Call Me Francis Tucket (The Tucket Adventures, #2)

Call Me Francis Tucket (The Tucket Adventures, #2)[Read] ➵ Call Me Francis Tucket (The Tucket Adventures, #2) By Gary Paulsen – Alone Francis Tucket now feels confident that he can handle almost anything A year ago on the wagon train he was kidnapped from his family by a Pawnee hunting party Then he escaped with the help of th Alone Francis Tucket now feels confident that he can handle almost anything A year ago on the wagon train he was kidnapped from his family by a Pawnee hunting party Then he escaped with the help of the mountain man Mr Grimes Now that he and Mr Grimes have parted ways Francis is heading west on his Indian pony crossing the endless prairie trying to find his familyAfter a year with Mr Grimes Francis has learned to live by the harsh code Call Me ePUB ✓ of the wilderness He can cause a stampede survive his own mistakes and face up to desperadoes But when he rescues a little girl and her younger brother Francis takes on than he bargained for. Fourteen year old Francis Tucket doesn't miss a beat as he parts ways with the complex Jason Grimes and continues his adventure across the American West of 1848 in search of his missing parents and younger sister Rebecca Traveling with Mr Grimes taught Francis lessons he probably couldn't have survived without and he uses his new hunting and tracking skills as he chases after the family he lost contact with when Pawnee Indians kidnapped Francis at the start of the first book in this series Mr Tucket Francis possesses a strong young mare the Lancaster rifle his father presented him for his last birthday and not much else but his situation worsens when Francis is seized by a pair of wandering outlaws Courtweiler is a soft spoken man of no respect for society's laws and Dubs is a giant whom Francis can see it would be a lost cause to fight The men relieve the boy of his horse rifle food and shirt but Francis can't allow them to leave him in the dusty plains with nothing besides their scrawny mule He'll die of exposure or starvation so Francis stalks his tormentors to take back what they stole To Francis's surprise the mule follows him the many miles to where the two thieves bed down for the night A tense struggle ensues over the mare and Francis's other ex belongings but Courtweiler and Dubs no longer have the element of surprise and Francis is motivated to avenge what they did to him earlier The scraggly mule turns out to be a valuable ally Searching for pioneer wagon trains is Francis's priority as he returns to the trail but he doesn't find many let alone the one his family is with Then he spots an abandoned wagon in the wilderness silent as the grave He expects an ambush or a deadly creature holed up in the wagon but he's taken aback by what it actually contains two children Lottie is eight or nine a nervous chatterer once she gets going and her brother Billy is hardly five or six and totally silent Their wagon train deserted them and their pa when he fell ill with cholera and he left the wagon before the bacteria could kill him in front of his children Francis has no idea how to take care of kids but he still has Courtweiler's mule so he puts the blonde freckle faced youngsters on the animal's back and sets off with not than a faint plan in mind How does a teenage boy adapt to being an ersatz parent under such conditions Francis needs to find his family but he has to prioritize Lottie and Billy or he may as well have left them in the wagon No adults are stepping up to care for the kids so they're Francis's responsibility and he refuses to let them down They trust him to protect them against a cynical world that has done them terribly wrong on multiple counts When Francis thinks he's set Lottie and her brother up in a decent situation better than traipsing across the barren plains with a teen who has no clue where he's going doubts continue to nag at him Will Lottie and Billy be okay with the couple he entrusted them to or has he put them in position to be exploited again Francis can't be sure but he won't fail those kids now He'll ensure their security and well being even if he has to kidnap them back and assume longterm guardianship of themand that may be reuired to see them safely to the other side of the events in this book The Tucket Adventures series is an episodic romp in the Sid Fleischman storytelling tradition Francis has courage and conviction but he must learn to survive in the Western wilds or forfeit any chance of seeing his family again Hope of reunion spurs him on through all his troubles but the journey has provided a few companions he may not want to say goodbye to and I have a feeling Lottie Billy and the mule will stay beside Francis longer than Mr Grimes did Call Me Francis Tucket is arguably worth two and a half stars and leads smoothly into book three of the five part series Tucket's Ride I'll meet you there to resume the story AWESOME CALL ME FRANCIS TUCKET by Gary Paulsen was good but not as good as the preuel MR TUCKETI think that the book has some strong ideas especially about human relationships I think that one thing that is important in the book is when Francis discovers Lottie and Billy two young children left to die out on the prairie because their father had cholera That is an important part of the book because it shows the relationships even within the wagon trains They were kicked out not because they weren't wanted but because they were possibly contagious The people in the wagon train didn't want the chance to be exposed to cholera so they kicked out not only the father but anyone who might have been exposed to him as well Lottie and Billy But they didn't contract it Still despite that they weren't allowed back into the wagon train just because there was a small chance that they might have the diseaseThis shows a lot about human survival instincts and their relationships Even though there was a chance that the kids wouldn't have cholera they didn't want to take the chance They were willing to leave the kids out on the prairie where they would probably die just to keep themselves safeThis was probably the smartest and safest thing for them to do Which is better saving many lives at the cost of two or three or possibly killing many people without saving anyone That brings up an important ethical uestion It is an easy one in theory but in practice it might not be so easy and I doubt that the wagon train felt entirely comfortable with what they were doingBut on the other hand what they did would hurt the kids kill them even despite there being a chance that they might not have choleraThis book was good though like I said in my review for MR TUCKET that I feel like the characters could have been a bit better developed I felt like Francis learned all the tricks of the trade living alone in the wild a little too uickly and resolved minor problems too easily while always coming out on topI don't think that I'll continue reading the series but who knows maybe I will but so far the books have been decent enough In my honest opinion this book “Call me Francis Tucket” is a remarkable book But how As I said before in all of my Gary Paulsen reviews Paulsen has a habit of grabbing your attention and not letting it go The details are just so explosive they seem to almost jump off the page and have become real In this novel Francis is still in search for his parents among the Oregon trail He travels through a vast wide open prairie and at this time he travels with a wagon train that he has come upon As Francis is out on a hunt he spots a buffalo herd and is already a hefty distance from the train when he spot them Francis has began hunting the buffalo but has never done this before We he fires his rifle at a young bull he starts up a stampede and he is forced to ride his mare inside the stampede to avoid almost certain death After the stampede is over he finds food gets wood and camps out for the night lost in the sea of grass But in the morning Francis is in trouble He is left for dead But what or who did this to him Read the book to find out It really is a thrilling adventurous book and I catch myself smiling and laughing uite often This book is a definite read and I think you should consider exploring It is life changing This was a good book It leaves off where the first book Mr Tucket ended The plot of the book is basically going to Oregon then things start to take a turn for the worse If you like old west books then I highly recommend this series of books This book is good if you like reading short books This series would be for lower level readers I read call me Francis Tucket by Gary Paulsen The main character in this book is Francis Tucket In the beginning of the book Francis goes with a wagon train across the prarie trying to get to Oregon Then he goes hunting and he rode into a herd of buffalo and shot one with his rifle which scared all of the bison and he was stuck in a stampede for hours then they were lost so he went out of the herd and shot a buffalo and he camped there for the night and when he woke up two men had all of his stuff and his horse and they made him give them everything and all they left was their worn out mule so Francis ran for two days after them and the mule followed him And at night Francis sneaked into their camp and took their rifles and when they woke up they ran after him so the mule kicked one of them in the face and one of them in the stomach Then Francis rode away with his stuff trying to find a wagon train and he found one alone wagon and he looked inside and there was two kids in there and their dad and mom had died so he took them with him and he dropped them off at a trading post and a day later he came back and he saw that the man was making the kids work and not giving them food or water so Francis took them back and rode away To get a bison dinner first you must ride up to the herd and shoot one Next you need to skin it and get a chunk of meat Finally you cook the meat In the book Call Me Francis Tucket by Gary Paulsen First Francis rode up to the herd and picked a nice young bull then he shot it Next he skinned the buffalo and cut off a 7 pound slab of meat Finally he propped the meat up on two sticks and put it close to the fire to cook it Since he did this he got to eat a nice bison dinner I liked almost everything in this book I liked Francis and the mule and his horse I liked how it taught me many things about surviving in the wilderness hunting and running I also think it was a very fun book to read The people I didn’t like in this book was the people from lottie and billy’s wagon train the guy at the trading post and Courtweiler I read the book Call Me Francis Tucket Francis Tucket was kidnapped from his family a year ago when he was on a wagon train the people who kidnapped him were pawn hunting party But he escaped with the help of a mountain man Mr Grimes But Now that he and Mr Grimes have parted ways Francis is heading west on his Indian pony crossing the endless prairie trying to find his family I feel like that this book was a rally good book if you are into the Gary Paulsen kid of books I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars because even tho the book was a really good read it just had some boring parts in it But instead of like the 3 prats of the book that had there boring moments it was a really good book in my opinion I would also recommend this to people that like books that are bout how to get out of a place that your stuck in Book 2 of 5 in the series Francis finds himself alone in the vast northern tablelands He survives buffalo stampedes close encounters with tribes and picks up a few strays along the way Ultimately his humanity is put at stake and he has to choose whether to adopt a life like former Mountain Man Jason Grimes or to take a higher roadThe target audience here is 10 14 yrs old Take that with a grain of salt While it is short and the story is fairly simple the historical and cultural details and themes should still resonate with an older crowd I normally do not like westerns but after finishing the first book in the series I knew that I had to continue I was surprised with how short this novel is It not only went uickly but I enjoyed the premise behind this book I like how the main character left behind everything at the end of the first book in order to be the type of person he thought was right That same sense of morality continues at the end of this novel as well Thank you Mr Paulsen for a fun read Another easy reading adventure story with themes that surprisingly my 8 year old daughter enjoys Lots of opportunity for important discussion eg Native Americans survival doing the right thing family solitude cholera loss and helping people in need Also learned some new words like “hummock” and “howitzer” and several others My daughter regularly asks me to read another chapter On to #3 in the series

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