The Mystery of the Trail of Terror (The Three Investigators, #39)

The Mystery of the Trail of Terror (The Three Investigators, #39)✵ [BOOKS] ⚦ The Mystery of the Trail of Terror (The Three Investigators, #39) By M.V. 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This one involves the FBI Wow the boys are going big time But not as much detecting on the part of the boys themselves which is a bummer for meThe descriptions of the touristy stuff they do as they drive across the country is pretty accurate And kinda fun for me to read since I've been there done that for most of it When I was teen I was reading the series translated in Greek but I didn't know that there where 42 books in the series With nostalgia I am trying to finish the seriesSo this not as mystery as the previous ones and I think the later ones aren't as a good as the first 12 books This book is about a trip from Rocky Beach California to NY with driver Pete eccentric grandfather which involves the FBI wowwww The kids accompany Pete's grandfather who brings an invention from the West Coast to the East Coast but very soon the whole car trip tourist sightseeing became a risky adventure withe fire and kidnaps For me the MV Carey installments of T3I can be something of a mixed bag On one hand they can show their age a bit than the other books as seen here in the descriptions of some very '80s women's clothing On the other hand I do really enjoy MV Carey's characterizations and that makes up for any of the now dated references Here the standout character outside of the main trio is Grandpa Peck He was great fun to read about both as an adventurous and kind grandfather and as a rather paranoid inventor Jupe Pete and Bob were great as usual and it was fun to see characterization from Pete's family as the boys' families don't get much developmentaside from Jupe's aunt and uncle I also enjoyed the road trip setting as a change of scenery from the usual Rocky Beach area The Mystery of the Trail of Terror may have its dated or silly moments but overall it is a fun departure from the usual Three Investigators story format 35 StarsNot a bad mystery but the later ones just don't seem as a good as the earlier volumes Part of that is probably just familiarity but also I think the steam was just slowly leaking out of the seriesThis one was pretty interesting as the boys take a car trip from California to New York making several stops in between It was a nice travelogue in a way as the various tourist spots and restaurants they visit along the way are named The main plot involves Pete's grandfather bringing an invention from the West Coast to the East Coast and the sneaks trying to steal the invention before he gets there Or are they? That's where the mystery comes in There's also a subplot with a biker gang that I thought could have been better explainedOverall not a bad read and the settings really made this one I enjoyed the fact that road trip the boys find themselves on covers uite a large bit of the country So there's some little local references that might be familiar to a much larger audience instead of Rocky Beach But the case itself is less interesting It was uite clear from the outset what was going on but the author's need to carry on through with the road trip necessitated lengthening the whole process Didn't like it too much an Hardy Boys' book than a T3I one for my taste A trip from Rocky Beach to NY with Pete eccentric grandfather that became a risky adventure uite soon Intriguing and with nice lines for the usual trio of investigators but the title suggested me than a mysterious neighbor and some leather jacked bikers along the road not as good as the rest of the series This is a generic review of the series rather than the individual books A small comment at the end of some reviews will be added The three investigators series was another along with the hardy boys that my father bought for me Aimed at an age range of around 12 rather than the hardy boys slightly older audience I enjoyed these at first before moving onto the hardy boys when I was older I first read these when I was around 9 and then like the hardy boys kept reading them when i was older The books are great fun Good mysteries with a set of good main characters They are aimed firmly at boys and that of course shows there age But there is still a lot to be enjoyed here The books started well and as other authors took over became a little varied in uality at times but on the whole they were good fun to read By modern standards they are very tame but retain a charm to this day And are still readable to this day too I actually been to Pismo Beach Rather disappointing actually The three investigators off on a peaceful car trip to New York not

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