Jane's Warlord

Jane's Warlord➾ [Download] ➾ Jane's Warlord By Angela Knight ➳ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The next target of a time traveling killer crime reporter Jane Colby finds herself in the hands of a warlord from the future sent to protect her and in his hands is just where she wants to be The next target of a time traveling killer crime reporter Jane Colby finds herself in the hands of a warlord from the future sent to protect her and in his hands is just where she wants to be. Based on the premise and some reviews I've read I knew this book had a bit of everything romance sci fi time travel suspense and of course sizzling love scenes With a combo like that I was sure this would be at least a fun read and I was right DBaran Arvid is a 24th century Warlord who's sent back to the 21st century in order to kill the time traveling Jumpkiller Kalig Druas before he murders his next victim Jane Colby the owner of a small town local newspaper and crime reporter Warlords are genetically engineered humans much stronger than the strongest normal human and unbeatable in hand to hand combat A neuroweb combat computer woven through their brain gives them access to a vast data bank and information from sensor implants scattered throughout their bodies In sum Warlords are highly intelligent killing machines with well deserved and ugly reputations Baran is no exceptionBaran knows that the only way to catch Druas and prevent the Jumpkiller from murdering Jane is to stick to her like glue But first he needs to explain her who he is and convince her he isn't an asylum escapee That takes some time but once Jane is convinced she has practically no ualms about having Baran accompanying her everywhere including the bathroom and guess what her bed until his mission is completed and he travels back to the futureDo I really have to say that they get down and dirty right on the 1st night he spends at her house on her bed? I didn't think so LOL Despite all the sex they have which was a lot if I may say so they don't forget that Druas is still out there and need to be stopped At least I guessed they didn't because it was hard to tell with all the moaning and panting they did As expected Baran and Jane manage to fall in love with each other while tracking Druas but there's no future for them because he'll be gone as soon as he eliminates Druas right? Hmmm time travel can be so confusingI had a great time reading this book It was fun fast paced with lots of steamy love scenes and very likable but not exactly three dimensional characters Ms Knight could have dedicated effort to develop her characters IMHO Baran was OK but I felt like I never got to know Jane that well Didn't she have any friends besides Tom Reynolds the detective in charge of the murders commited by Druas? The few scenes she had at work didn't make me see any connection between her and her employees What about her missing mother? Why drag that mystery all through the story only to drop it with no explanation at the end? Druas' case was worst as he was pretty much a one dimensional villain who didn't seem that smart to me Anyway the fast pace of the story prevented me from dwelling on that too muchMy biggest issue with this book was the time travel theory developed by Ms Knight I spent a lot of time trying to understand it and almost gave myself a headache in the process but the truth is it didn't make senseExhibit A If traveling back in time and changing past events creates a paradox that destroys the universe why wasn't the universe destroyed when Druas traveled back the 1st time and committed those murders? Before he traveled back that 1st time those murders had been non existentExhibit B Considering that Druas was originally from the 24th century he knew what happenned in the past So why didn't he anticipate Baran's actions and avoid them? The same could be said about Baran but Ms Knight gave a flimsy excuse for Baran's being in the dark about what happened in the 21st centuryOh well time travel by itself is a hard concept to understand so I cut Ms Knight some slack And once I stopped trying to understand it and accepted it in blind faith I really enjoyed this read This was fiction not a Physics Essay Sometimes I'm too smart for my own good LOL Jane's Warlord was my first Angela Knight novel and I will be reading from this author The characters were great especially Frieka Baran's talking sidekick timberwolf Freika spent most of the book trying to eat Jane's cat Octopussy but by the end I think he had a secret crush on her even though he called Jane sick and twisted for suggesting such an unnatural thing lolBaran Arvid is a genetically engineered Viking Class Warlord sent from the future to save the life of Jane Colby the owner of a small town newspaper The author isn't clear on why Jane is targeted by a futuristic serial killer although it could be that it's just one of those random things and she could have been any woman at any time in history Anyway Baran is sent nearly 400 years into the past and his job is to make sure she doesn't die He is given little information because along with saving her he has to make sure he doesn't create a paradox that can destroy the future of mankind Too much information could lead him to make decisions that prevent events from playing out the way they are meant to happen What kind of pressure is that?? Although the book was written in 2004 and that's the setting although the author never specifically mentions a date it had a distinct 1980's early 90's feel to me It could be the fact that Baran and Frieka kept talking about how archaic everything is computers cars etc I love that part of the bookwatching characters taken out of time and place and seeing how they react to the world around them The author did a good job of creating and describing the technology of the future Without giving away the ending I could have used a few chapters just to get a better feel for the world where Baran and Freika live Gevalope burger anyone?The romance between Baran and Jane was hot although that's probably not an adeuate descriptionit was like red hot burning flames hot enough to singe your eyeballs lol The good thing about the future where Baran lives is that there are tons genetically engineered Warlords just like him Anyone up for a trip to the future? I know I am Jane's Warlord is a sci fifuturistic time travel romance novel with a whole lot of sex mixed in Warlord Baran Arvid and his talking timber wolf partner Frieka are sent to earth from 300 years in the future to save newspaper ownerreporter Jane Colby from a horrific murder at the hands of a Jumpkiller named Druas The warlord and his partner are dropped on earth with very little detail of their mission They must save Jane and kill Druas That's where the story beginsIt is a very fast paced story Barron uickly convinces Jane of his mission with the help of a little futuristic technology and sets to work protecting her view spoilerJane and Barron uickly fall into bed and begin falling for each other The entire book takes place in a matter of 3 or 4 days hide spoiler This was the first book by Angela Knight I read and I was immediately hooked Eual parts erotica suspense and sci fi combined with a time travel element this was a real pleasure to readThe two main characters Baran pant pant Arvid and Jane one of the non annoying heroines I like Colby had some major chemistry going on both in hence the panting and out of the bedroom the villain was sickeningly twisted just how I like 'em the pacing was good the story well thought out and plottedAnd the ending Oh boy don't get me started on the endingIt was even better the second time around ; 4 ½ stars This was horrendous I should have known from the title I should start a new bookshelf Regrets I've had a few 35 stars Interesting readI can't put my finger on it but I would have liked something a little creative or different about the plot and storyline I didn't like that the warlord was not given enough tools by his superiors to properly fight Druas They had an explanation for this in the end but I didn't like it Other parts of the ending were interesting and good Although it is not a favorite I did enjoy the book and plan to try another from this authorDATASexual content strong Setting current day small town in US Copyright 2004 Genre time travel science fiction romanceOTHER BOOKSFor a list of my reviews of other Angela Knight books see my 2 star review of “The Forever Kiss” posted 90908 Hmmm well this book wasinteresting Not at all what I was expecting really I really enjoyed the plot of Baran coming from the future to protect Jane from the evil time jumping serial killer AKA Jack the Ripper There was tons of lovin' in this book and some of it was over the top but I can skim over those and still be okay if the plot's good Thankfully that was the case here I'm not sure if I'd read another Angela Knight book but this one was entertaining Warlord Baran meets journalist Jane when he jumps through time to save her from a jumpkiller which is a serial killer who jumps through time committing crimes along with his speaking dog Yes A speaking wise cracking wolf The pair stick to Jane like glue in order to protect her which involves sleeping in her bed and watching her in the bathroom Needs must and all that During all that they set about tracking down the serial killer who has his sights set on Jane and get it on in every spare moment I liked this story but I didn’t love it I saw some great 5 star reviews from GR friends so I was excited by this erotic suspense I think the storyline was ok but it dragged a little in the middle The couple seem to just chase behind the killer for most of the book That’s ok but I guess I just wanted something a bit unexpected to happen Baran and Jane get it on really uickly Like the first night I think I was expecting them to hold off slightly longer especially Jane who seems to adjust to a time travelling assassin from the future with red eyes and a talking wolf in record time One minute she’s scared the next she’s ‘creaming’ What is it with books where the heroine has ‘cream’? I seem to be getting it in every book I read lately Overall It was hot though I liked Baran’s post berserker sex rage But it wasn’t as mega hot as I was expecting It was a tad repetitive Maybe it’s just me Maybe I am eroticed out for the time being Minor gripes were that some scenes felt a bit choppy They just faded to black or I got lost in places not knowing what was going on The humour of the alien characters made them feel a bit less alien if that makes sense There was a lot of light hearted banter which sometimes undermined the suspense And When was this book written? Her newspaper is printed on metal plates still I think that died in the eightiesIt was good overall though I'm disappointed I read a book of the Time Hunter series some years ago and liked it But this book wasn't good All they had was sex sex sex Oh and let's not forget the stupid unrealistic behavior Also the hero was a dominant jerk and the heroine was like yes you can be a jerk as long as you fuck me good Huh? What did I miss? I think it was the actual plot I missed Jane Colby has just come home from reporting about a particularly grisly murder in her small town and all she wants to do is slip back into bed and finish reading her steamy romance novel Unfortunately or fortunately she finds an enormous muscle bound Warlord comfortably ensconced in her home whose telling her that she's in danger from a killer from the future whose killing in the past She's understandably suspicious of this man whose claiming to be some time traveler and she hasn't even met his talking wolf Reika yet Baran Arvid has been recruited by the Temporal Enforcement Agency to protect Jane from a vicious killer whose mutilating women throughout time and selling his recordings as entertainment Though Baran is not an Enforcement agent the agency has uncovered videos of him in the past and know he needs to be here in this time period to stop this killer They send him back without any information so he can't affect the time continuum certain that whatever does happen is meant to be Baran expected this to be a cut and dry mission Save the girl kill the bad guy and then get on with his solitary existence So when he finds her little red negligee and falls in lust hard he's surprised He's fascinated by this little native and admires her courage and intelligence as well as her her lush body Jane becomes very precious to Baran and he's soon obsessed with the need to protect her desperate to try and heal the wounds that settled in his heart the day he failed to protect the girl he loved when he was young Along their journey the ice surrounding Baran's heart begins to thaw but he soon remembers that when this is over he'll be sent home and Jane will have to stay in her time separating them by centuries The killer on Jane's trail becomes increasingly determined to get to her and begins to taunt them hoping to get Baran to lower his guards It takes Jane's newfound courage and the help of some friends to defeat the killer but when it's over she has to make a choice that could risk the fate of the world itself Or she could grasp onto a love that will forever change their lives and follow Baran wherever he goes While this is a Terminator styled romance with hints of paranormal science fiction and time travel mixed in it's not over the top Angela Knight keeps everything tight and moving forward at a brisk pace and sets the sheets on fire with her scorching love scenes Baran is deliciously dominate due to his highly charged genetically altered hormones and their love scenes will make you red in the face while making you desperate for He looks like a throwback to the Viking era while being a futuristic Warlord who is one of his race's best assassins He's determined to protect Jane whether she wants his help or not and he and his faithful partnersidekick Reika keep a firm grasp on her Reika adds a lot of fun humor to the story too and helps to keep things light He's a genetically altered Timber wolf who talks just like he's one of the guys and he's hysterical The banter between the three of them keeps the story moving along and helps the reader to forget that there is a vicious killer on the loose whose stylized killings mark an eerie resemblance to Jack the Ripper Which was a brilliant ploy by Angela Knight To have the killer be someone whose so infamous throughout time for his brutality upped the fear factor and made it a much desperate situation Angela Knight didn't need to waste time having Baran try to put the fear of God into Jane she was already terrified and rightfully so If I was Jane I'd have latched onto Baran and never let go Well I would have latched onto him anyway so that's probably not a good analogy LOL This was an excellent story and a great start to the WarlordTime Hunter series While Angela Knight is the self proclaimed ueen of Smut I've really enjoyed her books to date and think she's a great authoress Her worldbuilding is tight and suspenseful and there's hardly any fat in her stories The sex is as hot as can be yet I still enjoyed Baran and Jane when they weren't rolling around sexing it up in the woods There's humor suspense and a lot of love here and I highly recommend Jane's Warlord as an excellent read Enjoy