviewers saying this author is a passable imitation of Heyer but I'm beginning to disagree I think Ms Darcy might be better I mean she already has the name to back her Get it? Anyway Darcy's heroines tend to be less air headed Though within the genre it is a trend for the women to make a mess of things so the brooding hero can swoop in But some people like their hot and sexy men to shift into horses So you know apples and oranges I for one am trash for regency romance and this might be my favorite so far Austen isn't in the category She is what started the trend I ate this book up My next read isn't supposed to be regency but I might cave and read another My favorite type of Regency romances With a headstrong hero and heroine who uarrel and fight with each other repeatedly There were fun and witty dialogues As Christina Brunette Reader wrote we had here fretting butlers besotted brothers compulsive gambler grandmothers smarmy suitors clumsy suitors But main plot was about Lydia who gradually made uite a mess with herself in the middle And the moment when Northover sorted all out at the end was this precious moment of this kind of romance I am sure you know what I mean ; I really really love to end reading with a big smile And I really really love rakes Am I hopeless? ; This novel made my weekend really enjoyableIf you want information I recommend Anne and Christina Brunette Reader reviews

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