ISSA: The Greatest Story Never Told

ISSA: The Greatest Story Never Told❮Reading❯ ➳ ISSA: The Greatest Story Never Told ➬ Author Lois Drake – The Bible explicitly records the life of Jesus with one exception his life between the ages of 13 and 30 Yet ancient Buddhist scripture records the life of Saint Issa which astoundingly parallels the Greatest Story ePUB ☆ The Bible explicitly records the life of Jesus with one exception his life between the ages of and Yet ancient Buddhist scripture records the life of Saint Issa which astoundingly parallels the life of Jesus of Nazareth This book tells the story of Jesus' life during the missing years and his journey through Asia. While this is a work of fiction portraying a teenage Jesus traveling through the East it's been written well The characters come through as real and one identifies with their challenges Much of the book is based on the author's speculation but many historical facts are woven through the story The speculation about what happened to Jesus between his childhood and age thirty continues to inspire researchers and authors to find answers This novel was in turn inspired by Elizabeth Clare Prophet's book The Lost Years of Jesus which was a not too spectacular attempt to fill in the gap with verifiable informationDrake writes well Her descriptions of characters cultures and landscapes are true and colourful But except for two or three passages the story seems to lack energy Jesus Issa is not given much opportunity to develop into the strong courageous and fiercely independent outspoken man we know from the books of the Gospel Actually as his educative excursion to India and Tibet ends the reader anticipates his return to his family and the Holy Land The author could at least have satisfied us with his happy return as a young man full of wisdom and dedication to preach the good news of the Kingdom to his people But the story is ended without it cut short as if the writer ran out of ideasPerhaps the most memorable character in the book is Awa a servant of Joseph of Arimathea who travels with Jesus He is loyal brave and longsuffering The depth of his devoted friendship to Jesus is most poignantly witnessed when he is told to stay behind in Tibet while Jesus returns home the only time in the book I felt stirred by emotion The narrative is true to Summit Lighthouse's syncretistic theology but this is not heavy handed and shouldn't bother anyone who is genuinely interested in the book's topic Loved this book I'm usually leery about biblical fiction and the maybe this happened type books but this is wonderfully done No preaching no wild suppositions Ms Drake takes a legendary tale from Ladakh and weaves her story around it The story of Jesus Issa during his missing years is told in a very realistic manner not hard to take in unless you are of a narrow minded fixed viewpoint The reader journeys with Issa in his travels and learning his friendships and seperation from his family Despite knowing the rest of the story I was left wanting the story to continue I didn't want Ms Drake's rendition of the story to end I hope that she writes like this I will definitely keep an eye out for it I definitely felt a spiritual connection through this book I also enjoyed being sent to the computer looking up different facts from the book like the history of the Kushan's and such Made me wish that the present region would reclaim the unity and glory of it's past especially after all the tragedy and turmoil that has occured in recent years I hope that the people can remember it's culture and dignity they had prior to the Taliban and other oppressive regimes and share with the rest of the world the richness and beauty of their forgotten culture This was an interesting story Jesus Issa as a teenager is taken by Joseph of Arimathea to India out of the view of the Romans There they join with other members of The Order of Melchizedek Genesis 1418 20; Hebrews 620; 71 3 one the wisemen Casper a King and a teacher; and 3 other teenagers It is decided that the 4 teenagers will travel across India and Tibet with the teacher and learn about Buddhism and Hinduism The story is about their travels and what they learn about spirituality and themselves I learned uite a bit about how the different religions lined up with Judaism A neat idea incorporated by the author was Jesus learning to meld the stories and tell them to the poor people so that they could understand them a precursor to the parables Very interesting easy to read Este livro foi uma desilusão consegui acabar a leitura mas considero ue como história de aventuras é muito ingénuo e como texto para reflexão é muito superficial Em minha opinião a autora limita se a reproduzir num Jesus primeiro adolescente e depois jovem designado pelo seu nome oriental Issa algumas das mensagens ue são reveladas nos Evangelhos A ideia central até é interessante consiste em conduzir nos ao longo da viagem ue Issa realizou enuanto jovem pela Índia e até ao Tibete e como esta o transformou essencialmente porue contribuiu para a descoberta de si mesmo e da sua missão Adiante While I am not educated enough in religious history to comment on the plausibility of Lois Drake’s story it is a fun entertaining tale It is fun to explore this possibility of what Jesus’ life might have been like if the reader is willing to suspend what they have been told about Him The characters—including a highly intelligent monkey—are engaging and some of the adventures are exciting Issa The Greatest Story Never Told is a fun and thought provoking read The story of Issa is one of Christ's journey to enlightenment He journeys into IndiaTibet to learn how to comfort and teach his people This story is infused with rich lessons about the power of forgiveness and friendship It's also about compassion and sacrifice I'd definitely recommend this to a friend Suspend your disbelief You don't need to believe the story to enjoy it I think this story gives a lovely idea of what may have happened in the lost years

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