Miami Babylon A Tale of Crime Wealth and Power

Miami Babylon A Tale of Crime Wealth and Power[Download] ➵ Miami Babylon A Tale of Crime Wealth and Power By Gerald Posner – Here in all its neon colored cocaine fueled glory is the never before told story of the making of Miami Beach Gerald Posner author of the groundbreaking investigations Case Closed and Why America Slep Here in A Tale Kindle Ò all its neon colored cocaine fueled glory is the never before told story of the making of Miami Beach Gerald Posner author of the groundbreaking investigations Case Closed and Why America Slept has uncovered the hair raising political financial criminal history of the Beach and reveals a tale that in the words of one character makes Scarface look like a documentary From Miami Babylon PDF \ its beginnings in the s the Beach has been a place made by visionaries and hustlers During Prohibition Al Capone had to muscle into its bootlegging and gambling businesses After December when the Beach was the training ground for half a million army recruits even the war couldn't Babylon A Tale of Crime ePUB ✓ stop the party After a short postwar boom the city's luck gave out The big hotels Babylon A Tale PDF/EPUB ã went bankrupt the crime rate rose and the tourists moved on to Disney World and the Caribbean Even after the Beach hosted both national political conventions in nobody would have imagined that this sandy backwater of run down hotels and high crime would soon become one of the country's most important cultural centersBut in Cubans arrived by the boatload The empty streets Babylon A Tale of Crime ePUB ✓ of South Beach lined with dilapidated Art Deco hotels were about to be changed irrevocably by the culture of money that moved in behind cocaine and crime Posner takes us inside the intertwined lives of politicians financiers nightclub owners and real estate developers who have fed the Beach's unuenchable desire for wealth flash and hype the German playboy who bought the entire tip of South Beach with million of uestionable money; the mayoral candidate who said If you can't take their money drink their liuor mess with their women and then vote against them you aren't cut out for politics; the Staten Island thug who became king of the South Beach nightclubs only to have his empire unravel and saved himself by testifying against the mob; the campaign manager who calls himself the Prince of Darkness and got immunity from prosecution in a fraud case by cooperating with the FBI against his colleagues; and the former Washington DC developer who played hardball with city hall and became the Beach's first black hotel ownerFrom the mid level coke dealers and their suitcases of cash to the uestionable billions that financed the ocean view condo towers the Beach has seen it all Posner's singular report tells the real story of how this small urban beach community was transformed into a world class headuarters for American culture within a generation It is a story built by dreamers and schemers And a steroid injected cautionary tale. “Miami Babylon” by Gerald Posner published by Simon SchusterCategory – HistoryCrime Publication Date – October 13 2009Most of us even if we have never been there are familiar with Miami and especially South Beach These cities have become known for their tropical playground money star studded celebrities but not many of us know how it got that way“Miami Babylon” tells a story of drugs sex greed corrupt politics and incredible amounts of money both legal and illegal that fueled the making and resurgence of these cities The amount of drug money that found its way into Miami is far beyond belief The amounts were so huge that there was no place to put it; many dealers just had millions yes millions lying around their houses in boxes and duffel bags This was after they spent cash only millions on cars boats houses and parties It was not unusual for a dealer to spend 5 to 10 thousand dollars for a night on the town In an effort to revitalize South Beach developers were loaned billions of dollars to buy and renovate the hotels When the development failed to materialize it was not uncommon for them to be given money for their project Needless to say that most politicians had their hands out for their votes on certain issues most of these politicians became a who’s who in Federal condos in the MiamiSouth Beach area to sell for millions of dollars that is for one condo It was also not unusual for the buyer to turn around and sell that condo for a profit just days later All of this was done even before ground was broken for the building Fantastic fortunes were gained and lost during this periodThis is a great historical look at the Miami area and its surroundings It is a history not only of excess but the effects the Mariel boatlift on this area The politics of the era can be best summed up by the remarks of a political candidate “If you can’t take their money drink their liuor mess with their women and then vote against them you aren’t cut out for politics” I gave up on this book While the first third was interesting inasmuch as it dealt with the founding of Miami Beach and subseuent events up to the eighties thereafter the narrative became mired in the minutiae of developers and their travails I would not recommend this book It was interesting there was just SO MUCH Review is for the Audible versionI was not impressed The first few chapters started out very promising diving into interesting history of an early boom and bust Cubans fleeing Castro for Miami and some backstory into how Florida was settled I wouldn't say the writing was great but it was interesting content But as the book progressed it shifted to modern history which could have been interesting if it weren't so focused on real estate development Literally whole chapters talking about real estate developers and their fights with city hall just not very interesting and hard to follow the characters on Audible The good The wild west Colombian cocaine murders Griselda Bobby Weinstein Don Aronow sections The Miami Beach club section w Ingrid Casares Chris Paciello some other characters The mayoralpolitical corruption w Alex Daoud and othersThe badmeh The people trying to save the art deco city commissioner zoningcouncil hearings It got bogged down in bureaucratic details The rich are despicable tells you an opportunist who happens to write about any conspiracy as long as it will make him money Ironic Miami Babylon A Tale of Crime Wealth and Power by Gerald Posner pp 320A fascinating 100 year history of Miami Beach Florida through the lens of power and corruption Posner relates the many boom and bust cycles that have defined the now hugely popular vacation destination Miami Beach’s history is the story of many men with aspirations of personal fiefdoms and urban planning of personal playgrounds The various waves of controlling parties and interests from the 1920s Members Only Northern Whites to the aged Jewish population the cocaine smugglers the Cuban immigrants the foreign money men and the Hollywood excess paint a fascinating picture of what a plurality of minority groups with special interests can do when there are few laws being enforced and fast money to be made The book is both sad and amazing The lax view of corruption is stunning and makes New York and Chicago politicians look boring Highly recommended for people in architectural planning the history of styles built razed renewed and built fresh again with such speed is worth the read Those expecting a parade of celebrity escapades to amuse will be very disappointed Well researched well told The book could only be made better with photographic history alongside the words A lot of interesting facts such as how development of the beach was started how it continued Also it was fascinating learning about the horrible times in the 80's when crime was rampant and the elderly living there was scared for their livesThree issues I had1 There didn't seem to be any clear chronology about the path of the revitalization of South Beach It seemed like the book indicated that one person saw the potential and then others saw it at around the same time after years of neglect it didn't show any connection or any logical path2 The coverage of mainland Miami Dade vacillated between good and non existent it was hard to tell what the author's intent was For example the author spoke thoroughly of a daytime shooting near the Dadeland Mall in suburban Kendall and also of a successful businessman who lived in South Miami but otherwise didn't touch much of it at all3 It would have been nice to hear stories of the elderly about their good times at the Beach before it was a place they encountered lots of crime All in all a good read But not a great read I have a real problem with how this book was written from a factual perspective So many of the stories that he passes along in relation to the drug trade are spurious at best Additionally his facts are incorrect At one point he refers to Escobar's motto as being gold or lead The actual term is plata or plomo which refers to silver or lead Sloppy When I read that Posner was accused of plagiarism after reading this book I was not surprised This book reflects lazy research and Posner's main objective was to fund the building of an addition on his house or plastic surgery A history of Miami Beach real estate There are interesting episodes on the explosion of cheap cocaine and the arrival of thousands of Cubans in 1980 a far bigger immigration than I realized but the book shortly settles into a catalogue of real estate dealing Posner has nailed the city's disease; the power structure has been flipped upside down with developers exercising all the power and city politicians at their beck and call but there is far in here about land deals than I ever wanted to know

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