The House Of Cobwebs

The House Of Cobwebs[Reading] ➻ The House Of Cobwebs Author George Gissing – This scarce antiuarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original Due to its age it may contain imperfections such as marks notations marginalia and flawed pages Because we believe this work is cultu This scarce antiuarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original Due to its age The House MOBI :¼ it may contain imperfections such as marks notations marginalia and flawed pages Because we believe this work is culturally important we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting preserving and promoting the world's literature in affordable high uality modern editions that are true to the original work. Gissing's Short StoriesIn tbe midst of a troubled and short life George Gissing 1857 1903 wrote prolifically about late Victorian England His novels and stories have the charcoal gray realistic character of a writer who was trying to portray what he saw Gissing's themes include portraying the unclassed alienated intellectual or writer a theme with autobiographical significance the life of the poor and lower middle classes in London the effects of class structure upon human relations the impact of materialism and commercialism on English life and relations between men and women He pursued these themes not only in his novels but in his short stories as wellThere are two published compilations of Gissing short stories Human Odds and Ends and The House of Cobwebs together with various uncollected tales The House of Cobwebs was posthumously published in 1906 and is probably the stronger of the two collections For many years the story collections were difficult of access Fortunately with the coming of digitalization virtually all of Gissing's writings are accessible They will reward reading At certain times of my life in certain sad moods I have turned to Gissing; and he has spoken to me as few other writersThe House of Cobwebs consists of fifteen stories including the title story The value of these stories consists in their characterizations and in their situations Each story generally focuses on a single main character and develops the background and circumstances necessary to understand the person After setting out the characters and their dilemmas the stories freuently resolve in a way that seems anticlimactic While the reader may be led to expect a dramatic resolution Gissing's stories sometimes just come to a halt The stories are well written thoughtful and realistic if undramatic In The House of Cobwebs Gissing for the most part explores his pessimistic themes But unlike most of his works including the stories in the Human Odds and Ends volume the characters in these stories are better off at the end materially or emotionally than they were at the beginningThe title story is set in a deteriorating London rooming house which its proprietor Spicer has inherited and is about to lose because he only holds a lease for a term of years He takes a lodgerGoldthorpe a poor young aspiring novelist based in part on Gissing himself who is willing to accept shabby rooms in order to complete his first novel in peace The two men gradually become friends with the landlord proud to share his uarters with a literary man Goldthorpe finally gets his novel published to Spicer's great delight The story ends with Spicer feeling a a sense of hope in his life even after a serious accident and the impending loss of his propertyOther good stories in the collection include The Capitalist and Christopherson both of which involve struggling writers or bibliophiles and the effects of their strong passion for books on those around them The story Humplebee is one of Gissing's best It tells of a poor young lad at school on a scholarship who saves a wealthy fellow student from drowning The student's father tries to reward Humplebee by offering him a place in his firm a job for which Humplebee has neither interest nor aptitude After several twists and turns and near disasters the story comes out well for poor HumplebeeIn Miss Rodney's Leisure Gissing turns to the world of landladies and poor rooming houses and tells the story of how a strong willed young woman makes a satisfactory life in shabby uarters and helps her landlady and her family as well The story Topham's Chance tells of a young educated man who has hired himself out to a uestionable character to prepare people for examinations of diverse types Topham is able to seize an opportunity to achieve success and end his drudgery A darker story in the collection is A Lodger in Maze Pond in which the protagonist living in a rooming house ruins his life by proposing to marry the servant in the house just as he inherits a large fortune The story The Salt of the Earth is rare for Gissing as he describes the life of a man Thomas Bird who perseveres in kindness and goodwill to the people he meets in spite of his poorunrewarding life as a clerk The final story The Pig and Whistle is a bittersweet story of a romance in mid life between two lonely peopleThese stories will most interest readers who already know Gissing through New Grub Street The Odd Women or through his other novels The stories also will appeal to readers interested in late Victorian England and its similarities and differences from our own times The stories have a character however restrained all their ownRobin Friedman All a bit meh thisClearly doesn't like womenAlso uite the snob George Gissing's lengthy depressing novels about late 19C London such as THE NETHER WORLD THE ODD WOMEN BORN IN EXILE and NEW GRUB STREET are difficult to get through those titles convey his world view fairly well so I was surprised to find how readable and sometimes even humorous his short stories are Recommended to anyone interested in English literature of this period Read so far The house of cobwebs 3A capitalist Christopherson Humplebee The scrupulous father A poor gentleman Miss Rodney's leisure A charming family A daughter of the lodge The riding whip Fate and the apothecary Topham's chance A lodger in Maze pond The salt of the earth The pig and whistle A delightful set of short stories They are like slices of life exuisitely executed glimpses A couple were slightly unsatisfactory ending abruptly I was particularly happy that it ended with a lovely and satisfying story the Pig and Whistle These stories were gritty and interesting

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