Shotgun Bride

Shotgun BrideOne Special Lady Will Help This Cowboy Lawman Win His Father S Ranch And Steal His Heart In The Bargain Kade McKettrick S Got Five Mail Order Brides To Be Camped Out At The Local Hotel, All Than Eager To Provide Him With The Heir That Will Win Him The Triple M Ranch But Kade, The Newly Appointed Marshal, Has His Hands Full With A Troublesome Outlaw Gang Why, Then, Is He So Easily Distracted By Pretty Sister Mandy Who Most Assuredly Is Not The Nun She Claims To Be On The Run From Her Outlaw Stepfather, Mandy Sperrin Hides Beneath Her Solemn Disguise, And Vows To Keep Her Wild, Passionate Nature From The Respectable Citizens Of Indian Rock Yet When The Handsome Marshal Makes It Clear That He Wants Her, Mandy Gives In To Her Heated Desires Despite The Secrets That May Lure Them Both Perilously Close To Danger, Kade Knows That Proposing Marriage May Be The Only Way To Keep This Spirited Woman By His Side But Are Her Ties To A Shadowed Past Threatening And Closer Than Kade Knows His Strong, Sensual Embrace May Charm Mandy S Wild Heart But Will She Surrender To A Lifetime Of His Deep And Powerful Love While I do love this family, I did not care for this book all that much It was necessary to read because of all the side stories going on, and to set up the next book Jeb s book But I was so disappointed in Kade s story I felt like he deserved better than Mandy a
Love this book series Historical romance done right Stubborn, hot alpha cowboys with heart meet their match in sassy heroines with a backbone In Shotgun Bride, Kade McKettrick matches wits with Sister MandySister Yeah, right lol Dynamic characters, snarky humor, romance, and great writi
I have to reiterate what I said about the first book of the McKettrick s series Kade could have been one hell of a hero but the book fell short Mandy was ok, very high strung and spunky once the habit came off I guess maybe I just like steam and romance in my stories
4 1 2 stars This second installment in the stories of the four McKettrick brothers and their brides delivered plenty of action and suspense along with the romance between temporary town Marshal Kade and Mandy, the woman on the run from outlaws who is posing as a nun There is a lot going on with a variety of bad guys, stolen money that puts the McKettrick ranch at risk, numerous murders, loved ones who are dying, and someone trying to start a range war Through all this, Kade and Mandy slowly build a relationship based first on attraction, then passion, and then love, all the while painstakingly learning to trust each other While this is definitely a historical romance, there are all kinds of relationship stories being told The brothers learning to fully appreciate each other and becoming true friends as they mature out of some of their sibling rivalry some they have a ways to go There is also a theme of losing loved ones both in the past and in the present This is a subject that Miller frequently writes and here she does so with her usual skill, adding poignancy and a her brand of quiet spirituality to the at times brawling action going on.Mandy is as spirited and strong minded as her sister in law, Emmeline but comes from a much rougher background Raised by a mother who had men but not husbands and who couldn t
I would read this book again It is fun and engaging Kade is a man needing to get married and have a child before his brothers, to win the ranch He is determined and has sent away for mail order brides Yet when he gets home from finding his little brother he runs into Mandy Mandy is hideing out from her step father by posing as a nun Kade sees right through her diguise and is drawn to her While trying to figure out what is going on after a settler s home is burned, the town sherrif has a heart attack and Kade must take over the job Between the brides, Mandy, sherriffing,
Western romance is currently my favorite genre and Linda Lael Miller is hailed as one of the best, however I struggle to get into her books I finished this one with a huge amount of skimming The story is crammed with characters and plot and there really isn t much romance Most of the time there is so much going on that I found it impossible to relate to each person and subplot The hero and heroine never seem to connect emotionally In the first third of the book they don t have much to do with each other, and even after they decide to marry, they seem to spend time fighting each other than falling in love.I found neither the hero or the heroine particularly likeable The hero starts interesting enough, a man who is in competition with his brothers their father has degreed that the first to marry and produce a grandchild will inherit the family properties ranch, investments, mines.The hero returns into town after a long trip to find six mail order brides waiting for him The details of how these women arrived is never made clear, but the hero did send for them, paying
This book made me laugh Kade and his 5 mail order brides plus his new feelings for Sister Mandy made this book fun Loved it A bit of a disappointment I thought this would be my favorite McKettrick story Kade was supposed to be bookish and wise, kind of the strong beta hero I like so much But Kade thought and acted just like his hot headed self centered
It s hit or miss with Linda Lael Miller sometimes While I liked the idea of the plot of this novel, unfortunately, it just wasn t carried out well nor were its characters compelling.Kade McKettrick, after returning with his lost brother to his home town and family ranch, finds a surprise waiting for him in the form of 6 mail order brides They all have their qualities for sure, but his attention is drawn to Sister Mandy, a woman he s sure isn t a nun But she has secrets of her own and seems to be tied in the crimes that have been happening around the area, the lead of which is a giant robbery and murder Could Mandy know than she claims The characters weren t the greatest in this book The side characters were ok, but I wasn t impressed with the rest of them All of their motivations weren t very believable and Mandy especially had some strange goings on She tried too hard to be independent or a rebel Her brother Cree was also very unbelievable and had too much of a mood switch and motivation change Kade McKettrick was kind of a jerk and as the main male lead, I didn t really enjoy reading about him.The plot had promise and was filled with plenty of excitement,
In this second book of the series, we find Kade McKettrick attempting to follow in his brother s footsteps and has requested a few mail order brides He has also become suspicious of the Sister Amanda Rose, the nun working at the Arizona Hotel Something tells him that she may not be a member of the religious order.I finally get that the McKettrick men are all pretty stubborn and pigheaded but their hearts seem to be in the right place Kade is the learned of the family, which makes him a bit thoughtful and measured in his actions, which he needed with someone like Mandy She s a real spitfire and they had an immediate connection Unlike Rafe, Kade was willing to move forward with expressing his feelings and I liked him a lot There was also quite a bit of action in this story with outside forces trying to leverage the tension between Holt and the McKettrick brothers