Rising Tides (Chesapeake Bay Saga #2)

Rising Tides (Chesapeake Bay Saga #2)Welcome To Nora Roberts Captivating Saga About The Lives And Loves Of Four Brothers On The Windswept Shores Of The Chesapeake Bay Rising Tides Is The Second Novel In A Stunning Quartet About Four Men Bound By The Love Of The Extraordinary Couple Who Took Them In And Raised Them As Brothers Now, Grown And Living On Their Own, The Quinn Brothers Must Return To The Family Home On The Maryland Shore To Honor Their Father S Last Request Ethan Quinn Is A Waterman He Wasn T Born To The Tradition But Has Embraced It He S A Quiet Man Whose Heart Runs As Deep As The Waters He Loves And Now, With His Father Gone, Ethan Is Determined To Make The Family Boatbuilding Business A Success But Amidst His Achievements Lie The Most Important Challenges Of His Life There S A Young Boy Who Needs Him, And A Woman And Child He Loves But Never Believed He Could Have To Shape His Life Around Them, Ethan Must Face His Own Dark Past And Accept Not Only Who He Is But What He Hopes To Become. Great series An awesome and interesting storyline that dealt with what brotherhood meant this was the best book in the series i think because of the good storytelling and writing paperback Rising Tides is the second book in Nora Roberts Chesapeake Bay Quinn Brothers saga It features the middle brother, Ethan, who was the 2nd boy rescued by Ray and Stella Quinn and given a new life He s the epitome of the saying still waters run deep Ethan may be able to hold his own in a fight with his brothers, but he prefers to take things slow, to think them through and doesn t see the need to chatter unless there s something that really needs to be said He s battered and scarred from a tragic childhood that haunts him to this day The abuse he suffered has kept him from acting on his feelings for young single mother Grace Monroe, but with Seth in the picture, Ethan finds that not only has his life drastically changed, but he can t keep his feelings for Grace a secret any longer.This is yet another highly enjoyable book from Nora Roberts I liked it almost as much as book 1 in the series Ethan is such an interesting character At times he s just as rough and tumble as Cam but at other times, he s a quiet loner His tragic childhood is heartbreaking and it makes you just want to give him a big hug and maybe a kiss or two When it comes to his relationship with Grace, you can really see how the past still haunts him and causes endless conflict Roberts played that out perfectly, especially the resolution.Normally I don
Final rating 4.75 5 starsAnother great book in the series And another sudden ending, but I m getting used to it since all stories are connected and the character stories don t end with each book as they appear through all 4 books This time story focus is on Ethan, the second brother, continuing directly after the last book ended And I loved it I admit I was frustrated sometimes with the beating around the bush thing going on between the two center characters but I also loved it and I m glad I read this story too The other side of the story was focused on Seth, although a bit less than the first book There is a lot of darkness in each one of the brothers pasts and whenever they are happy, it makes me happy as well Nora deals with some heavy themes in these books as each and every single brother in Quinn s household went through many traumatic events of each kind But they went through the worst and darkest parts in their lives and stepped into the light with the help provided by two people who only wanted to save lost souls And Ethan has definitely one of the worst pasts out of everyone And Nora dealt with his traumas as it should and concluded his story as was necessary And Seth is str
The second book in the series picks up right where Sea Swept left off Anna and Cam are on their honeymoon, Phillip is commuting to the house on the bay every weekend to help build the new boat and care for their new brother, Seth Seth is finally blending into his new family with help from Ethan, the steady, thoughtful, fisherman craftsman who now has his eyes set on something than just the next crab pot But can he let go of his past in order to finally move forward What I Liked The character development Ethan and Grace are clearly the focus of this book, and we learn about their depth of emotion and past struggles And we also continue to learn about all the other characters that were introduced in the first book as well The series continues to build on itself without feeling crowded or rushed The little nuances of NR s writing We get to see, hear, and smell everything Grace s bruised leg, the clumsy puppy chasing balls, the manic bird closing out the day, the lemony scent of perfume in the air, the warm colors of the sinking sun These small touches are what makes good books even better What I Could Have Done Without The cigar smoking by the MC This is a personal thing and doesn t have any bearing on the story itself however, since it s my review What I Wanted More Of I am trying so hard to be patient with learning about Seth s true paternity Common sense tells me that this all too important fact won t
Review without spoilers Ray and Stella had taken them in, three half grown boys, all wild, all damaged, all strangers And had made them a family.Oh, my, Grace thought with her nose pressed up against the window Oh, my If she d ever seen two impressive examples of the male form, she couldn t say when She d only intended to sneak a quick glance Really Just one innocent little peek But then Ethan had peeled off his shirt and Another multiple re read I don t tire ofThis book picks up where the first ended but the pace is different, matching the MCs personalities Ethan is a waterman He literally breaths and lives the sea Come hell or high water, everyday at dawn he is out on his fishing boat He is the solitary of the three Quinns brothers The quite one Contrary to Cam, he likes to think things thoroughly before making his moves You were meant to be ours Meant to be here Took to the water like you d been born in it Cam, he always just wanted to go fast, and Phillip preferred to sit back and enjoy the ride But you He turned back again, his gaze thoughtful You studied every inch of the boat, every wave, every turn of a river You d practice tying knots for hours, and nobody had to nag you into swabbing the decks It came e
This book needs a major trigger warning there is child abuse Although it s in the past it is still very disturbing Ethan had a horrific childhood By the time the Quinn s saved him he was almost dead and completely without hope They helped him to heal but he still carried a hurt on his soul and never saw himself worthy of love, marriage and especially children Grace always loved him A s
No voy a ser capaz de darte la oportunidad de vivir sin m , despu s de todo Enamorada es poco de esta historia Cre que el primer libro de La Bah a iba a ser insuperable, me equivoqu La historia de Ethan me ha durado un d a, lo he devorado y lo he cerrado con ganas de m s Quiero seguir leyendo a estos hermanos, aunque creo que me quedo con Ethan y su car cter pensativo, su fragilidad, su fuerza.Cada vez tengo m s claro que los libros de N
Awwww you know,until I discovered this author I considered myself a practical, levelheaded and down to Earth kind of woman Not all the time, but most of it I try to be reasonable and sensible when I have to make a decision I never fuss or get distressed on situations that tend to make most people altered and upset What I m trying to say is that I m not of the emotional type, the analyze every freaking detail before making a decision type of girl So then why do I keep getting surprise when I end up all teary eyed about Nora Robert s books Where is that woman I just described Where s the practicality when you get all mushy and soft by reading a book LOL All I have to say is that I adore the way this author writes cont romance and I truly hope she never stops.While I was worried sick I wouldn t like this book because Ethan and Grace seemed a bit boring and steady, I was thrilled to see I was completely wrong and both of them had temper It just took them a bit long to find it but it was definitely there And I adored both of them even because they ended up being who they were after all the terrible things that happened to them both It takes a strong person to become a good one after all the 4 brothers went through, so how not to love them Seth is becoming an amazing boy as well and even though some trouble will
Better than the first book, I think, but not by a lot Ethan isn t the demanding jerkwad that Cam is, but he has his own neuroses and it was layered on rather thick The whole I m tragically flawed and must be alone thing was rather self indulgent and that stood against every other aspect of his life.That said, Grace was nine kinds of awesome, even if view spoiler she did go kind of stupid with the whole assuming Ethan just needed her to take the steps to advance their relationship She sh
Esta vez le toca el turno a Ethan, este hermano tiene tambi n sus traumas que no le dejan ser feliz del todo Pero poco a poco, consigue vencer sus miedos Esta saga merece la pena, con ganas de que pasa al final con el 4 hermano.