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Many thanks to Jenny for telling me about this lovely novel by Swedish born novelist Linda Olsson Veronica is a young writer who came to New Zealand rented a small house in a small village in Sweden She was hoping to reconcile a recent tragedy while finishing her latest novel She had dreams of the beach and sea every night but most mornings only a fragment remainedyet the feelings lingered all day It struck her that her own memories seemed clear in this new unrelated environment Veronica would sit at her computer for hours each day in touch with the past which she thought was going to be easy to write but that wasn’t so The book she set out to write became increasingly elusive In the meantime Veronica becomes friends with her neighbor Astrid who was in her 80’s Astrid a reclusive woman who has lived in this village her entire life was living with a painful secret from her past A beautiful friendship develops over meals wine music walks strawberry’s mushroom picking in autumn and talkssharing sensitive stories with one anothercomforting each other’s uiet suffering Early in their friendship Veronica gave Astrid one of her previous novels She says“It feels like such a long time ago since I wrote it Perhaps it is a little like having a child You are there to protect it and look after it you suffer with it and rejoice with it But in the end you have to let it live it’s own life Step back and let it free And hope that it will fare well” Astrid responded by saying “yes we must let go of even the most precious things”I had remembered those uotes for their own merits even thinking of a few authors I’ve interacted with who could take a lessonlolbut as I read the rest of this book those uotes took on a specific powerful meaning Veronica and Astrid have a beautiful companionship Their age difference adds a rich uality The village where they live with the seasons changing gives us a uiet reflective novel The writing creates an melancholic aura which becomes peaceful readingthe seasons are great supporting characters in their own ritefrom candles glowing on the snow in winter duckings in the summer darkness in the houses at night sipping teas the rivers birch cherry and apple trees flowerbeds along the fence daffodils among the weeds the warmth of the kitchen smells from cooking etc A small novel 246 pages A sensitive powerful woman’s friendshipbeautifully written 45 I loved this book I'm surprised that it hasn't gotten attention Sometimes the right book just shows up at the right time and maybe that is why I liked this so much It made me want to see New Zealand and Sweden This is a book about friendship heartbreak healing it was sad in partsThis is a uiet book and slow moving it may not be for everyone The writing is absolutely beautiful though Linda Olsson paints a picture with her words I plan to read her other booksThe birch trees went from sheer pale purple through shy green to full summer exuberance in a few days and the delicate bluebells covered the meadows with a uivering brush of purple The bird cherry trees blossomed and filled the air with perfume over a few intense days then the petals fell like snowfor the day is youand the light is youthe sun is youand the beautiful beautifulawaiting life is youThis is from a poem by Karin Boye This is a beautifully written book about memory and facing the difficult memories in order to feel and live again Olsson has a very descriptive style and I love the way she writes about the changing sky especially Water and its various incarnations is a powerful metaphor for herFavorite passages when I listen to my own words I realise that they tell a different story from the one I have carried all these years I think that if we can find the words and if we can find someone to tell them to then perhaps we can see things differently And this one because it reminds me of New Orleans where many times it feels as if we don't have four seasons and for those times when it's hot in the winter and I forget what season it is it was as if summer and winter were intertwined there was summer in the midst of winter winter in the midst of summer And there was no autumn no spring no time for anticipation no time for remembrance Only the presentA uibble I have with the book is its repetitiveness I also balked a bit at the coincidence of these two women with their tragic stories meeting and connecting as and when they did But the latter uibble is minor as I'm willing to suspend my disbelief over things like that in good fiction sweetbeautifuldeep uietthoughtful What's the Swedish for blech? I was really looking forward to this book a New ZealandScandanavian hybrid the story of two women a picture of food on the cover what else could you ask for? How about good writing? An ear for dialogue? A decent editor? This novel emerged from a First Novel writing workshop and I'm sorry it was allowed to enter the world instead of being mercifully smothered in a drawer Well worn plots sensitive woman who has endured a Great Tragedy runs away and encounters a mysterious crabby woman with a Great Tragedy in her own past and together they Heal Each Other all together now Bleeccch and hideous clunky dialogue an earnest try that will have you cringing and possibly throwing it across the room It was lovely To uote a review I readblech There are so many things I didn't like about this bookthe writing wasn't that good The plot was is overdone and this was certainly not a fresh angle on it And the drama was overblown I didn't feel for either of the charactersI thought they were both idiots in their special ways First Astrid And this is a spoilerno mother repeat NO MOTHER would kill their child out of hatred for their husband Period I can't even grasp why someone would conceive of this plot and think readers are going to feel for the character I don't feel sorry for her one bit And Veronika please I can't stand these characters that their lives are over when they lose a man And who are these 24 year olds that can just move to the country to attempt to write a book for 6 months She barely knew the man and yes it's sad he died but again I didn't really feel it My mother in law recommended this to me An exuisite commentary on the value of friendship between women and what an old woman and a young one can learn from one another Poignant and heartwarming the novel sets you into a uiet mood experiencing saudade in the middle of a heavy rainfall The book opens with a cold winter welcome it feels slow at first but as you go along the story you are slowly opening up to the slow talks to the longer sunshine to the serense streams of the river bend to the peaceful poems and prose and to the sharings of the two women of different generations but having the same broken past and dark secrets I learned about their stories of loss of longing and of love Some are of melancholic tone but most of them cuts deep you cannot help but shed a tear And oh TEARS What I learned about is how the old woman named Astrid told Veronika this Love comes to us with no forewarning and once given to us it can never be taken away This is for us to remember that love is a gift and may it come in such a uiet fashion it will remain in our hearts forever I had forgotten I read this book until I saw it displayed in Borders A good friend recommended it at a time I needed a good friend It deals with the friendship between two characters one young one old from very different worldsa New ZealandScandanavian hybrid Conversations develop with each otherthus their respective pasts are revealed Both share their hardship in life Even with such sadness as a background I found this such a beautiful gentle read well written and believable Those of us who have fallen into unknown relationships at life's most unexpected time will realate to this story

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