The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane

The Savage Tales of Solomon KaneWith Conan The Cimmerian, Robert E Howard Created Than The Greatest Action Hero Of The Twentieth Century He Also Launched A Genre That Came To Be Known As Sword And Sorcery But Conan Wasn T The First Archetypal Adventurer To Spring From Howard S Fertile ImaginationHe Was A Strange Blending Of Puritan And Cavalier, With A Touch Of The Ancient Philosopher, And Than A Touch Of The Pagan A Hunger In His Soul Drove Him On And On, An Urge To Right All Wrongs, Protect All Weaker Things Wayward And Restless As The Wind, He Was Consistent In Only One Respect He Was True To His Ideals Of Justice And Right Such Was Solomon Kane Collected In This Volume, Lavishly Illustrated By Award Winning Artist Gary Gianni, Are All Of The Stories And Poems That Make Up The Thrilling Saga Of The Dour And Deadly Puritan, Solomon Kane Together They Constitute A Sprawling Epic Of Weird Fantasy Adventure That Stretches From Sixteenth Century England To Remote African Jungles Where No White Man Has Set Foot Here Are Shudder Inducing Tales Of Vengeful Ghosts And Bloodthirsty Demons, Of Dark Sorceries Wielded By Evil Men And Women, All Opposed By A Grim Avenger Armed With A Fanatic S Faith And A Warrior S Savage Heart.This Edition Also Features Exclusive Story Fragments, A Biography Of Howard By Scholar Rusty Burke, And In Memoriam, H P Lovecraft S Moving Tribute To His Friend And Fellow Literary Genius. The moon began to rise, lean and haggard, like a skull among the stars.In the very first few pages of reading this, I was reminded again of just how electrifying a writer Howard was I can t help but wonder what a legacy he would have amassed by now, had circumstances been different Howard passed away at the age of 30 the first Solomon Kane story was published when he was around the age of 22 What are mortals but food for the jaws of the black gods This is a fantastic collection and I can t really imagine anybody not enjoying these stories at least to an extent They re exciting, atmospheric, eerie and imaginative I haven t had this much fun since reading Who Fears The Devil by Manly Wade Wellman Two hideous eyes flamed at him eyes which held all the stark horror which has been the heritage of man since the fearful dawn ages eyes frightful and insane, with an insanity transcending earthly insanity.Expect some delightfully descriptive prose as protagonist Solomon Kane goes up against all kinds of natural and ot
I d like to have been able to give this 5 stars but for various reasons I can only go 4 I first read this book in spurts some years ago The stories and the character I ve known for many ears Having discovered Conan back in the dark ages of my youth I spent time searching out many of REH s works Back in the late 60s and 70s there were many reprints and collections of stories based on Howard s work.I like Howard and I like most of his fantasy charactersthough I never really got into his sports stories, westerns and so on I suppose to Howard purists that may disqualify me as an actual Howard fan, but I ll try to bear up under the disappointment Sigh So, anyway having read Conan, Bran Mak Morn, Kull, etc I also read Solomon Kaneand I like the stories.This book includes all the stories plus poetry and fragments of stories I think possibly to the modern reader the style of the writing here may come across a bit florid The long spooky speeches by wizards, witch doctors and so on can go on and on a bit Still the stories are dark and full of blood tinged with black magic for our hero to battle.I do want to put a warning in here as I have to do for many books of the era and before These stories are decidedly not PC and there are words and attitudes here that I m sure some will find offensive Be aware of that going in and take as you care to I think most will be able to enjoy the stories as stories but the attitudes shown will be har
Na Fnac h uma sec o que se chama Romance no Feminino , mas n o h a sec o de Romance no Masculino Est mal Pois se houvesse, o Salom o Kane estaria l , e eu analis lo ia mais atentamente antes de o trazer para casa.N o gosto de romances s com beijinhos mas, tamb m n o gosto de romances sem beijinhos e este Salom o, estranha mistura de Puritano e Cavaleiro dedica se apenas a manter a justi a e a proteger os desvalidos a fio de espada.Depois da introdu o desnecess ria e mentirosa, pois tenho este livro h anos de um tempo antes da Grande Invas o das Rosas Algemadas e em mi da lia livros de cowboys , vamos l ao que interessa Este livro relata as aventuras do her i, criado h quase 100 anos, por um dos pais da literatura fant stica O misterioso e valente Salom o Kane sempre armado de espada punhal pistola luta com almas penadas dem nios vampiros e outras coisas horripilantes E fez me sonoEstou convenci
The dark hero Solomon Kane leads us into the world of ancient secrets and the monsters that live in the jungles of Africa With his loyal pistol, rapier and Ju Ju staff opposes the vampire queen, damned creatures, evil men, and evil that is hiding in the old cities and ruins Always on the side of good, he helps those that attack these dark forces, although it often is in perilous situations, with his strength and mind destroy evil in its path Writer story of Conan Robert E Howard, in this book of the guide u
Aug 4, 2014Best known as the creator of Conan the barbarian, pulp era giant Robert E Howard enriched literature with several other memorable series characters, including Kull, Bran Mak Morn, Dark Agnes de la Ferre and Solomon Kane This volume collects REH s entire Kane corpus nine short stories, three narrative poems one of which exists in two variant forms, both of which are included here , and four partially completed story fragments, of which we have the beginnings but not the endings The 1968 posthumous collection Red Shadows, published by Donald M Grant, was almost as comprehensive, lacking only one fragment and having only one version of the poem Solomon Kane s Homecoming but only 896 copies of that collection were ever printed Seven of the stories were published in the years 1928 1932 the other two, and all of the poems and fragments, were first published posthumously The selections are arranged mostly in terms of how they appear to fit into the fictional chronology of Kane s career the geographical settings range from England to France to sub Saharan Africa, and the time period is the late 16th century my initial impression was 17th century, but REH establishes the Elizabethan date in a couple of selections So far, I ve read the entire book except for the story Wings in the Night and one version of the Homecoming poem.Kane is a brilliantly conceived and masterfully drawn character a restless adventurer and world class
He was a strange blending of Puritan and Cavalier, with a touch of the ancient philosopher, and than a touch of the pagan A hunger in his soul drove him on and on, an urge to right all wrongs, protect all weaker things Wayward and restless as the wind, he was consistent in only one respect he was true to his ideals of justice and right Such was Solomon Kane Such was Solomon Kane, indeed.This book rocks As much as I d like to try and sound clinical about this screw it I m not a literary critic, I m just a guy who loves to read, and loves fantasy in particular I already knew I liked REH after I finished the Coming of Conan the Cimmerian, but this collection really cinched it for me The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane is a collection of short stories and poems that focus on Howard s other, not quite as well known hero, Solomon Kane Kane is everything that the quote above suggests, and then some I actually find him to be a pretty interesting character, in that he is so full of contradictions, and also in that he s remarkably self unaware In one of the earliest stories of the collection, Kane is traveling through England, where he comes across a
I ve been reading Robert E Howard s Conan for 30 years now I remember and still have the Science Fiction Book Club editions edited by the late Karl Wagner and I think any consideration of the best fantasy writing has to include Beyond the Black River and A Witch Shall Be Born, at the very least, but I was never much interested in reading any of the non Conan stories Howard wrote I was always intrigued, however, by what I heard about Solomon Kane a Puritan soldier of fortune who went around smiting the wicked The idea of a fanatic, self righteous, holier than thou Puritan slaughtering the heathen and the un Godly sounded like such a cool idea Recently, I had opportunity to utilize an gift card, and purchased Del Rey s reissue of the Kane stories and There s nothing wrong with the stories and fragments in this collection assuming one can get past the racism but there s nothing really right either In short, they re kind of boring The passion and fun found in the best of the Conan stories is singularly lacking in all of these stories, as is the introspection found in the Kull canon And there s far too much exposition this is Howard clearly learning how to write a story so I can only recommend it to a Howard completist and will be gifting my copy to my brother this Christmas I read the Kull stories when I was in college but didn t have the depth of imagination to really appreciate them, and it was only a middle age reread that made me realize Howard s lar
La sombra del buitre vale, por s solo, la pena. Since I ve read half of this before as Skull in the Stars, I ll only be reviewing the complete stories I ve yet to read, no fragments.Hills of the Dead Solomon Kane and N Longa go up against a group of vampires in some remote hills Carnage ensues.It s been a couple years since I read one of the Solomon Kane stories Howard s Puritan adventurer is quite a bit different from Conan but still quite good The staff N Longa give Kane to use proves to be invaluable and I loved the way the vampires were dealt with in the end While I enjoyed this tale of vampires in Africa quite a bit, the racism of the time is quite apparent Wings in the Night Solomon Kane runs afoul of a cannibal and gets drawn into a situation involving harpies As with the previous story, the harpies are quite gruesome and Kane dispatches them ruthlessly It s almost horror than fantasy.The Footfalls Within Kane gets captured by slave traders More info about his staff is revealed before the caravan runs across an ancient
Standard Howardian disclaimer first Robert E Howard was living in a small town in Texas in the 1920s 30s and writing, very quickly, for pulp magazines, so his stories sometimes feature suboptimal portrayals of people of other races ethnic backgrounds, and ditto portrayals of women if any.Which, given that Solomon Kane is a Puritan adventurer circa 1600 AD, wouldn t seem like it would be an issue, but several of Kane s adventures take him to the heart of Africa, an Africa that wouldn t be out of place in a jungle adventure book or movie of the time, but which has little or no relation to the actual continent and its actual inhabitants at the time.All that said, these are generally pretty great stories grim and moody and sombre, and in most cases although Solomon Kane is as is typical for Howard s protagonists stron