Murder for Hire: My Life As the Country's Most Successful Undercover Agent

Murder for Hire: My Life As the Country's Most Successful Undercover Agent[Download] ➸ Murder for Hire: My Life As the Country's Most Successful Undercover Agent Author Jack Ballentine – Jack Ballentine became a Phoenix police officer in 1978 and uickly rose to the top as one of the world's most successful undercover operatives His specialty posing as an undercover hit man None of the Jack Ballentine became a Phoenix police officer in Hire: My PDF/EPUB ¾ and uickly rose to the top as one of the world's most successful undercover operatives His specialty posing as an undercover hit man None of the people who hired him had any inkling that he was actually a cop and his work led to a perfect rate of twenty four convictions out of twenty four indictments on Murder for ePUB ✓ murder conspiracy charges Murder for Hire is Ballentine's story He worked with criminals of all sorts from vengeful spouses and partners to the criminally insane all who had one thing in common the desire to have someone killed Ballentine could change his character at the drop of a hat often imitating characters and bad guys from television and movies In assuming an alternate identity and developing a for Hire: My ePUB ↠ reputation among the Phoenix underground bikers strippers junkies and thugs he developed an intricate network of sources who fed him work and kept him extremely busy All the while the author strove for the semblance of a normal life and balanced his rough and tumble career with a new wife and stepson His story is a uniue look at how law enforcement delves into the heart of for Hire: My Life As PDF/EPUB ² the criminal world. Hard to believe there are so many people in Arizona that want to kill each other This book was very interesting in the beginning but then each story started to sound pretty much the same I enjoyed the parts about his personal life and finding the love of his life better than the stories about the criminals There are a lot of typos in this book which I found distracting True story of a Phoenix cop who goes undercover as a hit man Not as good as the book I read about the undercover officer who joined Hell's Angels but not too bad This story mixed personal life and business eually not as much of the crime fighting side of things as I would have liked It was of a biography than anything else Not bad Couldn't finish it The writing was so pompous and juvenile that I wondered if the book was even edited if so it was not done so effectively I'm disappointed because the premise sounded so intriguing and had great potential Unfortunately I found myself so terribly bored and annoyed that I simply refused to waste any time on it Ok not great Would have liked detail about the cases in the book and a better ghost writer would have helped Fascinating autobiography about an undercover police officer who posed as hit man for 15 years while being married and raising children Really amazing 375 starsJack Ballentine always wanted a career where he could help people so it seemed like a natural progression when he joined the Phoenix Police Force in 1978 As he moved through the ranks he was soon deep uncover as a murderer for hireThrough a variety of sources ‘Jake’ would be contacted by those seeking a hit man; but little did they realise they were dealing with an undercover cop Although Jake would give them multiple opportunities to walk away; those that didn’t saw themselves tried and usually found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder; a sentence that comes with a minimum twenty five years in prisonMurder for Hire is John’s memoir of his time undercover and his struggles to live one life as an underworld character juxtaposed with being a man of principals a police office a husband and a fatherMurder for Hire is not your usual memoir of stories of a law enforcement official There are certainly plenty of those but it’s eually mixed with the psychological pressures of living two lives and how they can be reconciled so that the lines between illegal and legal never blur This is the first time I’ve seen a memoir that delves into this side of things so deeply and it made for very interesting readingBallentine is very honest in his writing and holds nothing back He freely admits the pressure that being an undercover agent that had to look like a criminal; staying on the right side of the law whilst staying in character death threats and avoiding his cover being blown; took on his mental health his marriage and his life generally I appreciated Ballentine’s honesty and it certainty added to my interest of the plot I picked up this little gem at a Rotary book swap meet so I’m not sure how easy it is to locate brand new However if you get a chance to read it then I recommend you do To play along with my book bingo and to see what else I’m reading go to #ktbookbingo and ktelder on Instagram A uick read The stories were interesting enough even if they got a little repetitive The book could have made good use of an excellent editor because the author repeated himself so much that it became distracting It was easy to tell that he is not a professional writer Fun read overall Some typos in it Some moments seemed a bit unbelievable Murder for Hire by Jack Ballentine tells the story of his life as the most successful undercover agent of the nation The book is set in the state of Arizona the home of Tombstone where reenactments of shooting scenarios happen every day to attract tourists As an undercover cop his job is to capture people who desperately want to a commit murder but don’t want to get caught so instead decide to hire hitman to do the job for them by dressing up as all kinds of different characters Additionally the author also includes his internal struggles to stay unharmed and sane and to have a normal social life with his intimidating appearance due to his job This piece of non fiction basically reveals all the dark secrets and danger of the undercover world The most memorable moment in the book is when Deborah a manipulative woman who loves to manipulate everyone around her hires Ballentine to get rid of her husband forever after her failing attempt to kill her husband Believing that Ballentine is really a hitman Deborah tells him how she wants her husband who loves her dearly but was wrongly accused of molesting their three kids by Deborah herself killed While talking Deborah openly flirts with Ballentine and tries to get him into her leash Ballentine continues to play along with Deborah until the evidence he needed is found Deborah is caught and charged with conspiracy for murder As for the husband his reputation and life are ruined due to his wife’s horrible accusation of being a child molester Ultimately the story of the most successful undercover agent Ballentine is a story of someone wanting to do good deeds to the world catching lunatics who have the intention to kill and dedicating himself to his career It all adds up to a tale of morality a set of principles which prevents Ballentine from crossing the line doing things he will regret for the rest of his life Murder For Hire tells that story very well revealing the difficulty and the primary purpose of an undercover agent I would recommend the book to those who enjoy simply straight to the point type of books Ballentine keeps everything short and simple so understanding the point he makes won't be difficult The different stories about people that pay him to murder are memorable and disturbing Some may be disturbing than others There are also pictures of those clients which is really fascinating because they are pictures of the cowards that wanted to commit murder but afraid of getting caught Seeing how the undercover world really works is uite interesting as well because you get to see how he gets his information from informants like drug dealers and gang leaders Like most people I picked up a few things after reading a non fictional work like Murder For Hire The one thing I learned that had taken me by surprise is the psychological and sociological impact being an undercover agent had on Ballentine Because part of his job consists of disguising as a scary biker or a bitter Vietnam veteran he has to put up a fight internally every day while working as an undercover agent because if not careful he can easily get lost in character and loses sight of his moralities principles and identity Unlike how movies and TV shows depict undercover cops being undercover reuires a great mentality and responsibility Not only does Ballentine must focus on his target he also has to make sure his family is safe and alive since the people he deals with in most of his cases are crazy lunatics who will definitely find ways harm his wife and kids Knowing everything in the book is real I feel so disturbed as I continue to read Murder for Hire The fact that people enjoy the thought of murder and how content they are about it is unbelievable I also feel sorry for the people that were supposed to be killed because they couldn’t believe and some refused to believe that the ones who they thought were their loved ones wanted to get rid of them permanently It’s actually uite sad Fascinating glimpse into an intriguing and terrifying world from which I have been completely sheltered Mr Ballentine aptly describes his fifteen years as an undercover cop specializing in conspiracy to commit murder I appreciate his commitment to never crossing the line and staying grounded by keeping his family constantly in focus There are some very very evil people out there and I'm very grateful people like Mr Ballentine are willing to sacrifice so much to keep others safeMr Ballentine wove interesting insights regarding his work and his own psychological state into his narratives For example you can't get close to a criminal with saints explaining his use of informants including their different motivations and how he managed them Also his rule of If not me someone else setting a commitment threshold to give those looking for a hit man every chance to change their minds and walk away until he was convinced that if they didn't hire him they would go looking for another hit man And the rooster fight Fifteen years is a very long time to be playing despicable characters day in and day out and plenty long enough for those characters to bleed over into who you really are or at least for the emotional stress to manifest itself I'm sure there were many stories than the ones in the book that he couldn't share the book is fairly short for chronicling 15 years of undercover work While there was uite a bit of language which I'm sure is very accurate to his circumstances and characters I'm sure there were much worse stories he could have told as well The tone of the book was very matter of fact and straightforward and didn't give the impression of being sensationalized for effect at all and I appreciate his restraintFor book reviews visit my blog Build Enough Bookshelves