The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific

The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial PacificThe Laugh Out Loud True Story Of A Harrowing And Hilarious Two Year Odyssey In The Distant South Pacific Island Nation Of Kiribati Possibly The Worst Place On Earth.At The Age Of Twenty Six, Maarten Troost Who Had Been Pushing The Snooze Button On The Alarm Clock Of Life By Racking Up Useless Graduate Degrees And Muddling Through A Series Of Temp Jobs Decided To Pack Up His Flip Flops And Move To Tarawa, A Remote South Pacific Island In The Republic Of Kiribati He Was Restless And Lacked Direction, And The Idea Of Dropping Everything And Moving To The Ends Of The Earth Was Irresistibly Romantic He Should Have Known Better The Sex Lives Of Cannibals Tells The Hilarious Story Of What Happens When Troost Discovers That Tarawa Is Not The Island Paradise He Dreamed Of Falling Into One Amusing Misadventure After Another, Troost Struggles Through Relentless, Stifling Heat, A Variety Of Deadly Bacteria, Polluted Seas, Toxic Fish All In A Country Where The Only Music To Be Heard For Miles Around Is La Macarena He And His Stalwart Girlfriend Sylvia Spend The Next Two Years Battling Incompetent Government Officials, Alarmingly Large Critters, Erratic Electricity, And A Paucity Of Food Options Including The Great Beer Crisis And Contending With A Bizarre Cast Of Local Characters, Including Half Dead Fred And The Self Proclaimed Poet Laureate Of Tarawa A British Drunkard Who S Never Written A Poem In His Life.With The Sex Lives Of Cannibals, Maarten Troost Has Delivered One Of The Most Original, Rip Roaringly Funny Travelogues In Years One That Will Leave You Thankful For Staples Of American Civilization Such As Coffee, Regular Showers, And Tabloid News, And That Will Provide The Ultimate Vicarious Adventure. This book is like a sandwich The first piece of dry bread is Troost smirkingly telling us that he is just too good, clever and unique to have to actually work and pay bills, like the rest of us In the final, dry chapter he tells us just how superior he feels to the idiots who over pay and over respect him for his newly acquired job that he knows nothing at all about He wants to return to the life of a house husband on a tropical island, supported by his wife while he floats in the blue waters of the lagoon and procrastinates about writing a book.Surprisingly, the filling of this sandwich is very tasty He relates the history of Kiribati and the day to day life of a foreigner willingly marooned on a tiny tropical island in an amusing and somewhat spicy, biting fashion Its very entertaining and with the concise history informative.Troost, though, fails to penetrate the surface of the island life He forever moans the golden age he presumes the island must have been in before he and his ilk brought the outside world, the developed world, to the South Pacific He presumes that the islanders are much degraded now in the poverty of their subsistence
There is no place on Earth where color has been rendered with such intense depth, from the first light of dawn illuminating a green coconut frond to the last ray of sunset, when the sky is reddened to biblical proportions And the bluehave you seen just how blue blue can get in the equatorial Pacific In comparison, Picasso s blue period seems decidedly ash gray That look on Angel Fernandez de Soto for some reason reminds me of MaartenWhen Maarten Troost s girlfriend Sylvia comes home and asks him if he wants to move to a remote Pacific island it took him about three seconds to take stock of his life, and realize this was the best offer he d ever had They pack, mostly the wrong things, and before you can say Robinson Crusoe find themselves on the island of Tarawa in the Republic of Kiribati Now there are few issues you may have with Troost First this title, though catchy and even giggle worthy, has nothing to do with the book We do not meet cannibals in this book nor do we learn about cannibals in this book, and even disappointing we don t g
Having lived in the exact same equatorial Pacific nation at the exact same time as the author, I feel an unprecedented connection to this book I loved it and was a little bit bothered by it at the same time Mostly I cracked up laughing the whole time, as if it was a book of inside jokes between the author and me, as he described the exact things that I experienced there everything from the toilet with a unique ocean view on the Martha to Kiribati bureacracy The part of me that loves Kiribati and the people there as a second home and family were a little bit embarrassed, in the I can make fun of my family, but no one else better kind of way, but overall I think the author whom I think I met one time at dinner at the Otintai Hotel one night showed appropriate respect Having lived there longer and being fluent in the language than the author, I also was in a position to notice a few errors and a few places where I think he doesn t realize that
That right there my friends is a dangerous title Why Because it s misleading Let me explainGo to Youtube, find a video with a hyperbolic title one that promises the BEST, MOST EXCITING, FUNNIEST of whatever the content is watch it and if it doesn t live up to the billing see what the viewers say about it in the comment section and check out the ratio of likes and dislikes A few samplings of that will clearly and quickly display why a misleading title is a bad idea.Sure, a title like The Sex Lives of Cannibals Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific has the eye catch ability to sell copies, but it will disappoint when the reader discovers there s no sex and no cannibals Hell, the author isn t even adrift He s on a bloody island J Maarten Troost may be a lying sack of shit , but he s also a funny guy And a good sense of humor is necessary when you find yourself put in a situation and place that does not meet your expectationsor anyone s expectations for that matter Nothing earth shattering happens in this light travel journal, which is another reason a writer with humor is important It s something to keep the readers eyes moving forward, and that s important becau
First of all, this is a very misleading title There were no sexytimes or people eating.If you ask people what they enjoy doing, what they love, what s necessary, many will list travel But what does that mean Flying somewhere with an itinerary to spend a few nights in a 5 star hotel with continental breakfast Living out of a backpack and wearing through your shoes It s such a blobby answer, travel There was a brief period where I had cable and in that brief period I watched maybe 2 episodes of Daria One was about some advertising woman who tried to be a teenager and have a finger on the pulse of that crowd She dressed in age inappropriate clothing and most of all, used slang that meant nothing Daria s dad would go pop eyed with rage at the inanity of her speech, Jiggy What does it mean In the movie Miss Congeniality, there s a very funny sequence about how to answer the judges when they ask you what you want most, or would give anything for Our heroine, undercover agent Sandra Bullock, is coached to say world peace and there s a montage of other contestants saying world peace She answers honestly, some
Burdened with student loans and crushing credit card debt, the author decides to run away from responsibility escape with his ladylove to Tarawa, a tiny South Pacific island in the Republic of Kiribati Troost s visions of a lush tropical paradise are soon swallowed by the harsh reality of beaches studded with feces human , and a diet consisting of boiled occasionally toxic fish And beer Thank God for the beer To picture Kiribati, imagine that the continental U.S were to conveniently disappear leaving only Balti and a vast swath of very blue ocean in its place Now chop up Balti into thirty three pieces, place a neighborhood where Maine used to be, another where California once was, and so on, until you have thirty three pieces of Balti dispersed in such a way as to ensure that 32 33 of Baltimorians will never attend an Orioles game again Now take away electricity, running water, toilets, television, restaurants, buildings, and airplanes except for two very old prop planes, tended by people who have no word for maintenance Replace with thatch Flatten all land into a uniform two feet above sea level Toy with islands b
To Mr.Troost,I learned that you are a liar and a disgraceful man, and my opinion about you lay on the beaches of Tarawa You wrote about my culture, my people and my island I dearly love so you can be famous and rich The title is a scheme and a trick to get people s attention so they can buy your book The book was given to me because I refused to buy it I was on the island in 1997 and I didn t remember the LaMacarena and the beer crisis You got a sick mind Temawa rest her soul was my best friend and cousin, and Faroug deported to Africa at FSP and what you said about them were not true.You make me sick I agree that you are not good with names two years wait before you wrote this book is a long time for your brain but disagreed that you tried to protect the people s identity You should be sued You are cruel and insensitive
I think it is important to separate the subject matter of a book from the book itself Kiribati Fascinating The Sex Lives of Cannibals Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific Not good The research was interesting The factoids were interesting But the author comes across as a complete tool I would have been far interested in hearing about his girlfriend s experience in the Republic of Kiribati, since she was actually working with people and doing things, unlike J Maarten It isn t a funny book, although I keep seeing reviews that say it is The situation the author and his girlfriend find themselves in is incredibly uncomfortable and rather unhygienic they are lucky to have survived it, quite honestly People shit where they eat, literally, in fact his girlfriend is being sent there in order to do sanitation education It is a greater sense of isolation than simply be
I have mixed feelings about The Sex Lives of Cannibals because I alternated between many opinions about this text as I was reading it It had been on my too read list for years, and now having read it I am not sure it deserved its spot.The first 50 pages or so of this book are irritating beyond belief because the author, J Maarten Troost, has a pedantic and pseudo intellectual vibe going that comes across as the writer being smarmy and cute It does not endear him to his reader, and that is a problem However, by chapter seven I was use to his voice and got over my distaste The Sex Lives of Cannibals is heavily labeled as a humorous book, and it is funny More of a smirk and occasional chuckle funny than laugh out loud funny, but Mr Troost is witty and he employs his wit and sarcasm to nice effect in this travelogue.I think some of the reviews have been unfair of Troost when they say he is unlikable Indeed he is at times, especially in the last 25 pages of the book, but his being likable is not a necessary condition for a good read Some readers have also complained that it was not as anthropological as they had hoped Mr Troost is not Tony Horwitz and other writers of that ilk, and to expect him to be is unfair.I enjoyed this book while reading it with the exception of the above qualms but I finished it a
Su didele humoro doze autorius apraso savo gyvenima vienoje is atkampiausiu salu, Tarawa Kiribatyje , Okeanijoje Su zmona kelerius metus praleide rojuje zemeje , be iprastu patogumu, neturint pakankamai vandens, kenciant nuo skurdaus maisto raciono it t t ir pan visgi uzsikrecia salietisku gyvenimo budu ir nebepritampa prie vakarietisko gyvenimoYra cia ir regiono tradiciju aprasymo, istorijosZodziu, visai sauni knyga, rekomenduoju.Btw, knygoje neuzsimenama apie seksa ir zmogedrasVa toks tas auto