It's Easy Being Green A Handbook for Earth Friendly Living

It's Easy Being Green A Handbook for Earth Friendly Living[PDF / Epub] ☉ It's Easy Being Green A Handbook for Earth Friendly Living By Crissy Trask – Surveys find that over 80 percent of Americans agree with the goals of the environmental movement Sadly most Americans admit to doing little than basic recycling when it comes to acting on that dispos Surveys find that over percent of Americans Being Green PDF/EPUB À agree with the goals of the environmental movement Sadly most Americans admit to doing little than basic recycling when it comes to acting on that disposition What is the reason for this great divide between environmental sentiment in this country and individual actions Author and environmental consultant Crissy Trask seeks to answer this uestion and solve the disparity with a new book that makes it easy to be an environmentalist no matter how busy or hectic your lifestyle This is a day to day guide with simple practical It's Easy Epub / suggestions that anyone can put into action likeInstall rain gutters and rain barrels to collect rainwater from your roof to use in the gardenShift appliance use to off peak hours Some utility companies offer off peak rates so you'll save money How to make effective household cleaners instead of relying on toxic commercial productsSubmerge a plastic bottle in your toilet tank to save one uart of water per flush and thousands of gallons a year This is what the busy person needs to start making changes today Get informative comprehensive and practical information for adopting greener buying habits and Easy Being Green MOBI ò identifying earth friendly products; shopping for green products online; participating in online activism; and learning from tips for cultivating a sustainable environment . I had a hard time trying to decide what to rate this book While it had a lot of good tips and ideas it also had a lot of outdated ideas ideas that just plain disturbed me and so many links to websites and really it seemed you could learn much just by using your computer and never touching this bookThis book claims that it is a handbook for Earth Friendly Living and it breaks itself into different parts to complete that mission First it exposes those Green Living Myths and says what the actual truth about living green is Like saying that green products are expensive and instead explaining why they are not expensive Next it talks about how the average person can make a difference regardless of how busy they are Part Three covers Eco Tips for living greener and includes check boxes so you can keep track of how you are doing These tips range from travel to cleaning to food Buying Green is next and it tells you what to look for and some common terms when looking at labels Green Shopping Online is a huge listing of websites dedicated to green products And getting involved has online listings so you can get involved with campaign writing and other initiatives Lastly there are Resources to help the Earth which again is a listing of online sitesMy main problem with this book is that it is mostly online listings of websites You could easily look up all this information without this book just by typing in what you're searching for So in buying this book you actually wasted a resource in that regard Next because websites close down change etc this book is ineffective even only six years later as not all of those sites are around any although some still are The next problem I had was with some of the tips There was actually a tip saying that you should use your microwave for cooking and reheating than your stove because it saves energy Ok in theory this is true but microwave cooking also breaks down the nutrients in your food which could cause you to be less healthy and use up resources later to improve your health as a result of not eating properly Then there was the tip on how to reuse film canisters Let's be honest who in the heck has seen a film canister lately?? And while there were uite a few tips most of them were appropriate for a beginner or just common sense Although I should say that I learned a few things from this book so it wasn't a total wasteMy main thought is that if you are going to call a book a handbook the information should be there for you to look at not listed in an online website for you to go look up later It should appropriately be called a guide And I do like that it encourages Green Living I just don't think that it's a lasting book or one that should be referenced now that it seems to have gotten outdated It did have an easy to read format and was broken down into logical parts The typing is small though and may be harder for older people or people with weak eyesight to readThere are better Green Living books out there to read or even websites really and while I can appreciate what this book was trying to do I can't recommend it for readingIt's Easy Being GreenCopyright 2006161 pagesReview by M Reynard 2012 More of my reviews can be found at wwwifithaswordsblogspotcom I found It's Easy Being Green to be horribly slapped together with nothing new to offer anyone who's been around since green became popular At least they recycled ideas? I don't know maybe a total noob to the green scene would find something to learn in here which I guess would redeem it a little bitThere are typos throughout this book never a good sign; they make me cranky even when I'm reading a GOOD book In this book they reinforced the feeling that someone threw together a bunch of obvious hints in order to make a uick buck I couldn't bring myself to do anything but page through this one a couple of times This book gives great tips and websites for anyone interested in trying to make a change on this planet Recommended for anyone willing to try and make the earth a cleaner sustainable planet Practical realistic tips if 4 stars didn't mean really liked it i'd go with that but it partially really turned me off so i just can't however it is a super user friendly guide to being greener also there's a good companion website wwwgreenmatterscomi'd like to give this book two separate ratings 5 stars for the comprehensive yet concise and well organized content and the book's physical form is nice it has a place in my go to drawer in the kitchenbut i'd give it 1 star for being preachy presumptuous condescending patronizing annoying etcand the title is totally a lie but if we're going to save the planet we've got to spread this lie and the one about it not being expensive too far and widems trask has done a good thing and i appreciate it so i feel bad for being harsh but moralistic Our obligation to at least try to pay our own way in life raise our children into healthy productive and ethical members of society and lighten our impact on the earth among other things is real attitudes and the government is always the onlybest solutionism really perturb me This book is really helpful Unlike a lot of the 'get green' books I looked into this one was not a list of products to buy or things that will cost you money One of my main beefs with the enviromentalist movement is that it has turned into another excuse to buy new stuff when in reality thats the heart of the problem Being greener is about consuming less and although this book does give some suggestion of better alternatives to products or simple inexpensive things to reduce your energy or water use it mostly gives some really helpful ideas on how to make easy changes beyond the obvious It has an easy format to remember exactly the ideas you want to put to use and rate the progress you've made on putting them into practice There are also some longer explanatory chapters that are motivating and informative and a resources chapter for changing what and where you buy everyday items like sheets and beauty items This slim volume is the Cliff Notes every lazy environmentalist or wanna be envirnmentalist needs to start taking better care of the planet without breaking a sweat So many people want to do things to improve the environment but knowing where to start and what to focus on is such a daunting task that it's easier just to fall into old patterns With short chapters and checklists to help you track your progress this book allows you to change your habits NOW without feeling guilty or overwhelmed I myself no longer waste as much water as I did before I started the book I also now carry my water and juice in a Sigg a reusable container instead of buying wasteful bottled water and juices and I waste far less paper at work And all that has been from reading the book for a half an hour And it's been completely painless; I don't even think about it any Which means I can move on to new challenges and then new challenges after that It's that easy Very similar in feel to Michael Pollan's Food Rules Includes a detailed checklist of activities and habits to alter to live a green lifestyle Much of it actually applied to my situation late 20's in an urban city working 30 hours a week Most books in this topic seem to be written for stay at home adults or people with huge acres of land to do a lot of homesteading This book actually provides useful tips for those of us who don't own a home and don't have all the free time in the world to make jars of jam My only complaint is the font is super tiny which made it hard to read as the book is also small in size Larger font would have been helpful as would have clearer separations between topics in the checklist Overall its a great resource for anyone curious about how to go green without too much extra effort Written for the American market this is very different from the other 'green' books I've read I liked the style of the book with the recycled pages but I wasn't a fan of the changing between dual columns during each chapter and the standard single column at the beginning of each It made it a bit 'difficult' to read I liked the checklist section where you can pick which actions you going to take and then mark each one as you work through and rate yourself once you have incorporated each point into your daily life I found this section very user friendly and well thought out and well targeted at those who feel overwhelmed about where to start However the rest of the text was a bit preachy and at times a bit condescending although overall a good and handy book This book has a lot of lists and things to do but the format makes it less interesting However it does have some very good comic and uotes to capture your attention I feel like I can get most of this information online so it is not very helpful for me Favorite uote People can turn things around by making small incremental efforts to green their lives today and then keep going You can accomplish meaningful preservation and conservation every day by learning how daily chores and decisions impact the environment and making simple adjustments that can make a difference Page 20

It's Easy Being Green A Handbook for Earth Friendly Living
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  • 168 pages
  • It's Easy Being Green A Handbook for Earth Friendly Living
  • Crissy Trask
  • English
  • 08 June 2015
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