Angels Crest

Angels Crest➹ [Download] ➵ Angels Crest By Leslie Schwartz ➼ – It only takes a moment for a life to change forever Ethan Denton is a lucky man Lately things have gone his way–like being granted custody of Nate his three year old son But when he takes the child It only takes a moment for a life to change forever Ethan Denton is a lucky man Lately things have gone his way–like being granted custody of Nate his three year old son But when he takes the child up to Angels Crest early one morning to show him the mountains Ethan’s luck changes instantaneously In an impulsive decision any parent might make he leaves his son asleep in the back seat while he follows a pair of magnificent buck just for a minute–but when he returns the truck’s door is open the child is gone and snow is falling As townspeople gather to aid in the search the boy’s disappearance resurrects old wounds and regrets for each of them But it also provides the chance for love and redemption as they struggle to make sense of the inexplicable. Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding Harvey Danger Flagpole SittaIf you have no clue what that was then Youtube that right now because it's a freaking awesome song And the one liner really summarizes this book uite wellIn a miserable but picturesue northern California village a precious 3 year old boy gets lost in a snowstorm with only blue moon pajamas and a deflated balloon to protect him from the elementsWe follow the search for little Nate through the third person eyes of his father the father's ex wife the father's ex best friend a diner ownerwaitress said diner ownerwaitress's sister the sister's girlfriend and a judge who just happens to be passing through the townThe story is not exactly riveting nor are any of the characters save Glick even remotely likeable None of these people have any business whatsoever bringing children into the world and the reader gets to experience multiple generations of fck ups screwing up the young ones It's sad that the birth of a child in this story doesn't elicit joy or hope but dread However the author does a good job of conveying the various emotions the search for Nate brings upon the communityWhat doesn't work is the repeated events from multiple perspectives For example you read about a character making a sandwich for another character In the next chapter the second character describes watching the first making the sandwich So for a while I thought there were a lot of sandwiches Nope it's just really poorly handled transitions This book bothered me but it bothered me in both good and bad ways When I started reading this book I was immediately annoyed1 Angels Crest where's the apostrophe?2 Rocksan just spell it how it's supposed to be spelled3 The fact that the story was told from the viewpoint of around six different characters4 There were so many themes running through the book and this bothers me a lot of the time Fortunately for this book it all worked out in the endDespite all of this I grew to really love the book One mans tragedy makes everyone else realize how precious their own lives are and how trivial their problems It is one that will bother you long after you read it It is as heartbreaking as it is hopeful I absolutely adored this book Its one of my alltime favourites Its very heartbreaking in parts All i have to say is if you havent read this Go Get it Now A powerful and highly emotional read with many observations on human nature I particularly empathized with Ethan and his town's need to always blame and punish someone for pure accidents it always upsets me when I see this in the news and this novel shows the impact doing just that and of trial by media Although it was a good story I had a few problems it was uite repetitive on nearly every page someone imagined the young boy dead in the woods to the point where it was no longer impactful the same descriptions were completely overused Also as the writer puts it again and again 'the lesbians' yes we get it they're gay This was mentioned on nearly every page totally needlessly and again the descriptions of their life and observations of them by other characters were completely overused I had expected this novel to be a mystery a town looking for the lost child and uncovering the clues but it was completely different to this and not in a bad way I suppose This book was just very sad and depressing I guess wrong time to read this Having found the movie version interesting I thought I should read the book It had a strong enough start I felt able to connect to the characters initially and thought we were getting some good depth going Then everything plateaued and became one of the most repetitive books I've ever read The multitude of characters we follow have all experienced traumatic events but by half way to three uarters in I just didn't care any How many ways and times can you tell me about the exact same events and how they are impacting the characters Even the same phrasing got repeated It was tedious and interminable I don't recall the last time I was so relieved to be done with a book Ugh what a drag Totally one note depressing book that just floats along going nowhere This was a very difficult book for me to read and I cried so many times while reading it A boy gets lost in the snow because his father left him unattended in an unlocked car for about fifteen minutes The conseuences of this one foolish act play out as the tragedy extends to touch all the residents of the little town of Angel's CrestBut the loss of course was most with the father Ethan a uiet hard working hardware store owner and his ex wife Cindy who has been walking the self destruct alcoholic path even before her divorce from Ethan The novel is written from multiple perspective and although this device gives depth to the story its use here meant repeating some scenes from one chapter in another which in my opinion stuttered the story flow I also felt it was an additional ploy to sueeze raw emotions out of the reader in reaction to the senseless tragedyIn my opinion this books would have worked perfectly as a short story because much of what happens in it is just reflection on the same issues from multiple point of viewWhat the writer wants to say in the end is that people need an anchor in their lives it has to be either love or faith and life cannot continue when a person lacks both This is a generally accepted theory but I do not like its implications of the book because faith might save an alcoholic loser while a uiet dependable father who made one very costly mistake could find himself without any hope or reason to liveBut I guess this is how life works perhaps people invented faith to be able to carry on living Angel’s Crest by Leslie Schwartz ADownloaded from audiblecomThis is a book about how a moment in time can change lives forever Ethan Denton takes his three year old son into the woods at dawn to look at its beauty Ethan has just won full custody of his son and he is happy He sees two bucks in the distance Deciding he wants a better look at them and with his child asleep in the truck he gets out and follows them When he returns a few minutes later the door to the truck is open and his son is gone A snowstorm blankets the mountain and he and townspeople look for the child all day His body is found the next morning by Ethan’s former best friend What follows is the story of how Ethan his ex wife his former best friend the town restaurant owner a lesbian couple and an elderly judge all dealt with the loss For all of them it brought up losses and mistakes they had made in their own lives and for some it was a fork in the road which led them to happiness for the future For others it was not This is a well constructed book and I recommend it Book was recommended by a library publication as one with a 'strong sense of place' and it definitely fulfills the label Angels Crest is a mountain that dominates the story and the lives of the people in it Whenever you have a 'strong sense of place' you can bet the writing is very lyrical descriptive and this is true of this book This is a rather slow moving story about a very urgent situation a toddler lost on the mountain Various characters have a chapter featuring their point of view The very next chapter often is a different person's point of view about the exact same situation that was just covered The story explores family and belonging loss and mistakes While on the sad side throughout it is nevertheless a gentle and forgiving story as well

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