Journal Spilling: Mixed-Media Techniques for Free Expression

Journal Spilling: Mixed-Media Techniques for Free Expression❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Journal Spilling: Mixed-Media Techniques for Free Expression ⚣ Author Diana Trout – Go ahead make a messThere are no lines to stay inside of here You're free to uiet your inner critic and spill color as well as your thoughts all over the page Author Diana Trout offers a double dose o Go ahead make a messThere are no Mixed-Media Techniques MOBI í lines to stay inside of here You're free to uiet your inner critic and spill color as well as your thoughts all over the page Author Diana Trout offers a double dose of encouragement for you to try out new techniues to ask yourself new uestions and to Journal Spilling: PDF/EPUB ² see how safe of a place your private journal can truly beWhether you've been carrying around an art journal for years or have been waiting for just the right push in the pages of Journal Spilling you will learn new ways with mixed media as well as new insights about yourself Step by step instruction will Spilling: Mixed-Media Techniques PDF/EPUB è make the process easy and you'll explore such techniues as Using salt alcohol and wax paper as resists for watercolorSpilling color over your page with the help of watercolor crayonsCreating uniue lines and shapes with a fun ink blowing techniueMaking secret pockets and flaps for storing wishes and private reflectionsCarving and stamping with hand carved stamps Spilling: Mixed-Media Techniques for Free PDF/EPUB ² making your pages even personalGetting out of a writing rut with prompts and inspiring exercises and much Find out just how fulfilling using creative expression in your personal journal can be and let Journal Spilling be the friend to offer you support for each page you create. This is a tourist's review I read the book but did none of the exercises or projects I have however been seized with the desire to buy watercolors and gel pens immediately This book makes me feel like I could add color and imagery to my notebooks I might like this than I did the first time I read it three years ago Original review Very good overview of art journaling techniues complete with prompts at the end Spilling refers to writing or creating an art entry without thinking about it basically stream of consciousness I liked this book enough that I've ordered a used copy for myself Art journaling is a techniue tool?? that I have struggled with for a while Part of the problem for me is the mess I thought I didn't like to make messes What I found was that I don't like to make messes that I have to clean up The Purpose Journal showed me that under the right circumstances I can really use this techniue in a creative and satisfying wayJournal Spilling by Diana Trout is a really encouraging and pleasant book to read I read it and thought about it but didn't try any of the projects that are integrated into the various chapters The first thing that I liked was in the Welcome message First Welcome is much friendlier than preface or introduction In her Welcome Diana states that you don't need to be an artist to be an artmaker I have long refused to label myself an artist for better or for worse Like Wayne Thiebaud I have decided to let history decide my artistic fate and concentrate on making If history ignores me so be it Thus Trout's comment really hit homeThe author also has a sense of humor which is infused throughout the book On page 9 she says I once did a 'highly scientific' experiment to check the lightfastness of Portfolios alongside Caran d'Ache They both held up remarkably well when exposed to sunlight for six months I love the idea of this 'experiment' It really made me smileMs Trout writes about things I have never heard of but that I find very useful In her section Stretch Spill she discusses 'micromovements' About them she says micromovements refers to a system of breaking down a large job into tiny parts This is a great concept that addresses the biggest obstacle between you and your journal Fear It also helped me greatly with time issues If you break down a job or hope or dream step by step it seems less scary and overwelming I didn't realize until I read this that I had been doing this with the Purpose Journal since I couldn't face making a mess I have been breaking down the steps before I have to make the mess into manageable bites that fit into my schedule and my comfort zoneThe books title Journal Spilling seemed a little confusing to me until I read the section on the generosity and hospitality of pouring sake By creating that analogy Diana gave me a picture in my mind to understand as I read the bookThroughout the book the author talks about keeping moving At one point she refers to it as aerobics for creativity The idea is to not think to much and keep moving creatively; to keep your hand moving Some examples Ms Trout gives are to draw boxes good for writing in later circles little houses and flowers She also gives some advice on what to say to your mind if it starts to interrupt which mine does all the time uietly tell it you are busy right now pg76 This was another thing that really made me smileI think that most people who make beauty have an inner critic A very revealing and interesting section was about her inner critic She names him tells us how he looks and sounds I thought this was a great techniue because things that you name are much less scary than the unknown In this section Diana reminds the reader My art does not have to be BIG ART This is wonderful In a way I feel like I have been doing this with all of the sewn accessories I have been making journal covers pencil rolls tote bags They are mind sorbet in a way but they are also for ME small art For me small art is valuable as well She follows that up by saying I pick up my brushes and pens in the odd spaces of time that occur in the life gently coaxing the art out into the light I think this could be used as an excuse to move on to a different project creating another UFO but for me it means sometimes things have to simmer and by working often the simmering happens a bit fasterMs Trout uses the various sections to convey techniues through her various projects At the same time she drops little pearls of wisdom in the introduction to each section The Secrets Wishes section is somewhat about getting things out without revealing too much In the introduction she writes Respect the power of the words you write and believe that writing them will fix them into your mind and maybe with some attention some of your dreams will become a reality This makes me think that I should write down some of the things that I dream about Perhaps the power of the word which is so important to me can help me identify my goals and make them a realityI think in general creativity books are interesting to look at I have seen a lot of well designed well laid out and visually appealing books of late This book is not exception Not only are the photos appealing the step outs clear but the page layouts fit the theme of the book It looks like we are looking at Trouts journal There are watercolor strokes bits of masking tape scribbles and doodles interspersed with the regular book informationAs I said above the messes stop me from working in this techniue When Diana says pg 55 write into the wet gesso I stop cold I have to say that working at a Work of Heart helped with this feeling I just have not yet been able to translate to working at homeI found this work to be really inspirational As I read I found myself inspired to create a uilt design or add something to my Purpose Journal In the Personal Landscape section the author suggests the reader go on a walk and think about the area in which she lives She follows this suggestion up with an exercise to create a collage about your thoughts and feelings I read this section and immediately thought of the Women's Work uilt Reading the words made me imagine the next in the series of a cityscape still using Gwen Marston's styleIn the same section but also mentioned throughout the book Trout talks about writing spill writing in her journal and then covering some of it up with her collage style This appears to be something that she does freuently I am not sure I want my words covered up I may not want people to read them but I feel like I want to read them later which I can't do if I cover them up This was also confusing because of the power of words section she discusses in the Secrets Wishes sectionThe Drawing Games Section has perfect exercises which dovetail nicely into the CPP She suggests exercise really clearly that would work for uick drawings of the words I suggest each week For regular contributors it might be a way to vary what you are doing or break out of a rut One exercise is to draw a curved line from one of the paper to the other three times She then asks you to observe the shapes and take some further steps which she outlines in the bookWho Am I? Is the uestion that slammed into my head when I was partway through the Lifeline section This section has discussions of writing your autobiography in a way that she found she was able to handle This feeling blew me away and I'll have to consider a bitThere are lots of things to try in this book paper dolls using book covers to make a journal making glitter glue using white out as an art supply cutting rubber stamps using regular household items to make marks book making and many other exercises and techniues She also tells you how to make a traveling kit In the end of the book are sections with various resources such as uotes supplies and materials inspiration and techniues I am planning on putting this book on my wish list I completely failed in my resolution to limit the craft books I bought this year 2009 though I am determined to limit them next year maybe 1 each uarter that seems manageable? I did stop subscribing to craft magazines maybe trying to cut out craft books at the same time was too ambitious?Anyway this is a lovely book about art journaling with a heavy emphasis on watercolor paint which I found refreshing Lots of good technical watercolor info combined with journaling techniues Completely irritated by the constant repetition of the word spilling and spill Sabrina Ward Harrison coined the concept of spilling in her book Spilling Open and while she doesn't have a market on the word I thought the author could've found a new different word to describe her process And I didn't need to have the word repeated six thousand timesThis book's main value to my creativity is the watercolor emphasis This book is absolutely beautiful with the full color pages It is easy to use for visual learners who like to copy what they see and also has easily laid out step by step instructions for a bunch of different techniues and designs that you can choose from I learned so many new simple techniues such as ink blowing and layering Crayola crayon colors underneath Gesso and writing in to wet Gesso and that is just a few of the many techniues Highly recommend to any creative person looking for a fun journal art or scrapbooking hobby It is so much fun 35 stars Lots of great exercises though some could have used a bit clarification on directions I felt The actual art techniues were mostly nothing new to me as someone who has worked with mixed media for nearly two decades now I'll definitely be taking some notes before returning it to the library and may look into picking up used copy if I can get myself to start art journaling like I've been thinking about wanting to do for months now I learned some new techniues for art journaling and had some fun using some of them in my mixed media junk journal I absolutely love the idea of doing messy art journaling and am glad I read this book I was mainly looking for the attitude of anything goes when it comes to creating a page in my journalDiana Trout introduced me to Caran d'Ache Classic Neocolor Pastels what fun I'd never used them before but got a set to use on one of the projects she detailed in this art book These pastels are water soluble and after drawing with them a bit of water on a brush turns them into colorful watercolors I appreciate the inspiration to try something newNew to me art supplies and techniues they are the reasons I'm reading a different art book each month this year I read Journal Spilling for my April 2019 adventure in artistry I actually read the book a while ago like two or three years ago and will have to refresh my memory But it is filled with good techniues to get you going in an art journal It’s not what I call a gripping read like a novel and you probably won’t read it straight through like it is But there is good stuff in here Check it out see how it works for you For a creative break in reading this how to art book delivers well many basic tips on tackling the blank pages of the art journal and jump starting creativity for fun and personal expression This was interesting to read through and I will see how it goes trying out some of the prompts If the prompts I try work out the rating may go up I find that with many art tutorial books I find use out of it once I try things in them I like the author and follow her on youtube so I thought it would be nice to read her book

Journal Spilling: Mixed-Media Techniques for Free
  • Paperback
  • 127 pages
  • Journal Spilling: Mixed-Media Techniques for Free Expression
  • Diana Trout
  • English
  • 07 April 2016
  • 9781600613197