Invisible Monsters

Invisible Monsters❮Download❯ ✤ Invisible Monsters Author Chuck Palahniuk – Shannon parece tenerlo todo en la vida belleza fama un novio una gran amiga pero cuando un «accidente» la deja completamente desfigurada e incapaz de hablar pasa de ser un hermoso centro de atracci Shannon parece tenerlo todo en la vida belleza fama un novio una gran amiga pero cuando un «accidente» la deja completamente desfigurada e incapaz de hablar pasa de ser un hermoso centro de atracción a convertirse en un monstruo invisible tan horrible ue nadie parece percatarse de su existencia Nadie salvo Brandy Alexander un transexual a uien conoce en el hospital y ue le ofrece la oportunidad de encontrar su nuevo destino a partir de olvidar su pasado y construirse infinitos y simultáneos presentes Así tras secuestrar a Manus su actual ex novio partirán en una carrera desenfrenada ue solo puede conducirlos hacia su aniuilación. uite possibly the most fucked up piece of literature I’ve ever read this novel is a brilliantly executed train wreck from beginning to end It made me want to blow my own jaw offbut in a good way Check the shelf I put this on Now you're ready This book is insane There's something on practically every page that makes you say What the %#? You'll keep reading anyway though and you'll love it The book's like a really hard core Swedish massage It hurts SOOOOO good The story is essentially about beauty who values it what it means how it can be good and how it can be a horror Not only do the characters suffer FOR beauty they suffer BECAUSE of beauty and that's a powerful comment on current American society Palahniuk shows off masterful writing all the way through allowing the reader to both like and dislike agree and disagree with all of the characters He lays pathos out before his readers and expects us to have the capacity and intelligence to simultaneously exalt and suffer and that's powerful stuff If you don't have a firm grip on your sanity a good sense of humor and an expansive sense of the ridiculousness that is humanity don't bother with this book I have a theory about Chuck Palahniuk booksIf somebody is starting to read Chuck Palahniuk for the first timethe first book they read of his will always be their favorite I have found that to be the case with many people I really enjoyed Invisible Monsters and it was the first Chuck Palahniuk book I read It was such a new approach to writing that I had never seen before and I found myself really engrossed and moved by the now usual Palahniuk twisty ending It was such a shocking book to me that I loved every page of it Of course since I have read Chuck Palahniuk books that I could consider to be better but the initial shock of this book on me has kept it the one I've liked the most A lot of people I have talked to really don't like this book of Palahniuk's but I think that is probably because they didn't read it first I'm too old for this stuff Shocking doesn't do it for me alone and he works SO VERY HARD at being vulgar and violent and crass Don't get me wrong; those are three things that can make for a great story But it was so unrelenting and contrived and not as funny as it was supposed to be There were some clever turns of phrase and it wasn't entirely unenjoyable but I was not really impressed It very seriously makes me sad that there are people that haven't read Invisible Monsters Invisible Monsters is the most amazing work of art I have ever experienced and reading it for the 3rd time was the best decision I have made this summer Of course this is the remix version so it was different than the original Invisible Monsters but mainly just in the formatting and some added chapters If you haven't read Invisible Monsters before and you decide to read it I would recommend the original version This version was Chuck Palahniuk's original vision for this novel It reads like a Vogue At the end of the prologue it says Now Please Jump to Chapter Forty One So you flip to page 284 Then turn jump to chapter 140 and so on and so on so that you you are going back and forth after each chapter And when you finish the book you realize that there are still chapters left that you didn't read There's 6 chapters actually that aren't really part of the main story And two of the chapters are published with flipped text so that you have to put the book up to a mirror in order to read them All of his 'gimmicks' make sense and are really interesting but maybe I'm just a lazy reader because I thought it kind of detracted from the reading experience Some of the extra chapters were short 'stories' on a few of the characters and some of them told about Chuck's background and his experience writing Invisible Monsters years ago I did like that this edition was hardcover and even if the chapter jumping wasn't my favorite thing to do I like his ideas and I like the fact that he'll do something different Ultimately this is the best book ever other than the original version and reading Invisible Monsters for the first time was one of the most significant points in my life and led to so much for meEdit Sorry there are a few extra chapters than I originally thought so make sure to look through the book a few times for all the extra chapters I guess Jump to me reviewing Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters If mindfuck was a genre this would be one of its most characteristic works Palahniuk states at the introduction that it won't be linear the story won't be in the form of and then and then and then So what he does is at the end of each chapter he tells you to please jump to this or that chapter It was a first for me having only a vague idea of my progress in a bookAs for the plot it's better to not know anything before reading it Palahniuk draws his characters as caricatures but that is not a problem at all because that is simply not the point Besides the type of people he describes are little than caricatures in real life too Invisible Monsters is nihilistic and cruel while sensitive and deep at the same time The point of it is not as simple as one may initially think On the contrary it has many sides all of which are touched in multiple ways and in all possible manners Nothing better than a book which describes the most extreme dysfunctionalities modern society brings about in such a delicate and unpretentious manner This part from the intro says a lot Nowadays whatever purchase you moon over whatever person you lust after most likely it’s presented on a smooth glass or plastic screen On a laptop or a television And no matter what the technology you’ll catch sight of your own reflection In that electric mirror there hovers your faint image You’ll be superimposed over every email Or lurking in the glassy surface of online porn there you are Fewer people shut down their computers any and who can blame them? The moment that monitor goes black you’re looking at yourself not smiling not anything Here’s your worst ever passport photo enlarged to life size Swimming behind the eBook words of Jane Austen that slack dead eyed zombie face that’s yours That’s you Now Please Jump into the river and die with meThe End This is and always will be one of my favourite Palahniuk books Something about it just grabs me by the throat punches me in the throat and leaves me breathless I love how truly fucked up and twisted this story is no one does fucked up and twisted uite like Chuck does It’s been years since I’ve read this book so I had forgotten most of the story and it was like I was reading it again for the first time and it reminded me why I love Palahniuk’s writing REVIEW ALSO ON ’ve all seen extended edition and director’s cuts of movies but this is the first time I have ever come across an author’s cut of a book With this hardcover release of Chuck Palahniuk’s third published novel but his first in terms of writing he took the opportunity to change the linear format that was originally published in 1999 and release it the way he initially envisioned it The intention was to give the reader the feel of literally getting lost inside the book as one would be with a Vogue magazine Which you have to admit is kind of perfect for a novel centered around beauty perceptions and transformation Sadly no Madonna songs thoughSo how exactly is this achieved? The narrative flips the reader around from chapter to chapter 41 1 40 2 39 4 38 5 37 6 etc with the instructions at the end of each chapter to “Now Please Jump to Chapter ” So polite This makes things intriguing because unlike in a typical book where a dwindling number of pages signal the end is coming you don’t know exactly when Invisible Monsters Remixwill reach its climax And as with the original Invisible Monsters the narrative itself skips around in time so you will be well and truly lost in the events while you read It’s a non linear format inside a non linear format a mirror image It couldn’t be produced as intended initially but now at least it can be read and enjoyed by Chuck’s legion of fansOne downside to this format is that you might inadvertently see key bits of information as you flip through from chapter to chapter This will lead you to wonder exactly how the narrative could lead there so at least it’s not a total spoiler Think of it as a darker version of “How I Met Your Mother” but akin to “How I Lost My Face” Page numbers would probably be easier for a reader to navigate from place to place but I imagine it would be a logistics nightmare in terms of publishing every time the book gets re released or the format is changed This way at least is manageable for everyone except the dyslexics but let’s be honest page numbers would be even difficult to followWhile the original novel was published in a straightforward manner to please readers and make it marketable this version is Palahniuk’s original vision Due to this in addition to jumping around from chapter to chapter there are also additional chapters outside this “straightforward” narrative Twelve to be exact split up into three sections which instruct the reader to loop between chapters over and over again For example chapter 3 to chapter 16 to chapter 30 to chapter 3 Lather rinse repeat Even after you’re done with the main story there’s even to discover We’re back to the Vogue magazine idea hereMost of these side stories deal with the process of revision and re imagining famous movies as Chuck did with this novel while others detail where our narrator is now after her story These sections are all new additions to the original novel and some chapters are even written backwards forcing you to read the words in a mirror It’s a pain but there is a purpose about reflections and mirrors and being forced to look at yourself while you read You’re reading while watching yourself read while you read You get the picture It’s the idea of multiple reflections which function the same as the chapters that repeat on a loop Where does it all begin and end? So many moebius strips so little timeThe third and most interesting of these narrative diversions contains biographical stories about Chuck’s own life There are three separate stories in this loop one which deals with a road trip that inspired this novel one about when he was writing his first manuscript and a third about being on set for the film of his novel turned movie Choke Since the fictional story deals so much with impossible sounding coincidences even though our world is a small one Chuck shares some of his own coincidences in these stories from a shared memory between him and a friend he hadn’t met yet to the death of the mother he wrote about correlating to his own mother’s death and all the coincidences in between They’re poignant beautiful and most importantly trueAs with most of Chuck P novels there is a repetitive element throughout the narrative Where in Fight Club it was “I am Jack’s” insert organ of the body here my personal favorite is “raging bile duct” this story also has a similar narrative trick In this novel weaved throughout is the flash of a camera taking photos with a wide variety of emotions being yelled out as if by a fashion photographer The most memorable line being “Give me lust baby Flash Give me malice Flash Give me detached existentialist ennui Flash” There are also paragraphs starting with the phrase “Jump to” to tell the reader that the story is once again jumping in time and location Spoiler alert this happens than in a “Doctor Who” episodeThere are plenty of reasons why this new structure works so well in this choose your own adventure type chapter hopping format but I appreciate it even for what it says about life The end of a book generally doesn’t signal the end of a character’s life unless you’re reading a historical fiction novel and Palahniuk knows that So rather than bring the end of the narrator’s story to the end of the novel he wisely ends it somewhere in the middle where stories generally leave their protagonists on their journey through life Bravo on that Chuck It was a long time ago I read the original version so I can't say for sure on what was added material Again I feel like I lost out on some of the experience by going audiobook instead of physical bookin the audiobook it would have you switch to a different disc and track where I'm assuming the paper book would have had you go to a different page I did like the almost wandering feeling of not knowing how far through the book I wasAs always with my #1 fav author absolutely wild ride never a dull moment and just a freaking awesome read for anyone especially if you feel like a f the world vibe 😙

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