Georgina➸ [Read] ➳ Georgina By Clare Darcy ➽ – A dead bore Miss Georgina Powers concluded after shutting the door in the face of her latest suitor announcing to one and all that spinsterhood was preferable to a life with a dimwit twice her age She A dead bore Miss Georgina Powers concluded after shutting the door in the face of her latest suitor announcing to one and all that spinsterhood was preferable to a life with a dimwit twice her age She longed for a love match not the humdrum offers that came her way But as the granddaughter of Lady Mercer Georgina was expected to make a shrewd alliance of the first order And now after refusing this most eligible suitor she was being shipped off to distant relations in the wilds of Ireland where sheer boredom would force her to reflect on her folly To the surprise of both Georgina and her disapproving grandmama the Emerald Isle yielded the roguish Mr Shannon a handsome Irishman with a most scandalous past Georgina was sure to set the ton on its ear with her choice of a groom but for all the wrong reasons. And that's what I am always hoping to find Amusing believable charming and also sparking Regency romance with something newThe plot differed a little from typical romances I think of hero's past and it was really refreshingThe characters were interesting and various eg Lady Eliza Mrs uinlevan Betsy So although it was rather a short novel Clare Darcy created and used the characters to do the plot enjoyableThe pace was really fast but not too fastWhat I Iiked the most was the way it showed the society its prejudice and so onIt would have been perfect if it had been longer it had a really good potential and there was humor But still in my opinion it was one of the best of Clare Darcy eorgina has been raised by her grandfather in a most unladylike fashion She was the grandson he never had Life was fun back then Now Georgie is ready to come out but her grandfather's death has the women in retreat in Bath where Georgie's grandmother is trying to marry her off to someone or another Georgie isn't the least bit interested in marrying To punish her for failing to do her duty Grandmama sends Georgie off to distant relatives in Ireland In Ireland she finds everything all helter skelter with her silly aunt in hysterics because the household must move posthaste ere the heir moves on The heir Mr Shannon inherited The Place of the Oaks from Georgie's late cousin Nuala Shannon is the illegitimate son of a Scottish Earl and said to have married Nuala for her money When her aunt is injured in a fall it's up to Georgie and her cousin Brandon to keep the household running smoothly which they are unable to do until the appearance of the autocratic Mr Shannon Georgie decides to hate Shannon from the beginning because he is rude and unsympathetic to the family's plight The traitor Brandon adores having adult male company for a change When the family finally removes to their new home Georgina's aunt hopes a romance between Georgie and Brandon will bloom but soon Georgie is the belle of the neighborhood and has suitable suitors than her impoverished and lame cousin Georgie doesn't seem to care much about her suitors though but she does begin to revise her opinion of Mr Shannon when Georgina's aunt and most of the neighbors snub him The only one who will receive Mr Shannon is Lady Eliza a wicked flirt Georgie decides to take it upon herself to help Shannon with very unexpected conseuences I seemed to like this book a lot the first time I read it but I have a revised opinion I admire Georgie for standing up to her grandmother and she's an appealing heroine for her spirit but she's very young and very naive Her innocence is both charming and annoying at the same time Her behavior towards Shannon is pretty dreadful even when she means well She behaves a lot less stupidly than most other teenage heroines in Regency novels Shannon is not a very appealing hero Shannon was shaped by life experiences which have made him proud He's also stubborn with just enough sense of humor to find Georgina mildly interesting and mildly irritating at the same time He's a bit too authoritative for my tastes but maybe he would come around and loosen up a bit The story has it's funny moments and there's chemistry between the hero and heroine that becomes apparent in a realistic and romantic way It's almost a rewrite of Georgette Heyer's Venetia with a younger heroine If you're a fan of Clare Darcy's other books or want Georgette Heyer light then read this book Lovely traditional Regency with all the warmth and humour of a Heyer and a touch of the gothic mysterymelodrama to spice it upFor my full review While the summary isn't wrong it is a tad misleading I thought Shannon was going to be some neighborhood fellow and not her dead cousin's widowed husband Georgiana reminded me of Emma in some ways in a headstrong woman mostly trying to do right but their own ego gets in the way I like Emma but that might be due to the Clueless adaptation I also very clearly felt Georgiana's age and being a good decade older than her myself wanted to yell some sense into her in the ways her cousin Brandon couldn't get through to her I wanted to yell at a good many of the people in the story I'm sure The Place is lovely but the neighbors are pains I read a review that read it was insta love and as I was reading I thought to myself but this seems like a nice progression of initial misunderstanding to getting to understand each other better but then at the end it's insta love Even at the end when the author could tell and not show us that he loves her which I don't feel like there was a lot of showing of live on either side we get nothing This is really a 37 Darn close to four Thoroughly enjoyed this book The main character was a delight and I really enjoyed the human relationship she had with her cousin A lot of times relationships in this genre of book can feel fake Would I have liked to have a little time with Georgina and Mr Shannon at the end? Yes frankly Which is why this book isn't four stars Should you skip it because of that? No This was fun And it's interesting to me when I read other reviews seeming to claim how Ms Darcy isn't as good as the author she is a protege of I think she's better than Heyer Does that have anything to do with my review of this book? No Regency romance is guilty pleasure reading for me I'm not looking for realism I'm looking for fun This book was uite enjoyable 25 stars Someone called this Georgette Heyer lite and I agree I really wanted from Shannon who is so mysterious and rough but you hardly see enough of him to get to know him—and you never really find out what happened with him and Nuala The chemistry between Shannon and Georgina just wasn’t uite satisfying It was there but they hardly saw each other and then they were in love? I mean I just couldn’t believe the love at first sight thing here The plot was uniue than most and the cast of characters interesting and the last few chapters really drew me in Pretty good read but hard to get excited about after Georgette LovelyMy favourite Clare Darcy book so far Some of the characters were very reminiscent of my favourites from Georgette Heyer's novels and the ending was sublime and amusing and romanticFab stuff beautifully written and historically accurate Another poor Georgette Heyer imitation but it passed an hour or two A young and impetuous h and very reserved older H but a rather endearing romance With distinct shades of Venetia at the end though nothing compares with Heyer of course Getting warmer Darcy feels contrived than Heyerthe situations that characters find themselves in don't feel inevitable The characters are a little better rounded and entertaining than in CecilyIt's interesting I think she might have taken the structure of Heyer's Venetia and tried to make another book out of it It has many of the same elements crippled brother figure persistent unsuitable suitor cynical outcast neighborlove interest hero rescuing heroine from unwanted affections by throwing the aggressor across the room reckless flight back to the hero at the end yet sadly not the same delicious Venetia feel overallAnd I really do not understand the nature of the entail on The Place other than that is convenient for the plot Am I an expert at this no but it seems unlikely

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