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Crochet Workshop[Reading] ➽ Crochet Workshop ➳ James Walters – An outstanding guide for crocheters of all levels this volume covers all aspects of crochet stitches and techniue The perfect introduction to the craft the down to earth guide is also a terrific resou An outstanding guide for crocheters of all levels this volume covers all aspects of crochet stitches and techniue The perfect introduction to the craft the down to earth guide is also a terrific resource for experienced practitioners seeking to develop new design ideas Profusely illustrated with drawings diagrams and photographs. My Take5 StarsFirst of all buy this book in the PRINT version NOT the Kindle version because it goes to sleep and will drive you crazy as you try to read or work the patterns You will continuously have to wake the Kindle version up and I prefer NOT to have to do thatThis is a 439 page book in black and white from what I could tell from the PDF file we were given for review purposes reprinted from 1979 however crochet instructions and advice does not change as all craft instructions that stand the test of time do not and this is one of the MOST wonderful things about this book Look at the test of time this book has withstood I will suggest you purchase this as a BOOK This is such an excellent book with many hundreds of excellent tips and instructions in it There are so many patterns in this book it's unbelievable There are granny suares doilies which happen to be my favorite The leggings on the cover of this book caught my eye How I would LOVE to have a pair of those no matter how out of date OR NOT out of date they may or may not be The BEST part is I can make them on my own That is really what got me into sewing and making crafts I couldn't necessarily afford to go out and binge shop so I learned how to make clothing and crafts out of necessity The only problem with that was I FELL IN LOVE with sewing the fabrics and crafts especially crocheting WOW The lace we can make with crochet is absolutely beautiful if you are a lace lover I LOVE to crochet The hard part I am left handed UghFor the most part this book is made for the right handed crocheter but there 'are' helps and suggestions for the left handed crocheter which is great because ANY help I can get is vital It is very difficult if not impossible to purchase ANY pattern and find instruction for left handed crocheters in them so this IS IT I am not able to switch the stitches around in my head even while I sat indian style face to face with my mother as a young teenager trying to learn how Now I know she didn't show me the 'backward stitch' of the yarn over so I just wish I could tell her that today I figured that out from this book and unfortunately I lost my mother in September 2010 so I'm not able to share this excitement with her yet I'm happy to wait though LOL So yes this book DOES have a section of suggestions for left handers but it does cater and assumes people are of the right handed crocheter as are most all of the needle art books I come across You left handers out there do get addressed Finally huh This may not be my place here but I AM going to give advice for left handed wanna be crocheters who can't figure out HOW to crochet You left handed beginners my advice to you in addition to purchasing this book is to pick up from a box store in the craft area under crochet notions or in a craft store under crochet notions is to pick up a CD for only about 5 or 6 which you can watch on your computer that has close up work how to crochet left handed It does exist From there this book WILL be a necessity to your library That is how I learned the double crochet stitches half double crochet triple or treble crochet etc or at least made sure I was doing the tougher stitches the correct way This CD will get you on your way to the GREAT beginnings of crochet and THIS BOOK will get you through the rest These two combined in my opinion is the BEST of CrochetThe process of creation is explained in such detail in this book I feel it is outstanding That is what is going to help anyone the most is learning the process of creation this book teaches us regardless of what hand you areSo now years have gone by that I have been crocheting and books like these STILL come in very handy especially the parts that teach us how to increase and decrease stitches I honestly think most people have difficulty with this step because most instruction books don't teach this techniue and my first few sweaters well I threw them out LOL I had spent a LOT of money on yarns too and I should have known making my first piece of clothing would have most likely be a big fat flop LOL I have to say this is the ONLY book that has taught me how to increase and decrease my stitchesThis book covers so many things including tension and how to put clothing patterns together There are also a lot of different stitches you really need to know or learn to know how to do It even uses a measuring tape for you to test the gauge of your work withThere is a section on reading patterns This includes reading the patterns in words and by photos I am not a good one for following patterns by those photos they use the symbols that look like little chicken feet This book helps decipher those If there are Chrocheters' here you'll understand what I mean That CD I was talking about does NOT include directions for thisIf you are a crocheter and love it as much as I do then grab this book ASAP It is a reference tool you'll use you'll use it for patterns making patterns great for newbies and don't worry you'll get there I cannot suggest this book any higher I received this book for FREE from the Publisher Dover Publications through NetGalley in exchange to read and write a review about it Free means I was provided with ZERO MONIES to do so but to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading it and giving my own honest opinion no matter whether it is positive or negative I am disclosing this information in accordance with the law set here The Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR Part 255 16 CFR 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Federal Acuisition Regulation The book starts out with the basics of how to crochet which was wonderful for me as I had never really got the hang of it before Now it seems too easyFurther chapters continue with how to read patterns and their little acronyms techniue basic stitches and variations I have to admit that I was attracted to the book by the design of the sampler stockings pictured on the cover The bodysuit pictured on page 7 would be a tempting project as well though there are few places that it might be appropriate to wear itA little history of crochet is given and followed by encouragement to look at possible clothing ideas with new eyes to see that nearly anything can be done with crochet If a craft book can be mind expanding this is the one There is even advice to adapting patterns to left handed workers Simple practice exercises are suggested and we are assured that we don't have to manage perfection on the first try The book seems personal than your average craft instruction book almost like a friend with a lot of patience is there to teach youAfter going through double treble and half stitches as well as problems that might arise we're shown how to make a basic fabric and how to work in rows without turning to achieve different textures Variations in the base chain follow and suddenly we are able to make a circular designWe get Granny suares of course plus variations how to work to a shape and splicing ends Reading patterns comes after mastering the stitches and tensions illustrated by simple diagrams of the shape of the fabric intended Then we get into my favorite bit embellishments This is where the fancy stitches happenSome beginner patterns are offered yet these are lovely Not the simple round or suare shapes that you usually see From there we're thrown into a world of making shapes within shapes on a fabric and ready to make what looks like advanced projects yet they have been made easy by the progression of the earlier part of the book and the exercises given It's almost too easyThis will probably be the only crochet book I will ever need unless I want specific patterns from another source I'm very impressed with the ease with which I've been able to follow the instructions to learn a craft that had eluded me before The zaniness of the patterns that are given and the emphasis on interesting textures really appeals to me It even shows how to make a wall picture in crochet along with doilies that are far interesting than the usual ones you see on grandma's side table The little stars really interested be as well as it's a favorite shape for meThere's a section on finger crochet which I haven't tried yet but looks fairly basic One thing I didn't expect was the instruction on how to make pieces of fabric that allow for darts so that you can shape a garment as you would in sewing There is about how to create the shapes you want than specific patterns but those patterns that are provided are off the beaten track and the finished projects would impress any needleworker though they aren't as hard to do as one might assume Fancy edgings covered button and button holes as well as woven crochet which I had never heard of before are all included as well as information on different types of wool to work withThe hanging crochet chair in the back really blew me away All things considered this is the most complete book on the craft of crochet that I can imagine and I'm really pleased to have found it Easy 5 stars out of 5 Crochet Workshop by James Walters is a techniue reference book that has been republished by Dover The original edition was published in 1979 by Sidgwick and Jackson Ltd The Dover edition is essentially the same book The photographs are likely the same ones that appeared in the original edition and are therefore dated However the information provided in this book can still be handy for today's crocheter From the introduction alone one gets the sense that the author is a bit of a free spirit Indeed one of the first photographs shown in the book has him modeling what appears to be crocheted long underwear The photograph that I saw was in black and white but I would guess that the real item was probably uite a colourful outfit The book includes the following basic techniues and stitches understanding how to read patterns additional crochet techniues that touch on variation of the basic stitches shaping adding decorations introductions to woven crochet Tunisian crochet and hairpin crochet choosing yarns making up finishing and after care The appendices include a list of terminology British and American list of euipment tables describing hook sizes terms abbreviations and symbols and metricImperial conversions The main text in the book uses British terminology but as I mentioned above American euivalents are listed in a chart in one of the appendicesThere are no formal patterns provided to create any particular item but there are uite descriptive instructions with accompanying diagrams and photographs on how to make various stitches and stitch patterns The text is useful in helping a beginner to learn and master the basics of crochet but it also seems to encourage users to go beyond following patterns in an exact manner and start to delve into learning how to modify and adapt patterns and perhaps eventually improvise and create spontaneous designs The book is also written in such a folksy down to earth style that it seems as if the author is conversing informally with the reader In my opinion this book would make a good addition as a techniue reference book in a crocheter's library Disclaimer I was given an e copy of the Crochet Workshop by NetGalley in exchange for a review All opinions stated in this review are my ownThis review also appears on my blog Title Crochet Workshop Author James WaltersPublished 3 19 2014Publisher Dover PublicationPages 256Genre Crafts Hobbies HomeSub Genre Needlecrafts Textiles CrochetingISBN 9780486496207 ASIN B00JFD9AHW Reviewer DelAnneReviewed For NetGalleyMy Rating 5 stars First I do not believe that this is the book for those thinking of trying crocheting for the first time even if there are instructions for starting and basic stitches Although instructions are well laid out with very good drawings to show you how to do them Many of the stitches are similar and may be confusing to some I f you have at least a basic knowledge of crocheting Crochet Workshop will be invaluable to you Those with greater experience will enjoy the advance patterns and instructions but there are plenty of instructions for those new to the craft I found the advice on how to keep pieces flat while increasing and decreasing projects as it is a problem I have had at times If you are an love to crochet as do I you will have this book on your bookshelf within easy reach My rating is 5 out of 5 stars link Barnes and Noble link GoodReads link The Reading Room link I'm a knitter but I would also love to learn how to crochet I can't tell you how many times I've been on pinterest and have seen something so cute but it's a crochet pattern and not knitting So I'm on the verge of becoming a woman who can crochet with confidenceJames Walter has written many books about crochet His latest book Crochet Workshop is geared for people like me people who need step by step instructions and visual aids Walter gives both He shows you how to hold the needle basic techniue how to read pattern instructions and He even goes into advanced work also The only thing I didn't really care for was the pictures showing crochet fashion They looked like they were taken in 1970 I think if you're a newbie like me you'll enjoy this book It's easy to follow and it won't make your head spinRead at Crochet Workshop by James Walters is an interesting read The pictures which are of the finished project are uite interesting creations We had a good laugh at a couple of them The beginning of the book is how to start uilting and I don't think this book is very good at explaining how to start I do think that once you have crocheted a bit and are ready to start on harder things this might be a good book for you I have been crocheting for uite a while and though I found this book not to my liking I did find some useful information within it's covers I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest opinion This book is a warehouse of technical information and problem solving I would absolutely recommend to friends who crochet The author has laid out the chapters well to make it easy to search for a techniue or just follow along beginning to end for a full class Each section is broken into small parts so that you can really focus and succeed All of that being said as a beginning crochet student I found this book to be overwhelming The photos black and white making it difficult to see some of the specifics such as which loop you are using Additionally the projects are rather dated Not for me I love colour it's what sells the book to me first and foremost Its what draws me in and makes me have a closer look This is bland and boring Black and white photos black and white diagrams black and white textboring It would be uite at home in the 60's Now don't get me wrong if your a beginner or and expert crocheter like myself you will find this book a fountain of knowledge you just won't find it on my shelf in the craft room The designs used in most of the clothes photographed for the book are semi insane in terms of pattern mixing but the diagrams and drawings used to demonstrate the techniues and thecomplicated mechanics of fabric design and how to get the crochet to end up exactly the way you want it to If you're a beginner this is an intimidating book but if you already crochet regularly this is a great book for taking the next step I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewWhile the technical points in the book were very well presented and easy to follow I just found the book overall to be bland

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