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Fever Dream[KINDLE] ❆ Fever Dream By Douglas Preston – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Yesterday Special Agent Pendergast still mourned the loss of his beloved wife Helen who died in a tragic accident in Africa twelve years ago Today he discovers she was murdered Tomorrow he will learn Yesterday Special Agent Pendergast still mourned the loss of his beloved wife Helen who died in a tragic accident in Africa twelve years ago Today he discovers she was murdered Tomorrow he will learn her most guarded secrets leaving him to wonder Who was the woman I married Why was she murdered And above all Who murdered her Fever Dream Revenge is not sweet It is essential. I have been in the habit lately of using gifs in my reviews so it is likely that you will see some hereOh wait I feel one coming on this was me this entire bookHoly cow This book was a rush I thought things were intense and suspenseful in previous Preston and Child books but they raised the bar and way outdid themselves I have no clue how they fit so much action mystery suspense and general bad ass ery into one book Here is a uick summary in gifsFinally if only Antonio Banderas was a bit palerRead this series That's just it clear your TBR grab Relic first in the series and start at the beginning don't start here If you like all the things I previously mentioned especially the bad ass ery then you will love ALL this Sometimes you crave food because it’s predictably good—Kraft Macaroni Cheese for example nature’s most perfect glowing yellow boxed food Other times you want to experience something you’ve never had before and so you set your taste buds to open minded because yes tongues have brains—it’s basic biology people which you would know if you am as smart as me am What happens though when you’re expecting one kind of flavor and you get another? It can go one of two ways the mistaking pistachio ice cream for mint chocolate chip way exceedingly unpleasant and I curse to the deepest bowels of hell the people who decided to make those two flavors one abominable and one like an angel making sweet vigorous love to your mouth virtually identical in color or the thinking you’re getting eggs and toast and winding up with chicken and waffles way Fever Dream is the latterIt all began during a rare childless getaway highlighted by a stay at a bed and breakfast that is literally just begging to host a murder mystery case in point In fact I swear I heard it say “Please kill someone here but conspire with the butler and make sure to sprinkle some red herrings about before you do” when I walked in In addition to preparing to happily comply with the house’s wishes I also decided given that I might actually have some uiet reading time that a good mysterythriller was in order and knowing that Preston and Child and Pendergast are always reliable decided to crack open the next book in the series that I hadn’t read Only Fever Dream isn’t really like its predecessors; for one we start out in the sweltering heat of an African safari and progress to an unusually emotional Pendergast intent on solving a 12 year old cold case involving someone very near and dear to him It was most definitely not eggs; it was something completely unexpected and something my literary palette was neither prepared for nor did I think in the mood for Now while I am what you might call a picky eater c’monI was born and raised in southwest suburban Michigan where the Panda Forest at the mall is the most exotic cuisine one can experience I have tried to expand my taste vocabulary over the years particularly when I’m in a public setting and especially when I’m in a public setting where I have no alternatives other than starvation andor a bowl of stale hard candies in the parlor And so with an eager proprietor looking on I shoveled a forkful of sweet waffles and savory fried chicken into my piehole and it waswell it was good The texture was odd and it felt like a weird thing to consume in the stately dining room of a 150 year old mansion but it was delicious I ended up scarfing it down licking the plate clean and belching like a bullfrog into a bullhorn much to the dismay of the proprietors of the BB Likewise for Fever Dream It was an unexpected joy and while I might have preferred a slightly conventional setting given where I was it all worked out in the end despite the fact that Pendergast really went off the rails Laura Hayward joined him and there were a lot of creepy swamp rednecks running around shooting things No matter how ridiculous these stories get though—and they’re getting ridiculous by the book—Preston and Child remain masters of craft who keep pages turning Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go paint “Rache” on a wall snuff out a party guest and throw some KFC on my Eggo 5 STARSGood grief what a book I was not bored once while reading Fever Dream and this was one of the craziest Pendergast books that I've read in the seriesThis is the 1st book in the Helen trilogy and it involves the mystery of Helen Pendergast the late wife to Special Agent PendergastDamn I really don't know what to say in this review that will not be a potential spoiler This book goes in many different directions and CRAZY plot twists I loved itSo I'll elaborate just a bit Fever Dream involves a lion some birds swamp people and set in the South That's all you get hahahaI'm so excited to read the rest of this trilogy to find out about Helen and what she was involved inIf you've never heard of the Pendergast series and you love suspense a bit of horror kick ass action and cool science look no further If you want to check this series out I suggest starting with RelicI'm so glad I started this series last yearYeah I've read 10 Pendergast books in a year and a 12I love this series writing and the main character of Pendergast All the characters in this series have become favorites of mine and feel a bit like family now It's always an enjoyment when I start a Pendergast book and settle in for a rollercoaster of a ride So far this book is my favorite in the Agent Pendergast series Fever Dream is the 10th book in the 16 book series A 17th book City of Endless Night is coming out in 2018 Pendergast's wife Helen died 12 years before during a safari in Africa She was attacked and killed by a lion While in New Orleans at his family's home Pendergast discovers evidence that Helen's death was not an accident It was murder Immediately he knows he must investigate identify Helen's killer and get justice or revenge for his wife He enlists the help of NYPD officer Vincent D'Agosta As they investigate Pendergast discovers that there were things about his wife that he didn't know She was researching a dangerous mind altering virus and illegal medical experimentation and someone wanted her silenced Pendergast is willing to go from the jungles of Africa to the swamps of Louisiana to find out who killed his wife Pendergast is still tall pale brooding and upper class snooty A'gosta remains city tough and NYPD through and through with a strange loyalty to Pendergast And Captain Laura Heywood is still pissed that Pendergast always seems to get A'gosta injured or in trouble This story gives some new insight into Pendergasthis past and how he deals with emotion We see some chinks in the FBI agent's armor There were so many things about his wife that he didn't know and he struggles with that knowledge while hunting for her killer This book is an action packed thriller I think the series has found new direction following the ending of the Diogenes storyline I can't wait to see where it goes from here I don't really care for the Constance Green portion of the story I felt like it was inserted inbetween portions of the investigation just to keep readers reminded that Constance is still aroundstill strange She goes from being in a tibetan monastery to on board a ship to in a mental hospitalbleck I know that her storyline will be picked up in a subseuent book but I almost feel like it's an unnecessary cord attached to the Diogenes plot I'd rather the series just moved forward with new creepy investigations without opening the can of worms that is his time displaced strange ward Constance But I know it's cominglike a strange black cloud on the horizon I enjoyed this bookand I love this series It's creepy weird and exciting I'm definitely moving on to book #11 I listened to the unabridged audiobook version of this book It was narrated by Rene AuberjonoisHe reads at a nice even pace and is easily understood I have partial hearing loss but am able to easily hear and understand him I also like his accent and the way he does dialogue for Pendergast After listening to most of this series on audiobook I prefer Auberjonois as narrator The audiobook is about 14 12 hours long The uality is great Enjoyable listenTo find out about the authors and their books check out their website Fantastic A different setting for this story and Laura Hayward and Pendergast are in the driving seat Most of the action takes place in the South this time and one of the many things Preston and Child’s do very well is setting Tons of action and a cliff hangerthoroughly enjoyable read Recommended series but start with the first book #Pendergast for President Fever Dream could have been a good book The central premise that Pendergast finds out his dead wife was murdered seeks revenge on her killers and goes on to discover secrets she kept from him is intriguing and there are a few good set pieces such as a car chase through a Louisiana swamp And Preston Child aren't terrible authors; I enjoyed the two Diogenes featuring novels in this series albeit only by ignoring a lot of extraneous words that were probably meant to sound cleverBut I literally couldn't finish this book I forget exactly how far I was but at some point after the reveal of the painting built up as so horrifying that nobody would talk about it I put it down and haven't been able to bring myself to pick it up again There are just so many things to read that interest me such as ingredients lists on the backs of cereal boxes Speaking of that painting did anyone reading this actually get to the reveal and feel that the painting deserved its build up? I can't have been the only one who didn't buy that every man woman and child who'd looked at it would had been shocked into lifelong silencePart of the problem is that the writing is so lazy A lot of the novel's flaws such as sentences just an edit away from fluency and inconstancies like a character having a New Zealand accent in one chapter and an Australian one in another seem like they came out of a lack of effort rather than a lack of talent And the story is full of flat bit characters who have no personality besides a duty to shove the plot along and clichés presented with a completely straight face I couldn't stop laughing when Pendergast and D'Agosta were driving through creepy skeletal trees towards a mansion and the mansion was silhouetted by a bolt of lightning that must have taken a wrong turn on its way to a Hammer horror movie The Pendergast universe seems to operate on the rule that if the authors think it's cool it doesn't have to make sense and while turning off your brain to enjoy something isn't inherently bad this book pretty much reuires it all the way through which is likely to annoy anyone who cares that a bullet shouldn't throw somebody backwards into a wallAs for the characters I couldn't stand them They just weren't likeable for me at all The authors can't go five minutes without reminding the reader that Pendergast is handsome auiline cultured and frighteningly intelligent When he uotes the classics you can taste the authors' self satisfaction and when he talks you start to feel sorry for their thesaurus And the reverse is true for D'Agosta he's working class and A Regular Guy and it must be true because the reader is constantly told it He'll be swigging a Bud while his upmarket partner delicately sips from a glass of 300 year old Château de Fancier Than You which will be described with a loving obsession I haven't seen since the feast scenes in Brian Jacues' Redwall booksWordiness isn't a problem for me I love Tolkien to pieces but this book has words for the sake of words instead of using them for interesting description or anything like that Smart or cultured or elouent protagonists don't automatically get my back up but when a character is elouent like a thirteen year old in a wolf roleplay on Proboards I can't even start to take them seriously Clichés don't piss me off inherently but to throw them prefabricated into a would be serious drama and expect them to still be scary or emotionally engaging just stinks of laziness on the part of the authorsSeveral of my friends absolutely adore this book and it was recommended to me as if it had descended from Heaven on a moonbeam to bring peace and love to the world of literature I was looking forward to reading it I just wish I'd actually liked it I'll call it right here right now This is the best Pendergast novel I've read so far and I'm going to stop holding back on the 5 star rating Why? Because it got really personal for Special Agent AXL Pendergast and we get to see a side of this enigmatic man which we've never seen before It was intense It was almost scary And it was excitingFrom the very first book Relic we were made aware that Pendergast had a wife who died many years ago Twelve to be exact How she died was relived most brutally in the first few chapters of Fever Dream; a flashback to that fateful day in which Pendergast witnessed what I deemed one of the most horrifying ways of seeing your loved one die Fast forward to the present day where Pendergast discovered that his wife did not die of a tragic accident but was instead murdered This cool calm collected and ever so composed man was consumed by vengeance Had Pendergast been a man of lesser control the hinges of his sanity might have weakened under the emotional intensity of his thoughts The ferocity of his investigation to follow a cold trail of a dozen years was immensely engaging to read Mysteries upon mysteries surrounded his wife which baffled even the man who was full of secrets himself Make no mistake Pendergast is a ruthless man if he wants or needs to be And frankly I love it Fever Dream is a great whodunnit Pendergast finds out that his wife was murdered rather than being killed in a hunting accident So he gets on the trail along with D'AgostaThis book has all the trademarks of a good Pendergast story an intriguing mystery a new antagonist some great action subtle humour and a deep look into Pendergast's background Specifically I liked how Pendergast shows the same characteristics as Diogenes towards the climax of the bookI am looking forward to the next book in this new trilogy Agent Pendergast accidentally discovers his wife's death was not an accident but murder He immediately calls on D'Agosta and the two start traipsing around the world looking for leads It turns out his wife had a secret life connected to a mysterious foundation located in the swamps of LouisianaNot bad maybe a little lowball compared to some of the rest of the series Ahhhh Curse these authors I was up past dawn reading this book slept for a few hours and after bolting awake made some coffee and got back to reading And I won't know the final end of this plot line until the next book so will have to wait another year at least Not really a spoiler so much since the authors do this with like 90% of the Pendergast series Part of why these books are so clever and fiendishly addictive is because the reader kibitzes for most of it I'm not going to reveal Villain #1 but the authors do fairly early on Very few suspense novels or movies do this which is strange because it's so effective Knowing something that the protagonists do not and seeing how they're going to fall into a trap I think heightens things rather than just springing cheap surprises on the reader Also because I'm so distracted with information I know that the heroes don't when twists do come I'm totally taken aback by them So kudos to Preston Child they can work a plot that very very few other authors can do I put them up there with Christie in how they can pace a story and perhaps are better than her because she is the ueen of Trick Endings One thing I am a little bored with is the Constance Green plot lines I think could have been done with her from the her introduction and I was okay with her being promoted to a major role in the Diogenes Trilogy of books even though I found her slightly annoying in those However Wheel of Darkness and the whole stupid Tibetan monastery drama was by far the worst book of the whole series in my opinion and her popping up here kind of continued that line which I hoped was forgotten Maybe something good will come of it though And bits with her were very minor obviously just setting something up for the next book or books since the note to reader says not to worry Pendergast books are coming even though they're working on a new series All the Audubon parts were neat as well Did not know that John James Audubon was French and came to America to escape conscription to Napoleon's Army I read up on him after reading this book and yeah all the facts of his life neatly synched up with the plot though I'm sure not the big reveal at the end Not sure how I'm going to make it till the next book comes out I hate waiting

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