Fear the Worst

Fear the WorstTim Blake Is An Average Guy He Sells Cars He Has An Ex Wife Who S Moved In With Another Man It S Not A Life Without Hassles, But Nothing Will Prepare Him For When His Daughter, Sydney, Vanishes Into Thin Air.At The Hotel Where She Supposedly Worked, No One Has Ever Heard Of Her Even Her Closest Friends Seem To Be At A Loss As He Retraces Sydney S Steps, Tim Discovers That The Suburban Connecticut Town He Always Thought Of As Idyllic Is Anything But What He Doesn T Know Is That His Every Move Is Being Watched There Are Others Who Want To Find Sydney As Much As Tim Does And The Closer Tim Comes To The Truth, The Closer He Comes To Every Parent S Worst Nightmare And The Kind Of Evil Only A Parent S Love Has A Chance In Hell Of Stopping. Timothy Blake got up that morning and in due course proceeded to make scrambled eggs for his seventeen year old daughter Sydney, who was spending the summer with him Sydney was growing up fast and pushing hard for her independance Last year she was content with the part time job Tim had secured for her at his car dealership but this year she had secured her own employment at a local Inn Tim wanted to support his daughter and her struggle to make her own way but could not help but be concerned when he overheard a phone conversation with her friend Patty that suggested that she was being paid under the table at the Just Inn Time And now here she was at the breakfast table sporting what looked like brand new Versace sunglasses on her head Of course Tim could not leave it alone.Still it was not like Syd to be late getting home from work without calling to say she would be The longer Tim waited the anxious he became until now standing at the reception desk of the Just Inn Time he can scarce believe his ears when the manager repeats that she not only does not know a Sydney Blake but that she certainly never employed her.Sydney does not return home that night Or on the day after that or the following one either Suppose something like that happened in your family.Welcome to the world of Linwood Barclay where extraordinary things happen to ordinary people This is one of Barclay s earlier books and rum
Spending time with his seventeen year old daughter, Sydney over Summer was something Tim Blake always looked forward to Sydney usually worked with Tim at the car dealership, but this Summer she got a job at the Just In Time Hotel On the night Sydney disappears without a trace, Tim immediately heads over her place of work as this should ve been the last place someone should ve seen her But Tim is confused when he s told no one by that name works there How could that be possible Tim is convinced there must be an explanation and this is merely a mix up, but there is no record of his daughter ever having worked there and it seems none of the staff have heard of her.Frantically Tim tries to work out what s going on, but he doesn t know where to begin He contacts her friends and they admit that Sydney had been acting odd lately, only they didn t know why and they
3.5 starsTim Blake, a divorced car salesman in Milford, Connecticut, has his 17 year old daughter Sydney living with him for the summer Sydney has a summer job at a cheap local motel called Just Inn Time One morning Sydney goes off to work and doesn t come home When Tim goes to Just Inn Time looking for his daughter he s told Sydney never worked there and no one there has ever seen her Confused and worried Tim reports his daughter missing and begins an obsessive search for her When she s not living with her dad Sydney lives nearby with her mother Susanne Susanne has recently moved them both in with her boyfriend Bob, the owner of a car dealership When Tim learns that Bob s 19 year old son Evan recently came to live with them Tim becomes infuriated, convinced this is a recipe for trouble Evan claims to know nothing about Sydney s disapperance but Tim doesn t believe him Meanwhile, Sydney s friends offer their assistance Her ex boyfriend Jeff Bluestein sets up a website to help search for Sydney and her girlfriend Patty Swain offers moral support and fast food while Tim continues his search It soon
I had a great time reading this fast paced thriller set at a car dealership with my two fabulous book buddies Betsy and Sheila This is a really fun choice for a buddy read, especially if you break it up the way Betsy did and end on a cliffhanger every time, lol I liked this one even that my last Barclay The Accident , and I th
I won a copy of this book from good reads giveaways This was the first book I d read by Linwood Barclay, and I enjoyed the story Great summer reading Tim Blake is a divorced Connecticut car salesman His teenage daughter Sydney is staying with him for the summer One night she doesn t come home from work Tim goes looking for her at the inn where she s been working, and is told she never worked there He tries to go on with his normal life while looking for Sydney, and eventually devotes all of his time to the search In his desperation he gets sucked into some cons and false leads, and finds himself tangled up with some bad actors He is introduced to another world he knew nothing about, involving an underground economy The book is a thriller, but one of the best things about it is the humor There were some things that made me laugh so hard I had
A decent thriller based on an aging themeQuite a few mystery thrillers have been written based on the disappearance of a person, seemingly without trace, only to have those amongst whom they were thought to live and work deny their very existence The first of these, to my knowledge, was So Long at the Fair by Anthony Thorne, first published in 1947 That one was about a man who disappeared in Paris just before the Paris Exhibition in 1879 Her sister tries to track him down It later became a film 1950 , which starred Jean Simmons and Dirk Borgarde Fear the Worst is about a girl called Sydney who disappears from her work place, a local motel Her father, Tim, tries to find her, but is hampered by police who believe that he has either abducted or killed her, and by some very violent people.It is fast paced and action packed from beginning to end As such, it is a good read However, I was frustrated by Tim s stupidity and naivety Without those
When Tim Blake s daughter Sydney goes missing he soon discovers that maybe he didn t know her as well as he thought Why would she disappear without a trace and why does nobody at the hotel she works at know anything about her Pretty soon it becomes apparent that he is not the only one trying to find Sydney but who are these people who it seems are prepared to s
The premise of this book is an interesting one what would you do if, as a loving parent, your teenage daughter disappeared one day And, added to that, what if you went to her workplace and they told you she d never worked there, and they had no idea who she was The beginning of the novel, when a father is in just this situation, is really quite good Unfortunately, it quickly becomes overburdened with a growing cast of characters and dozens of convoluted occurences, and the end result was a thriller with which I just could not get engaged I actually found myself caring about the intricacies of selling cars the father is a car salesman that I was about the ultimate fate of the characters.Even if the reader makes it through this novel and enjoys it most of the way, I doubt many will be particularly satisifed with the ending, which is very abrupt and leaves m
Fear the Worst was a decent read for the first 2 3 of the book, not spectacular, just decent Decent ended for me at the end of chapter 35, page 309 of the hardcover edition I was reading I can t elaborate for fear of giving a significant spoiler My suspension of disbelief was all used up at that point This particular coincidence was over the top and absolutely unbelievable After page 309, the whole story became ridiculous, predictable, and less than mediocre.Fear the Worst was a disappointment What could have been a nail biter became a comedy It felt as though Mr Barclay s heart wasn t in it Maybe he was trying to meet a quota, late for an appointment, something like that The coincidences and predictability in the last 1 3 of this novel are things I would associate with laziness Perhaps a bit of writer s block..This was my first Linwood Barclay read I ll read another Maybe this was an anomaly.My usual advisory This work included coarse language, violence, sexual violence, and
4 Stars Not as good as Trust Your Eyes where the problem starts slowly and builds In Fear the Worst, Barclay s thriller gets off to the races very quickly Tim Blake is having his usual problems they seem to follow him around He s a car salesman who s just barely making it, yet he has one redeeming characteristic, his love for his 17 year old daughter Sydney Separated, Tim has custody of her for the summer She disappears one day she doesn t come home from her receptionist job at a second rate hotel in town Tim worries that a tiff at breakfast over something he asked about has made her run off He soon starts searching and finds that her job may be fictitious, that his former wife s new relationship may be part of the problem, and that he can t get any help from the police Indeed he quickly climbs to suspect 1 Bo

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  • 15 August 2018
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