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Almost to Die For➺ [Reading] ➼ Almost to Die For By Tate Hallaway ➯ – On her sixteenth birthday Anastasija Parker learns that her so called deadbeat dad is actually a vampire king And he wants Ana to assume her rightful position at his side in spite of the fact that she On her sixteenth birthday Anastasija Parker learns that her so called deadbeat dad is actually a vampire king And he wants Ana to assume her rightful position at his side in spite of the fact that she has witch's blood running through her veins from her mother's sideToo bad witches and vampires are mortal enemies And Almost to eBook ✓ now Ana's parents are at each other's throats over her future It's up to Ana to make a choice but deciding your eternal destiny is a pretty big deal for a girl who just wants to get through high school. Almost to Die For first book of the Vampire Princess of St Paul series is a fast entertaining and easy read Surprisingly despite of all thedisturbing eye rolling YA cliches I found in the story such as 1 A goth loner heroine who is considered a loser by her peers turns out to be well a vampire princess actually she is half witch and half vampire 2 love triangle and 3 the heroine receiving attention from two of the hottest supernatural guys in town one male witch and one vampire knight mind you I still found myself enjoying the storyI guess the author Ms Hallaway had done a good job keeping her tone humorous and delightful her writing also helps to make this book a smooth page turning read it really helps to keep Ms Hallaway's story from being weighted down by all the cheesiness and cliches I'm also glad to see there are bonding and friendship among girls instead of the typical girl on girl hating Plus the mother daughter conflicts and the final plot twist are also handled finely So 375 stars Everything I love in YA fictionAnastasija Parker wants what any normal teenaged witch does To celebrate 'sweet sixteen' by passing her Initiation Which might not be such a problem but for the fact she has no magic Then there's the little matter of her father a man she's never met A man who happens to be vampire royalty who wants Ana to join her vampire kin as their princess While her mom and dad fight for her love and loyalty two very attractive options pop up on her romantic radar Nikolai is a lead singer and witch while Elias is her sultry vampire guardian and neither will back down from protecting Ana As she learns about the other side of her heritage and some dark secrets about the one she was raised with Ana will have to decide where her loyalties lie It's a clashing of blood and magic in St Paul and only Ana can appease the masses so she can get back to drama classI loved this book Loved loved loved it It isn't every day that I pick up a bit of young adult urban fantasy and just fall in love with it Maybe not every reader out there will feel the same but let me tell you what made it work so well for meAna is the first character I've read that made me go OMG it's a 16 year old me minus the paranormal elements She's less than cool but not completely friendless She doesn't make up for it like other heroines in this genre by being all aloof and not caring Ana wants to be liked without being needy and whiny but she also doesn't bend over and let everyone treat her badly When she's being harrassed by a classmate she doesn't drop witty one liners but she still comments back While she obviously isn't completely comfortable with the changes going on in her life she wants to give her vampire dad a chance to explain things Wanting to know about who she is and not just taking her mother's word for it There's a rebeliousness in that I really found relatableI also loved that instead of being set in one of the many popular locales popping up in urban fantasy these days this book is set in Minnesota I enjoy a fresh and less glamorous or cliched setting once in a while and Hallaway clearly knows it well enough to make it interesting More than all of that though the actual magic in this series starter is excellent I kept thinking how I wished I had thought of the concept The originality and the symbiosis if you want to call it that between the witches and vampires is well thought and leaves lots of room for meatier plots in seuels If you love witch fiction I highly recommend you pick this one upOverall I think this is a terrific start to a new series I will definitely be continuing to follow Young adult readers who enjoy love triangles vampires witches and uirky characters will probably find this a very satisfying read I'm not done with reading the book working on thatBut so far it's hanging on a thin thread I don't have a thing against Ana but she seems annoying to me Since I've been reading adult books getting back into these made me see how immature the POV and writing can be and it makes me kinda cringe I was about to give up on the book but then her handsome father showed up so I stuck with itThe part I'm at is adding meat to the story but I don't like how they are handling things like I said it's immature I don't like Nik he seems so random in his attitude I definitely do not LIKE the mother she's so childish We'll see how I feel about it once I finishEdit So I finally finished the book and it was as I would imaginedThe storyline and characters are so cheesy Ana's mom needs to be check for multiple personalitiesWish there was growth instead of them becoming someone else entirely 35 starsThis book was basically a rip off of the first half of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark SideBut with a half vampire instead It was sweet with basic language definitely suited for a younger YA audience TBH I never felt the passion for her and her love interests and we find out at the ending that her love triangle never is concluded It was very short and needed depth for me to like itThe plot line was a bit too cliche and usually I love that but there was nothing at all that kept me on my toes If you need a uick paranormal romance read check this out It's not super dramatic with hot male leads but it'll do the job just fine It has the essentials developed realm well though out paranormal laws and a freaking love triangle I probably wouldn't read this again It was just too short I'd rather read Jessica's Guide Sorry Almost to Die For by Tate HallawayFirst in the Vampire Princess of St Paul series4 starsOn Anastasija Parker’s sixteenth birthday she knows that it’ll be a day to remember and not for the best Ana is a witch but she’s never got a knack for a witch powers and is sure she’ll fail the Initiation ceremony If her day couldn’t get any worse a father she thought was deadbeat turns out to be undead but not just any undead He’s a vampire king which makes Ana a princess and totally confused about everything As she struggles to decide which side she wants to fulfill two boys seem to vying for her heart There’s Nikolai a hot witch rocker and vampire hunter and Elias a vampire Commander The Goodreads summary says Twilight meets the Princess Diaries I can see that with the whole princess aspect of everything else in this book doesn’t resemble Twilight not even the love triangle I’m tired of these summarizing people coming up with these lame and false comparisons I’ll step down from my soap box before I get to worked up and just start my review I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I picked up Almost Die to For One thing I was certain about was that it was a short book and hopefully it wouldn’t take me long to read My library put this book and its seuel in the adult romance section and I was just kind of like “What?” I had already known this was YA and didn’t see how it would be considered adult and I still don’t There was no drinking sex suggestive language cursing and well usual “inappropriate” things The writing was captivating for such a short read and I found Hallaway’s writing style easy to breeze through I didn’t want to put the book down at times because the pacing was just so well done and the plot flowedWhimsical Writing Scale 375The main female character is Ana I was reading Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side at the same time and I thought it was weird how their names were both Anastasia just different spellings Hehe On to my thoughts Ana is pretty relatable for a teenager Aside from the fact that she’s a witch and a vampire I connected with her I like when it’s to connect with the main character it makes the book much enjoyable Maybe that’s why I liked this book than others One thing that bothers me is the ending and how it worries about Ana’s future choices I of course have no idea where these choices will lead but I have a feeling it won’t end drama free Ana could hold her own groundKick Butt Heroine Scale 475The main male characters are Nikolai and Elias I had liked Nikolai a lot at first but then they had this one part and it made me as uneasy as Ana Ana tried to run away but she ended up getting sucked back in by him He sounds hot but I just don’t trust him I also feel like we didn’t get enough character depth when it came to him Hopefully in Almost Final Curtain I’ll see Elias was I guess supposed to be the bad boy But these boys both seem like ‘bad boys’ to me view spoilerWhich is my dream and I’m so jealous of her How did she get so lucky and where do I sign up? hide spoiler Let me start out by saying I can understand why reviews for this book are highlow I enjoyed this book However it is most definitely a YA novel full of teenage angst so if that's not your cuppa best to avoid it But if you don't mind spending a few hours back in HS with boy dramas parental and BFF issues and a what do I do now teen love triangle with some witchvamp drama to boot then you should enjoy it as well There is plenty of humor to keep it light I give it 35★ but rounded up to 4★Almost to Die For introduces us to Anastasija Ramses Parker who is about to celebrate her 16th birthday not with a big party with friends but by going through a True Witch initiation Only problem is no one will listen to her when she tells them she cannot do any magic She should be able to because it runs in her family her mother being a powerful True WitchWe meet her best friend since 2nd grade Beatrice Theodora Braithwaite who is also a strong witch She'll be going through the initiation with Ana and some of the other young adults in their coven Including Nikolai Nikolai graduated HS the previous year now attends college and is the lead singer in a band Bea has a crush on him which causes some hurt feelings when it turns out that Nik has a crush on Ana He's aware of Bea's feelings for him but has never had any interest in her Ana thought her biggest worry was getting through the initiation without embarrassing herself or her mom That was until Alexandra Ramses the High Prince of the dark realms and protectorate of the territories of the New World shows up He tells her he's her father and warns her that she must not go through with the initiation Seems her mother a True Witch and father a vampire married to form a peace treaty of sorts between their people Her mother is furious at Ramses' intrusion she's spent Ana's life trying to keep this part of her life a secret now insisting all people like her father are evil demons from hell Ana learns she's a dhampyr 12 witch 12 vampire Each parent wants her to fully embrace their 12 but Ana's not so sure When she meets Elias Constantine one of her father's knights of the dark realm she starts thinking that vamps might not be evil after all He is sworn to protect her at the cost of his life and keeps popping up to watch after her I liked Ana She's trying to make up her own mind as to who she wants to be while being pulled by her parents to be fully witchy or vamped She's always felt like a loser at school having two differently colored eyes and being teased by the school bully doesn't help Now she finds herself in hot demand by two different major supernatural groups and two hot boys The only minor complaints were 1 Ana accepted her vamp father and the existence of vamps pretty uickly I kinda chalked it up to her having spent her entire life surrounded by friends and family that could perform powerful magic I would imagine that would help learning that other magic exists in the world a bit easier to swallow 2 Parts of the relationship issues have a slightly similar theme to that found throughout EvernightI look forward to reading about Ana in Almost Final Curtain I honestly believe that the synopsis does the book a disservice by comparing it to Twilight Indeed there are some similarities but I think Ms Hallaway has deviated from the whole vampire culture of glitter and glamour by presenting them in an interestinglyhmm I wouldn’t say realistic but realer manner than other authors of the same genre doThe book deals with issues that will be relatable to today’s teens at least one issue that is prevalent than others in some contexts not being what your parents and your peers want you to be In fact “being unable to be what they want you to be” Anastasija’s mother really really wants her to be a witch She wants it to the point that she willfully ignores the fact that Anastasija’s father being a vampire and the king at that would probably change something in the genetics that allow the women in her family to handle magic and which logically enough leads to Anastasija being unable to do what is expected of her There is a lot of pressure – kinda unhealthy if you ask me As if a monster mom is not enough there’s her father – who has been absent for sixteen years and at this crucial moment waltzes up and tries to lay claim on her – in fact both parents fight over their child as though she is some prized Monet that both would kill to haveAnd then there are the boys Of course there are two of them One of them is a vampire hunter and the other is a vampire You can tell they won’t be sitting down to share their love woes with each other any time soon But Ms Hallaway twists the love triangle in a manner that will leave you feeling as confused as perhaps Ana It’s not the usual A loves B but B is madly in love with C who loves B Ana has feelings for both guys and I dare say that both are of the non platonic variety Both guys remain interesting - I want to know about them I liked how the relationship bit is uite clear if not simple Pretty straight forward while retaining it’s chemistry I won’t say about it except that you have to read the book to find out what I’m sayingThe ending of the book does lay on the cheese a bit too thickly to my liking It had held on to an almost breezy narrative until things got way too creepy way too fast How much will a parent do to keep their child? And if they go to those lengths will they really give up just like that? The ending seemed a bit forced and contrived and it didn’t really persuade However the book in its entirety is entertaining and does leave you wanting As I implied before it’s treatment of vampires as something other than undead Gods all beautiful and all too tempting makes this series a very welcome addition to the genre Almost to Die For was an extremely painful read for me for so many reasons First and foremost the writing was awkward and did not flow well Next I really did not like or love any of the characters and lastly I do not like love trianglesAnastasija Ana Parker's sixteenth birthday has arrived and nothing seems to be going well for her Her BFF stood her up at lunch she gets into an altercation with a jock bully and when she arrives home the father she never met shows up at her front door totally to the ire of her mother Ana's mother is controlling and refuses to tell her anything about her father even after his untimely arrivalThis birthday is to be a momentous occasion because Ana is due to complete an initiation into her witches coven and take on her special gifts Unfortunately although she can sense magic she cannot perform it She has attempted to tell her mother time and time again but she does not listen At the ceremony vampires show up and that is when Ana discovers she is a Dhampyr half witch and half vampire Yet that is not all She also discovers that her father is a vampire King and she is a princess To make matters worse vampires and witches are sworn enemies; so former friends seem to be disgusted by what she isI had so many problems with this story No teenager I know would ever continually take the controlling evasive nature of Ana's mother without rebeling sooner are later To be honest I just did not like her mother Additionally Ana whines from the very first page and just allows things to happen to her without taking the reigns I need a much stronger herione in my booksThen there is the love triangle brewing between the Captain of the vampire guard Ana and the vampire slayer trainee It would be wonderful to meet a YA character who knows who she wants to be with for a change This book was only 241 pages but I found myself praying for the end Different strokes for different strokes This book just wasn't for me After being a huge fan of Tate's books The Garnet Lacey Series I thought I would give her YA Book a try Almost to Die for from the start seemed like your average supernatural book but as it got on it turned out to be uite enjoyable The Princess Diaries part comes in as it is Ana's 16th Birthday and she has known since she was a little girl that she had witch blood in her from her mother's side but little does she realise that on her father's side it is a totally different storyNever knowing her father she hasn't thought much of him but on her 16th Birthday he arrives with some news that shatters Ana's life that she has built up for herself She is in fact a Vampire Princess Ana is Half Witch and Half VampireThings would have gone alot smoother for Ana if it wasn't a well known fact that Witches and Vampires are enemies now with each parent trying to decide her future Ana is caught in a battle that the majority of us regular teens know the one between parents piggy in the middle and if being the piggy in the middle wasn't difficult enough her best friend Bea a Witch is ignoring her Nikolai A Vampire Hunter wants to date her she has tasted her first blood and now she's supposed to get engaged to Elias her father's captain guard Life for Ana just went from being a simple teenage freak to the most deadliest person in the world as everyone wants a piece of her Can it get complicated than this ? Find out in Almost To Die For Book #1 of The Vampire Princess series by Tate HallawayThis novel has all the aspects of a great teen supernatural fantasy read with a whole lot of reality chucked into the mix with High School Relationships and Friendships Let me give a brief review since it seems many haven't gotten around to this one yet The main character in the story is Anastasija Parker and she is about to turn 16 she's also a witch Not a Wiccan practitioner but an actual witch who belongs to a coven With her upcoming birthday she needs to pass a test in order to remain in her coven or forever be exiled As she gets ready for her test a man shows up on her doorstop claiming to be her father and he isn't a witch As Anastasija fights to find her rightful place in the world she is busy fighting off the different supernatural sides Will she fail or become something than anyone thought she could?Some of the things that bothered me about this book were some of the things that also designate it a YA book There was a little too much teen angst for me and an annoyingly large amount of boygirl issuesWhat I did like the world building Some supernatural characters were portrayed a little differently than in other books and also Anastasija herself She ended up being uniue and I'm interested to see where the author takes the story

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