Secret Warriors, Volume 1: Nick Fury, Agent Of Nothing

Secret Warriors, Volume 1: Nick Fury, Agent Of Nothing[PDF / Epub] ★ Secret Warriors, Volume 1: Nick Fury, Agent Of Nothing By Brian Michael Bendis – Nick Fury and his new band of young heroes uncover the darkest secret in the history of the Marvel Universe A secret that sends the Secret Warriors tumbling into an underworld of rogue SHIELD agents s Nick Fury and his new band Volume 1: ePUB ✓ of young heroes uncover the darkest secret in the history of the Marvel Universe A secret that sends the Secret Warriors tumbling into an underworld of rogue SHIELD agents super powered spies and global criminal organizations. So if I'm being totally honest I read Nick Fury Agent of Nothing for two reasons uake and The Secret Warriors  I'm a big fan of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and at the end of last season the show revealed that Skye was in fact Daisy Johnson otherwise known as uake I heard she was amazing in Secret Warriors so I wanted to read at least one comic prior to Season 3 which I hear revolves around Secret WarriorsAs it so happens uake and her team weren't featured enough for me to get a good feel on them so perhaps I'll need to read the next volume What I saw was interesting but I didn't get exactly what I was looking for Nick Fury was as expected elusive confident capable and one bad manThe story was fine but until recently I never paid much attention to Hydra so their cabal wasn't all that familiar for me I didn't find them too interesting although Gorgon looks like he could a frighteningly fun adversary Nick Fury Agent of Nothing wasn't bad but it wasn't what I expected either I'll have to check out the next volume I think I may have a little bit of a crush on Nick Fury now This has been on my radar of books to read for a long time I finally decided to stop putting it of and sit down and read Hickmans Secret Warriors I'm also planning to re read all his Marvel stuff before Secret Wars hits next year but we'll see if that actually happens or notAnd the second season of Agents of SHILED has put me in the mood for reading a good SHILED vs HYRDA comicSecret Warriors is the closest to a Nick Fury ongoing Marvel have done in a while It's a team book filled with people Fury has recruited off the grid before Secret Invasion went down but at the centre of it is Nick Fury and his continuing war with HYRDA and Von Strucker This volume does a lot of set up introducing us to the Secret Warriors team and the new heads of HYDRA that will be in the series as regular villains It's also set during Dark Reign so there's a lot of hiding in secret bases and going on secret missions It's all very espionage and secret And it's a good read Hickman writes the weary Fury well who has to know the line between going in uiet and going in guns blazing because he's no longer the Top Cop of the Marvel Universe Best part of Dark Reign to come out of Secret Invasion so farplotted by Bendis and Hickman so it's going to be a long run story Hickman and Bendis helped keep it grounded and with dialogue so pretty solid team and the art is solid tooI like Nick Fury in his element and this is helping show how he ends up where he does by Original SinHowling Commandos make their return and the Caterpillars face HYDRA and HAMMERalso one of the team gets taken out and it's time to recruit anotherPlus Nick finds out the deep secret that's been obscured since the end days of WWIIbig wowThere's also some cool database files at the end of one book worth perusing if you have the inclination and Marvel wiki handyLooking forward to of this instead of the Norman Osborn victory parade Hot diggity this one was a gooderI've always been a Nick Fury fan and have enjoyed all the various incarnations of Marvels favorite spymaster One of my earliest memories of books that I really liked as a kid were the SHIELD Nick Fury VS SHIELD comics That six issue series captivated me and I fell in love with Fury and Shield and I soon found myself devouring all the Nick Fury stuff I couldThe six issues presented in this volume have managed to capture all those nostalgic feelings that I had so long ago as a little kid SHIELD HYDRA the mother fucking HOWLING COMMANDOSits all here and it's all freaking awesome Got's ta say I'm pretty stoked to dig into Vol2 Story Synopsis view spoilerIn an attempt to discover the real reason the government disbanded SHIELD following the Secret Invasion Nick Fury infiltrates the Carousel – a SHIELD datacore facility located in Chicago There using his maximum security clearance he makes the startling discovery that HYDRA has always been directing SHIELD behind the scenes A month later Fury sneaks into the White House to inform the President that it was he who broke into and destroyed the Carousel and provides the location of another covert SHIELD base within the country Knowing after what happened to the Carousel that HYDRA would put together a strike force to secure the base Fury sent the Secret Warriors to see if HAMMER showed up as well; if they did that would indicate that although HYDRA had influence over much of the political and military infrastructure in the world their reach did not yet extend into the highest levels of US government The base in uestion was Black Ice – a deep storage SHIELD containment facility in Texas – and the mission went bad when the Secret Warriors were forced to engage HYDRA and HAMMER forces In the end HYDRA manages to secure a package from the site and teleport it awayOne month prior and following Fury's assault on the Carousel Baron von Strucker assembles Madama Hydra The Hive Kraken and Viper to meet in Gehenna and discuss their plan to destroy Nick Fury once and for all One of their first steps toward this end is to strong arm the Hand into resurrecting the Gorgon to join von Stucker's ranks Back at the Cocoon – Fury's most top secret installation and the main base of the Secret Warriors – Fury brings his team up to speed and explains that one of them will have to go undercover as a HYDRA agent Within the next two weeks HYDRA has managed to infiltrate or destroy every notable SHIELD shadow facility except two Of the two Fury has instructed the Secret Warriors to focus on retrieving the telepathic psi agents from the Red Worm installation determining the power these agents possess would be too dangerous left in the hands of HYDRA At the base after the team observes HYDRA killing two of the psi agents they decide to engage HYDRA Kraken is able to escape with the agents and the Secret Warriors are forced into a retreat after Slingshot's hand is cut off by the Gorgon Slingshot is treated at a nearby base and Fury orders Daisy to find a replacement for SlingshotIn Australia Daisy and Sebastian recruit Eden Fesi – an aboriginal teleporter Meanwhile in Gehenna von Strucker and his group decide to take their war against Fury to the next level and openly attack him In Sudan Fury meets with old friends Dum Dum Dugan and Gabriel Jones and they discuss planning their next move Using the ex SHIELD agents that left with Dugan when HAMMER first started out Fury decides to attack the Dock – a heavily guarded HAMMER base – so that he could retrieve his old Helicarriers While the attack is already underway the panic button Fury gave Daisy goes off so Fesi and the Secret Warriors teleport onto the Dock and lend their assistance against both HAMMER and HYDRA; the latter arrived on the scene soon after the fighting began Fury's side is ultimately victorious sending HYDRA into retreat and von Strucker pondering which of his men gave Fury advanced notice of his arrival On top of that many of the remaining HAMMER agents stationed at the Dock are recruited by Dugan's Howling Commandos After things settle down Daisy confronts Fury and demands to know what he has planned for the Fesi and the Commandos as well as who pressed the panic button Fury refuses to disclose any of that information and only compliments her for her leadership of the team and their performance in battle Fury dismisses Daisy from the room and calls Contessa Allegra de Fontaine – a spy and one of his former lovers Although unbeknownst to him it is revealed that she it is she who has assumed the identity of the current Madame Hydra hide spoiler I have heard almost nothing but constant unending praise for Secret Warriors and I think I am going to love it But after the first volume I'm not uite there yet This was incredibly enjoyable yes and I think Hickman and Bendis I guess though it doesn't seem like he had a ton to do with this beyond creating the characters does an exemplary job of mixing espionage with superheroics in a highly original way It all just kind of moves too fast though I haven't felt like I've had a moment to sit still and give a crap about any of these characters Each issue moves from big mission to big spy event to big fight in a huge and maybe justifiable hurry but I as the reader just don't really know who these people are even though I read their origin stories in the earlier Mighty Avengers issues in which they appearedI'm willing to compromise my need to know and appreciate the characters though as long as the plot and set pieces are interesting enough and so far these haven't failed to impress HYDRA is actually a formidable imposing enemy now instead of the laughable mess of cannon fodder idiots it's been in the past The revelation that they've been controlling SHIELD for years had a similar impact on me as it did when this was revealed in the 2nd Captain America movie I was like Oh damn now what The action seuences are a blast the team is a bunch of misfits and that actually makes sense this time and Nick Fury is exactly as mysterious and gruff and likable and then unlikable and then likable again as I want him to be I'm really looking forward to the rest of this series and if it gives me something to hold on to with the characters I think this will be a 5 star book I can't wait to see where this goes Secret Warriors is a great series from Marvel The book offers the best take on Nick Fury in years The first trade Secret Warriors Vol 1 Nick Fury Agent of Nothing offers great dialogue and action This book is so good it shouldn't be a secretTo understand Secret Warriors you must understand Nick Fury Fury first appeared in the World War II combat series Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos as a cigar chomping NCO who led a racially and ethnically integrated elite unit May 1963 Dec 1981 In 1965 Strange Tales #135 Aug 1965 gave a new take on Fury who became a colonel was a James Bond esue Cold War spy for the covert organization SHIELD Supreme Headuarters International Espionage Law enforcement Division against its nemesis HYDRA and featured great art by Kirby and later Steranko In addition to being an Agent of SHIELD Fury continued to make appearances in the other Marvel books from Fantastic Four to The Avengers By the 80s and 90s Fury and had been converted into a Macguffin guest star Want Spidey to go to Europe? Fury would show up with an assignment The fact that Daredevil needs information that the reader knows could be fixed with a convenient cameo I also don't want to even guess how many times Marvel has killed him or crashed his Helicarrier in the name of summer events I should also mention that he has been played in the movies by both Samuel L Jackson and David Hasselhoff and if that is not a statement I don't know what is Of course when Marvel created it's Ultimate Line they created an all new all different Nick Fury master manipulator and chess player rather than a spandex wearing superspy and even used Mr Jackson as the reference model Eventually that characterization became dominant in the main Marvel Universe 616 for you uber geeksSo where is Fury at the beginning of Secret Warriors? If you don't follow the Marvel Comics Universe let me bring you up to date real uick Fury secretly recruited several superheroes led by the mysterious Daisy uake Joihnson to infiltrate the country of Latveria Doc Doom's country When the public found out Fury became a pariah and went deep deep underground There was an intervening Civil War with Fury manipulating behind the scenes for some secret agenda that resulted in the death of Captain America Then there was a Secret Invasion of Earth by alien shapeshifters called Skrulls No one saw it coming almost Nick Fury was ready He discovered the plot which was why he went underground Daisy secretly recruits a new team of caterpillars young untested superhumans whose existence is known to Fury alone Nick Fury and his team of Secret Warriors arrive and rescue the defeated Young Avengers and Initiative members before withdrawing from the battle Long story short with Fury's help the Skrulls are vanuished and he has the best line of the series My God has a Hammer But the war had an unintended conseuence bad guy and former Green Goblin Norman Osborn became a hero and was given total control of the 50 state Avengers Initiative and has become a Dark Reign of terror Osborn dissolves Shield and creates Hammmer and forms Dark versions of the X Men Avengers and Young AvengersNow Fury is on the run again this time from Hydra Osborn's villains and his former Agency Moreover Fury has discovered a startling secret involving a connection between SHIELD and Hydra that makes him uestion everything he knows about his past Once again the Secret Warriors take up his challenge The Secret Warriors are Nick Fury uake who has been revealed to be the daughter of Mister Hyde; Phobos the son of Ares; The Druid the son of Doctor Druid; Slingshot the daughter of the Griffin; Hellfire the grandson of the Phantom Rider; Stonewall background unknown Bendis has revealed that his father is a major Marvel icon first name Henry; Eden Fesi who trained with GatewayThe Trade includes Secret Warriors #1 6 and material from Dark Reign New Nation and is subtitled Nick Fury Agent of Nothing I almost didn't read this book I'm not really that interested in the whole Dark Reign storyline and even dropped Wolverine which I consistently had collected in its various incarnations since 1988 when it became Dark Wolverine I only got this hardcover because it was fifty percent off from DCBServicecom While I really like both Brian M Bendis who plotted and Jonathan Hickman who scripted there are just too many out there I was surprise to discover that this book has almost nothing to do with Dark Reign Instead the story focuses on Fury's battle against the forces of Hydra Granted this story takes place against the backdrop of Dark Reign but that's all it really is There are some nice Fury character moments which show him to be the bad ass that he is The book has some great dialogue from Fury My favorite is the updated version of the Death Star independent contractor speech from Clerks featuring Enron which is a subsidiary of the evil Roxon Corporation in the Marvel Universe Readers also get to see the power that Fury wields in the Marvel Universe Plus the last page reveal made me curse out loud Plus the art by Stefano Caselli is fantastic I am definitely glad I bought this book and will keep going when volume two comes out I am very tardy at writing this review I have read so many graphic novels in the past couple of months and I've just been fatigued and sadly writing reviews has felt like a chore lately Having said that I am glad to get back and review this very good graphic novelWhen one thinks of Marvel characters your mind doesn't necessarily go right to Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD but honestly he's a bit like the glue of the Marvel universe in some ways Or at least the Kevin Bacon as in Six Degree of Separation Definitely when it comes to the Avengers related storylines Well in this one it's his show He's a man on a missionSHIELD has been infiltrated and disavowed by the government It's essentially been rolled over into HAMMER headed up by Norman Osborn Nick knows something is stinking in Denmark and he's going to make things right Even though SHIELD is no he still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve He's been a warrior spy and commander so he knows what he's doing and ruthless and determined enough to do itThe villains are nasty and formidable The good guys feel like underdogs even though Nick Dum Dum Dugan and his Howling Commandos are very skilled at taking on 'nasty' bad guys see what they did in WWII if you have uestions about it Fury called in his contingency plan activating SHIELD assets and individuals with potential Some of them are uite young but needs must If I think really hard it seems really scary for teens to be taking on nasty foes like the Gorgon and Lady Hydra However they know what they are getting into and want this opportunity to serve their country even knowing that some of them will die in the processI liked the way this book was put together It had plenty of graphics and visuals about the enormity of SHIELD and their long time adversary HYDRA Being a geek I read each and every chart table and map It helped to expand my understanding of the incredible task that Nick has set for himselfThis was a great find at the library I'm just sad that my library doesn't have the rest of this series I want to finish it It's kind of pricy to buy so I have decide if I'm willing to splurge to read the rest of these I was glad I took a chance on this No it's not the X Men or The Avengers but it was just as cool in a different way I didn't underestimate Fury before but I have gained even respect for himSecret Warriors is a very good adventure series with a touch of the superhero fiction vibe to satisfy comic book lovers If you can find a copy it's worth reading Great art and amazing story telling

Secret Warriors, Volume 1: Nick Fury, Agent Of Nothing
  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • Secret Warriors, Volume 1: Nick Fury, Agent Of Nothing
  • Brian Michael Bendis
  • English
  • 10 June 2016
  • 9780785138648