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Jack Knave and Fool Sir John Fielding Book 5[PDF] ✪ Jack Knave and Fool Sir John Fielding Book 5 ✩ Bruce Alexander – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In this fifth Sir John Fielding mystery the legendary eighteenth century London judge takes on his most difficult case to date John Fielding was famous not only as cofounder of London's first police f In this fifth and Fool Epub á Sir John Fielding mystery the legendary eighteenth century London judge takes on his most difficult case to date John Fielding was famous not only as cofounder of London's first police force the Bow Street Runners but also as a Jack Knave ePUB ✓ magistrate of keen intellect fairness and uncommon detective ability What made this all the remarkable was that he was blind Now the blind magistrate and his young assistant and ward Jeremy Proctor face a baffling pair of deaths A lord dies suddenly while Knave and Fool eBook ✓ attending a concert A disembodied head washes up on the banks of the Thames While investigating both Sir John and Jeremy learn than they ever cared to about family greed deception and the peculiar nature of homicide high and lowThis is a wonderful Knave and Fool Sir John Kindle - series In addition to giving us a marvelous parade of Georgian era Knave and Fool Sir John Kindle - high and low characters in the London of Johnson and Boswell it is packed with history and lore and it's altogether much fun Washington Post Book World. I love this series Bruce Alexander was such a talented writer I'm so drawn in to all of his characters Sir John Fielding was a real actually blind judge in 18th century England His brother Henry Fielding wrote Tom Jones which I'll read soon I love how his words feel like a book from that time but without the confusion and archaic language that often comes with a book actually written in the late 1700's I'm sure he would have won the Bruce Alexander award named in his honor I'll be sad to come to the end of this series; only six He is unparalleled Another solid book in the seriesRatingsWriting 4Story line 4Characters 4Emotional impact 3Overall rating 375 Although some of the books in this series have had to be purchased from across the Atlantic they are well worth it This is the fifth in the set and 'The Blind Beak' is as on the ball as ever and 'young' Jeremy has started on his tentative steps towards a career in the law This story isnt so much a who dun it but a how did they do it On a recent visit to London we decided to hunt out the main area of activity of these books We had a look around Covent Garden and then went to seek out the magistrates court at 4 Bow Street We were very disappointed at the state that the building had been allowed to deteriorate but we could still imagine the comings and goings from the building There is a pub next door called The Blind Beak The characters keep getting deeper and interesting as does the historical detail Some historical novelists want to impress their readers with their research with lots of extraneous details clogging up the narrative Alexander though has just the right touch with enough to help readers understand the state of knowledge and social rules that influence the characters and plot If only they had the scientific tools we have today it'd be a whole lot easier to determine cause of death However they were keen observers and good uestioners Not so much mystery as historical police proceduralJack Knave and Fool Bruce Alexander's fifth novel in the highly acclaimed Sir John Fielding series is neither the cozy lightweight mystery à la Agatha Christie or Susan Wittig Albert nor the historical thriller that many readers might expect It might accurately be categorized as an atmospheric and compelling police procedural set within a graphic description of 18th century Georgian EnglandJack Knave and Fool will treat its readers to extraordinary characterization and atmospheric embellishment that brings people time and place to life with a sparkling vitality and a sense of realism that can hardly be rivaled the sights the smells the sounds the slums the prisons the docks pubs outdoor markets dark alleys upstairs downstairs courts gaming houses bordellos street walkers poor houses pickpockets scamps cut purses thieves murderers and even a police sting operation designed to snag the fencing operations of a less than scrupulously honest pawn shop In short Bruce Alexander brings a very nervous gaslit Georgian London to life with an unrivalled clarityIt's also uite exciting to witness the early growth of modern jurisprudence and police work through the fictionalized account of Sir John Fielding's experiences as the magistrate of Bow Street Court; the experiences of England's first police force the Bow Street Runners; and the early political realities faced by a coroner as opposed to the forensic realities and limitations of 18th century medicineTwo mysteries both workmanlike and well constructed run side by side The first arises when Lord Laningham dies in a very public and rather obnoxious manner at a concert Although an inuest rules that his death is due to natural causes Sir John Fielding persists in believing the death to be a murder by poison When Lord Laningham's wife dies in a similar manner Sir John directs his sights and suspicion to the heir to the Laningham seat in the House of Lords Arthur PaltrowThe second mystery and for my money the interesting of the two revolves around the escape of a Bow Street court prisoner Thomas Rowntree temporarily in the custody of a rapidly maturing Jeremy Proctor who with each book has been given air time responsibility and respect effectively plays the harmless friendly fool and slips out of Proctor's clutches Tracking him down leads Sir John and Jeremy through murder a major fencing operation and a police sting Thomas Rowntree's daughter Clarissa a feisty and positively enchanting character is set up for what will almost certainly be return appearances in future novelsJack Knave and Fool preceded by Person or Persons Unknown Watery Grave Blind Justice and Murder in Grub Street is the fifth entry in Alexander's highly successful Sir John Fielding series While it does stand alone as a satisfactory mystery readers will derive the most enjoyment if they dig into the series from the start so they can revel in Alexander's wonderful multi story character development as well as the mysteryThoroughly enjoyable and highly recommendedPaul Weiss Clarissa Roundtree is a plucky eleven year old smart wellread and full of gumption She is also the daughter of a gifted carpenter with a propensity for spirits and who had the bad luck of aligning himself with greedy murderers She is Jeremy's teasing Nemesis in this story with a hint of something maybe when they get older Then there was also a head missing a body that was found underneath the noxious waters of the Fleet sewers reclaimed by the Lord Chief Justice and exhibited for public viewing for reasons of identification To this spectacle Jimmie Bunkins reformed boythief and friend of Jeremy took his reluctant friend Then as yet again the death on stage of the old eccentric Earl of Laningham patron of the arts during a Handel performance where Annie the Fielding's cook was an unwilling soprano where the Fielding household members formed part of the audience including Mr Donnelly As to how all these characters and events converge would be the subject of this thrilling mystery I really enjoyed it I appreciated being a part of the detecting as opposed to evidence suddenly showing up Being told in the first person made an interesting twist I know the author has passed on but I think I would like to read others in the series I had read Blind Justice which was the first one but that was uite a while back In the fourth mystery we learn about the problems of determining poison in the dawn of a professional police force and the very real problems of living in a multi class society especially when an Jamaican of mixed racial blood is added to the mixI am still charmed by the people and their lives and engaged in the mysteries presented Not my favorite of the series that would be book #1 nor my least favorite It took a while to grab my interest but I liked the last 100 pages or so This is book five in the ongoing Sir John Fielding mystery series that takes place in London in the early 1770s Annie Oakum and Jeremy are now about sixteen years old and continue to live with Sir John and Lady Fielding considered almost members of the family But they each have their own roles and responsibilities Annie as cook continues to turn out delicious meals but she is also anxious to learn to read Jeremy continues in his role as “Man Friday” to Sir John filling in as scribe reader runner of every sort of errand and whenever needed a pair of eyes for the blind magistrate He also helps out Lady Fielding as porter and general house cleaner At the same time he has begun his education in the law working his way through the four large volumes of “Institutes of the Law of England” Sir John has asked him to read these books carefully first to acuaint himself with the text and then once to prepare a list of uestions and topics for discussion Jeremy is excited to do this as it means Sir John feels he is ready to begin to work towards fulfilling his dream of working in the justice system Mr Gabriel Donnelly formerly a ship’s surgeon now appointed as medical advisor to the coroner reappears and has taken over Dr Amos Carter’s surgery He seems to be doing well moving up in polite society and continuing his visits to Magdalene House for Lady Fielding The ladies in London seem to like him so with a healthy roster of patients he has no longer has worries about being able to make a living As we rejoin the series Sir John and Lady Fielding are taking Annie and Jeremy to a concert at the Crown and Anchor which will feature the music of Handel During the evening Christopher Paltrow the Earl of Laningham collapses on the floor vomiting after drinking several glasses of wine He was seventy five years old and was known to have a bad heart Did he have an attack of apoplexy or was he poisoned? Meanwhile the Bow Street Runners are working with reduced numbers after Constable Crowley is stabbed in the thigh while apprehending a thief With Crowley off recovering Jeremy is enlisted by Sir John to help out by accompany a docile prisoner to the Chief Justice During the trip the prisoner tricks Jeremy and escapes custody much to Jeremy's embarrassment Jimmie Bunkins continues his friendship with Jeremy remains Mr Bilbo’s ward and seems to be thriving under his tutelage Jimmie convinces Jeremy to venture out to see a severed head that had been recovered from a sewer It is being displayed to the public for a fee but at the same time with the hopes of identifying the man who they so far have been unable to name Jimmy thinks he may know who the victim is but is not uite certain and goes on a hunt to see if he can verify his impressions As the tale progresses bodies fall a stolen vase a beautiful white stallion and the appointment of a new coroner all add to the complex puzzle It is clear that Sir John has grown both in his affection and confidence in young Jeremy It is pleasing to see this young boy taking on new and greater responsibilities by accompanying a prisoner uestioning a witness taking charge of another constable during an errand helping Sir John prepare a case for the Chief Justice and giving his first testimony in a criminal case at Old Bailey Jeremy’s character has matured as well and we can see him gradually growing into manhood with his keen sense of observation his confident manner and his evolving sense of ethics As time passes and his loyalty to Sir John deepens he realizes even how lucky he has been in life as he gains a greater understanding of the complexities of the law and what is right and wrong The series continues to authentically reflect the life sights and sounds of the times and provides a nice diversion for those who like mysteries but in a different context than the modern violent cities of today Alexander continues to tell his stories in a meandering prose style complete with vivid descriptions of the architecture food and leisure activities of the people so those used to a fast paced thriller must necessarily slow down to enjoy this series

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