Watery Grave

Watery Grave➶ [Read] ➲ Watery Grave By Bruce Alexander ➾ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk 'Blind Justice' the first novel featuring legendary eighteenth century London judge Sir John Fielding was one of the most highly acclaimed mystery debuts of 1994 'Murder in Grub Street' the second nov 'Blind Justice' the first novel featuring legendary eighteenth century London judge Sir John Fielding was one of the most highly acclaimed mystery debuts of 'Murder in Grub Street' the second novel was named by The New York Times Book Review as one of the Notable books of in crime fiction Now Fielding returns in his most baffling case yetJohn Fielding was famous not only as co founder of London's first police force the Bow Street Runners but also as a magistrate of keen intellect fairness and uncommon detective ability When a crime was committed he often took it upon himself to solve it What made this all the remarkable was that he was blindIn 'Watery Grave' accompanied by his eyes and the series' narrator young Jeremy Proctor Fielding encounters a case that hits close to home as a stepson returns from the high seas with tales of typhoons and a captain overboard Was it an accident or was it murder Fielding is asked to investigate but discovers considerably than he'd bargained for including some secrets that might better have been left at the bottom of a Watery GraveFilled with the authentic sights and sounds and atmosphere of the times and with a supremely colorful and varied cast of characters 'Watery Grave' is in every way a delight to read. The rough justice of the 18th century British navyIn 1767 off the shore of Cape of Good Hope the crew of British naval frigate HMS Adventure encountered what to them must have seemed the typhoon of the century At the height of the powerful storm despite Lieutenant William Landon's futile rescue attempt Captain Josiah Markham is swept off the poop deck and overboard to his death Fully seven months later when the Adventure returns to London Landon is astonished to find himself accused of murder by acting Captain James Hartsell and facing execution by hanging if he is found guilty at a court martial When Vice Admiral Robert Redmond who happens to be Landon's uncle is ordered by the British navy to preside over the court martial he asks his friend of long acuaintance blind magistrate Sir John Fielding to turn his formidable intellect to the investigation and to help clear his nephew's name With the assistance of his protégé a wide eyed but uickly maturing 14 year old Jeremy Proctor and his step son Thomas Durham freshly returned from his two year assignment aboard the Adventure Fielding investigates the alleged murderAs Fielding Proctor and Durham search for clues and witnesses in the haunts of the seamen on shore leave from the Adventure the dimly lit brothels and filthy bars and gaming establishments that dot the seedy docks in the Tower Wharf district along side the Thames they run into a string of reluctant witnesses inconsistent stories of the events on the night of the storm subseuent murders and the tortuous workings of a maritime and naval justice system apparently intent on bringing in a pre ordained verdict of guilty against the accusedDespite being an easy reading lightweight historical mystery set in Georgian England Watery Grave is definitely not a cozy mystery in the style of Agatha Christie or Susan Wittig Albert A graphic and gritty portrayal of the rough side of 18th century London Watery Grave will treat its readers to extraordinary characterization and atmospheric embellishment that brings people time and place to life with a sparkling vitality and a sense of realism that can hardly be rivaled the slums the prisons the docks pubs outdoor markets upstairs downstairs courts gaming houses bordellos street walkers pickpockets scamps cut purses and thieves Despite being a primarily land locked investigation the story also provides us with a colourful but up close down and dirty examination of brutal ship board life for the seamen in the British navy of the dayAnd that ending what can one say? Entirely unexpected but frankly the icing on the cake as far as the depiction of the reality of the day is concernedWatery Grave preceded by Blind Justice and Murder in Grub Street is the third entry in Alexander's highly successful Sir John Fielding series While it does stand alone as a satisfactory mystery readers will derive the most enjoyment if they dig into the series from the start so they can revel in Alexander's wonderful multi story character development as well as the mystery Up next Person or Persons UnknownHighly recommendedPaul Weiss This feels like a historical novel where the main character happens to solve a crime than a 'true' historical mystery The historical detail is uite extensive and if I'm honest when it came to the finer points of the working of the legal system a bit overwhelmingI just really don't care about that and importantly there wasn't that much of a mystery Fielding investigates the case of a young man who has been accused of murder by one of his comrades There's no mystery in the uestion Did he really do it? because it is uite clear that the reader is supposed to trust Fielding who has faith in the young man So the next uestion is Why is the other person accusing him? and that also becomes clear uite uickly At least to the reader not so much to Jeremy the narrator Though it does make perfect sense that he doesn't understand what is going on Additionally there's enough other stuff going on in the plot that Jeremy doesn't constantly wonder what he's missing; and so the reader doesn't have to constantly sigh about his ignorance But still not a big mysteryThat leaves the uestion of if and how they can prove the suspect's innocence and wellthat's also not the most thrilling story Partly because if you boil it down to the essentials it's not the most original tale and partly because the chapter titles are like Friends episodes and are for example called In which we find our witness and lose him again Wow I wonder what will happen hereAdditionally view spoilerfor me a mystery needs a happy end where the guilty get punished and the innocents are saved and this book lacked one of those things hide spoiler As of this book I have now read the entire John Fielding mysteries series and in my opinion this is the best of the set The characterizations are very fine the various elements of the mystery well woven the legalities and complexities of the legal system from the time fascinating and most of all the events not only ring true but are very engagingJeremy Proctor continues to be a bit of a Mary Sue everyone likes him he's stronger than most smarter than most skillful than most always seems to know what to say etc but that is countered by his self deprecation as he narrates the story his level of ignorance and naivete about life and his well depicted youthThis story covers a mystery involving the British Royal Navy which through its later years became such an institution that many horrors committed in its name in order to defend England were overlooked or ignored for the sake of national security For England to survive as a small island nation it had to have a powerful unuestioned navy which led to serious abuses and injusticesSailors were little than slaves the impress system was little than slave raids on the English coasts captains were virtually above any criticism or judicial reach and And all had reasonable bases the ships were inevitably undermanned they were needed to protect the island captains had to be absolute in their authority while at sea but bad things were done nevertheless This book looks at these problems and their reasons with a clear and objective eye finding much both to love and be troubled by in the NavyOh and one thing it tells the story of how Sir John Fielding lost his eyesight Ratings 1 to 5Writing 4Story 4Characters 4Emotional impact 3Overall rating 375 The blind Sir John Fielding has his assistant young Jeremy Protor to assist him in his investigations into various crimes and in this the third novel in the Fielding series he is asked to investigate the death of a ship's captain while on the high seasThe captain was constantly ill and regularly drinking and was therefore confined to his cabin Another member of the crew took on the role of acting captain and it was he who made the accusation that another crew member had pushed the captain overboard while the ship was in the eye of a storm But it took him until the ship was very nearly docking in London to make the accusation and that was almost a year after the incident took placeSir John Fielding was therefore recruited to find out the truth He makes his way round eighteenth century London admirably described by the author ably assisted by young Proctor But sometimes hindered by the naval personnel who recruited him what he discovers is something of a surprise and leads him into all sorts of highways byways and intriguesThe officer accused of the crime is jailed but Fielding visits him and hears his story; there is a trial and the offender is sentenced However Fielding is not convinced by the verdict so he continues to search out evidence And something most surprising is uncovered as evidence comes out however is it too late to save the officer accused? And what would then happen to the acting captain?'Watery Grave' is a novel with a twist and the action is always swift and constant making it a most enjoyable read Beware of uber spoilers about the endingview spoilerCompletely ##ing irritated at the way this story ended If I wanted to read a dark cynical tale about a so called hero's helplessness in the face of a monumental miscarriage of justice caused by the intransigence and indifference of a self serving military order I certainly wouldn't look for it in a freaking cozy mystery series about a blind 18th century magistrate and his 14 year old apprentice would I?And I certainly wouldn't want it on a lovely Sunday afternoon in May when the sun is shining the birds are singing and I'm sick as a dog lying on the couch with a box of tissues and a stack of books and just wanting a stupid escapist %%#ing historical mystery novel to distract myself from the aching drippy swollen mess my head has exploded intoSo now I'm sick AND I'm %^ed off Going to go throw this ^%ing book out my window and move onto something by Alexander McCall Smith No innocent people getting hanged in one of THOSE books hide spoiler Great book Mysteries and investigations by a blind judge and his adoptive young boy in the 18th century in London I liked the story mixed with the fact of History My second book of Sir John serie Much better plot than #2 Decent plot twist and good new characters Not an amazing book but a good decent read This was about loyalty and justice The Acting Captain of the HMS Adventure lodged a belated court martial inuiry against his First Officer a wellloved and wellrespected man specially by the ordinary sailors aboard the Adventure unlike the Acting Captain And although the Acting Captain was promoted to Captain in the end he still hanged with the one he accused Sir John and Jeremy wanted justice done for the accused but the Royal Navy or those of the highest echelon who represent the institution have a different agenda to protect the reputation of the Royal Navy at the expense of the accused whose life must be sacrificed and since the court martial was a naval concern and Sir John's role was to advise his Rear Admiral friend but given what he and Jeremy already know about the case Sir John arranged things in such a way that the culprits would be made to commit a crime in London to be under his jurisdiction a masterful maneuver in his battle against this particular crime and a sop to appease his great disappointment of the institution he once served and while in service to it he lost his sight As with other Bruce Alexander novels I thoroughly enjoyed this oneIt was fun to readcoming from a family with a naval history I especially enjoyed the nautical themeI am normally a fast readerhowever Mr Alexander using the dialog of the periodI have to discipline myself to slow down and see each wordit is worth itThe way Jeremy occasionally addresses the reader makes one feel as if he is there talking to you in personA great adventure storya few chucklesgreat historical characters as well as an easily imagined mid 18th century London settingDoesn't get much better than this

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