Rampant Damsels

Rampant Damsels❰KINDLE❯ ❆ Rampant Damsels Author Michael H. Kelly – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A bawdy comedy fantasy tale in which the larger than life ladies of the Rampant Damsel tavern strive to protect their home city from assassins demons invading armies and lingerie salesmen among other A bawdy comedy fantasy tale in which the larger than life ladies of the Rampant Damsel tavern strive to protect their home city from assassins demons invading armies and lingerie salesmen among other thingsNot for the faint hearted or easily shocked. Where does one start with Rampant Damsels? Micheal H Kelly has somehow conspired to create a silly funny fantastically outrageous and yet strangely fascinating book out of the oddest bunch of characters and an eually weird and wonderful world That all this can come from the fevered mind of one author is incredible in itself and I tip my metaphorical hat to the man Clearly he has the warped mind of a genius Mr Kelly himself describes the book as Foul Fetid and Funny as F he is not wrong This is the first Kelly book I've read but it will definitely not be the last one I understand there is a whole host of Damsel books out there and other series as well I swill be joyfully delving into this author's honey pot for a long time to comeThis particular version of the Damsels series introduces us to some of the leading characters all centered around the Rampant Damsel tavern in the Free City of Lurke We get to meet the mine hosts of the tavern the two rather large ladies; Brutehilde and Wee Minnie plus the lascivious nymphomaniac barmaid Sally the eually sexual but considerably rougher bouncer Polly and a whole host of other characters whose names alone will have you in stitches Where does Kelly come up with these names? Just a few examples to whet your appetite; Captain Crapsack a fairy named Honeymuff Stonebrains Scruffulus and many many If you like your comedy politically correct and free of double entendre then step away from this book now and put it down Kelly doesn't do politically correct and we are the lucky recipients of his fantastic sense of humour I love a book that doesn't seek to lecture teach or do anything other than entertain you and make you laugh Rampant Damsels will do that alright I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a strong constitution Kelly is good with disgusting descriptions and anyone who loves a laugh at life and the futility of it sometimes Get into Rampant Damsels and get into Michael H Kelly He is a talent to be reckoned with Awesome Mr Kelly This is a very interesting book to read The author uses humor to tell a very complex story This is a subtle type of humor though you can tell if you pronounce some of the characters names out loud When you do it will make you laugh harder The characters are well defined the plot is consistent and flows well the action is added almost as a side note but it also ehances the storyline and there is also a little bit of romance Overall a very good read Without doubt one of the funniest books I've ever read It takes the reader into a fantasy world populated by irreverent and lusty women mages warriors and also priests who would do anything to get a girl's dirty underwear Rampant Damsels might teach you among other things that just anything can be fried if you have a good cook beware of frisky bartender girls who makes use of magical potions and large uantities of lard ando also never ever piss up an old Wizard What do you do when your home is in danger of invasion by a nearby rival and his demon buddies and your leader the target of a grand assassination plot? You call on a rag tag bunch of the bawdiest females in your town Where do you find them? At the local pub of course Armed with beauty strength and a great pair of tatas; they fearlessly or naively depending on how you interpret it head out to right the wrongs they believe will be visited by their compatriots through mind blasting psychotically violent featsThe best word to summarize this book is – what? Being the first of its genre coined ‘gutter fantasy’ that I’ve read this book threw me for a loop I wasn’t sure what to expect at first and admittedly the utter ridiculousness that danced across the pages had me constantly scratching my head Lusty gnomes and killer suirrels are the first of a string of off the wall characters you encounter I knew that was going to be taken for a ride I just wasn’t sure of the destination or if I wanted to goThat being said the book was absolutely hilarious The character development was great; I had no problems visualizing both the characters and recognizing their areas of growth throughout the book The scenes are so well described that I felt like I could have been in the cave with the adventurers I found myself totally believing the raucous situations that most of the characters found themselves in I was tempted to stop reading the book after the first tale which involved a very much failed lingerie party and the aforementioned gnome I am happy that I didn’t give in to the impulse The tales which followed greatly increased the development of all the characters We get to know both the external and internal characteristics of all the main characters However the turning point in the story for me was meeting the “living ‘which way’ book character during the books main uesting seuence Having been a ‘which way’ book addict as a child I immediately jumped in and was completely immersed I constantly found myself laughing out loud at both the conseuences imposed on the hapless adventurer party as well as the sadistic “solutions” offered by the book during their uestThis is a great read for those who love comedy and aren’t easily offended; just don’t expect any truly thought provoking content Absolutely hilarious and certainly not for the faint of heart Rampant Damsels set in a fictitious fantasy place called the Free City of Lurke and it will have you in fits of laughter from beginning to end in a place where debauchery orgies and politics is treated with the same hilarity and comedy throughoutOn a serious not there is so much going on in Rampant Damsels once you are introduced to the characters all hell is let loose and the antics begin Clearly Michael Kelly has a great sense of humour that shines throughout the book He is clear and descriptive in what I consider a fabulous book that is of a high standardThe narrative and dialogue is brilliant and I loved the Scottishness of some of the characters I will be following the bunch of butch ladies and the unsavoury characters in Kelly's next book This is definitely a laugh out loud crazy journey through this author's fantastical and wondrous imagination I loved itI read this on a plane and I am sure my fellow passengers thought I was slightly mad but this book was thoroughly engaging and I truly lost myself in the foul mouthed funny crude humour the author bestows on us The characters are disgustingly portrayed in parts but that's what makes this book so enjoyable its completely off the wall This book follows no rules so if you are feint hearted or a little conservative then this is not the story for you but then you're not really livingI've read this author's horror genre and in reading this book I can see that he truly has the gift of storytelling in many different ways Read it before it gets bannedFantastic adventures of a group of a kicking and a licking ladies written with taste and smellSome of the best smutty humour I've ever read Not to be taken too seriously not to be read by the type that faints easily at the sight of bodily fluids Just good old fashioned fun with sex death and that stuff in your bowel Both parts hilariously funny and disgusting Since life and death do not really count I could not relate enough to go on with the series