Sparrow Hawk Red

Sparrow Hawk Red➻ [Download] ➸ Sparrow Hawk Red By Ben Mikaelsen ➺ – When eighth grader Ricky Diaz discovers that the mother he thought was killed in an accident was actually murdered by drug dealers he determines to get revenge Readers who reuire a fast paced plot wit When eighth grader Ricky Diaz discovers that the mother he thought was killed in an accident was actually murdered by drug dealers he determines to get revenge Readers who reuire a fast paced plot with lots of action tension and danger will find everything they want in Sparrow Hawk Kindle - Mikaelsen's latest novel Booklist starred review. In this book Sparrow Hawk Red by Ben Mikaelsen the main character is about a boy named Ricky In this book Ricky is a secret pilot When these DEA agents came over to his house to ask Ricky's dad if he could steal the plane Ricky found out his mom got killed by Mexican drug dealers Ricky's mom wasn’t supposed to die the Mexican drug dealers were trying to kill his dad by ruining there car and she died Ricky was informed by agents that Benito used to work with before he retired Ricky also overheard that stealing their plane would be revenge to them So of course Ricky wants to steal the plane to avenge his mom He ditched school to go to Mexico On his journey to steal the plane he bought burritos the lady at the stand thought he was a ratero so Ricky flashed his money and some kids saw all the money that he had and they chased him down in an alley and beat him up and stole his money and shoes Later on when Ricky woke up he felt like he was being watched watched by a girl When he was walking Ricky was being fallowed by a girl named Soledad that day Ricky was sleeping in an alley on a cardboard box when Soledad comes over and gives him food and makes him shoes later that day Ricky leaves her to go to were the plane was on his journey Ricky sees someone that looks familiar that he thinks is from the DEA the man snapped a picture of him On his way to Rancho Camacho there were guards guarding to plane that said “ I’ll kill you” after that he got scared and ran for his life Later that day Ricky and Soledad went to make money by Picking plants and selling them to a lady because the lady gives those plants for people that are sick Also they were washing cars with dirty water but none of their customers noticed Follow all that hard work they found shoe shine polish in the trash can that was almost empty but she still shined shoes and made money Following that they broke down one of the DEA in their car and flattened the tire and so he had to call the other DEA agents to come help also Ricky and Soledad found 320 red jacket a picture of himself and a whole bunch of food When Ricky found that picture of himself he knew that they were coming to save him After that Ricky had an idea of what he should do to get the plane he got a bike and said that he the taco runner for the people at Rancho Camacho and when he got back he put these plants in the burritos and tacos which made them go to the bathroom Read the book to find out the rest The most interesting part of this story is the sympathetic treatment of the homeless children doing everything to survive on the streets of Mexico Soledad's character was compelling than the main character whose name I can't even remember at the moment The story ran long though and I struggled to finish This book is geared at a late elementary middle school audience It's a nice introduction to differences in culture and socio economic status It's also a good adventure though the story lags a bit in the middle and feels uite rushed abrupt at the end At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this book to my children but it's not as scary as it sounds It's clean and safe to read to a 5th Grader and up I'm 12 Mexican and enjoying reading about about a kid living on the streets in Mexico getting justice on his own against gang members I read this book when I was about thirteen and it changed my life forever It's harsh portrayal of Mexico through the eyes of a teen was an amazing ride to a world I knew nothing about Great read for a middle school reading group but we were all a little disappointed with the abrupt ending It was a little bland in the beginning but got better towards the end I loved reading this book so much I couldnt put it down This is an interesting story about a 13 year old named Ricky who runs away to Mexico for a chance to avenge his Mother's death The intense story gives Americans a greater appreciation for those who immigrate on a small degree by empathizing with the little girl he encounters and becomes friends with in Mexico The entire time you are drawn in because the writing is very well done and is not too redundant or slow Sparrow Hawk Red is an imaginative adventure that though unlikely has a uniue story line and fun thrill ride at the end I was impressed with Ben Mikaelsen this was the first book I read from him The one thing I might recommend is knowing a little Spanish I think it would make the book enjoyable for you No warnings or problems but a great story overall If you like fun stories of run aways trying to get revenge this is right up your alley This was a favorite in middle school and as I find myself working with middle schoolers I'm trying to find uality literature for them Pros Exciting plotSome Spanish wordsEncourages acceptance of other peopleculturesReminds readers that what they see on the outside may not be the same as what's on the insideConsNot a particularly challenging readI'd highly recommend this book for use in class or for fun reading It's especially good for kids who don't enjoy reading because it's fast paced and exciting

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