Offerings Paper Tiger

Offerings Paper Tiger➸ [Reading] ➺ Offerings Paper Tiger By Brom ➭ – Brom’s potent brand of sinister disturbing imagery comes to life through a selection of his very best work of recent years In addition to covers from best selling novels by Terry Brooks and Anne McC Brom’s potent brand of sinister disturbing imagery comes to life through a selection of his very best work of recent years In addition to covers from best selling novels by Terry Brooks and Anne McCaffrey there are illustrations for comic books Batman; movies Galaxy uest and Sleepy Hollow; computer games Doom II and collectible cards ICE’s Lord of the Rings More than haunting images. So this was another title discovered on my birthday book haul and I must admit probably the least expected but none the less enjoyed This title is also one of the last to be released under the Paper tiger publishing brand and as you know its sort of my unspoken uest to collect them all in fact I think this was the 3rd to lastSo Brom rather like H R Geiger has a very distinctive style and subject matter which is not always to everyones taste but for me it is expertly executed and as the introduction explains why highly reminiscent of my time at University You see Brom started out his career with TSR that monster of the role playing game and associated merchandise back when it was in its hay day As such Brom's work was in clear view in so many places without really being over exposed so that now years later even though I cannot name specific titles or places where I have seen them I feel such a familiarity with is work its actually rather surprisingIn addition to that his surreal approach for me just adds to the atmosphere and I can almost put specific pieces of art to specific titles I have read even though I know in reality they have no connection what so everSo as always Paper tiger produced another stunning piece of work and as always it is a pleasure to read and explore just a shame the publishing name had to come to an end but like the gaming industry that gave us so many famous artists and works I hope one day a resurgence will happen and amazing talent is found and made famous and in the mean time I will go back and study this book again Well why? I am getting very addicted to BROM's work Is it my fault? Nope I don't think so It's because of BROM and his magic that he creates with his work that make me nothing but make me want to read and Well BROM never dissapointed me For that reason again from me 5 out 5 Art is fantastic As an artist Brom is outstanding Though good art is easy to find The reason brom stands out is his imagination which has no eual You can see it in his drawings and his writing I read a lot and I’ve critiues just about every piece of popular art out there Though I have no talent myself I can’t think of any other artist or author with an imagination that can match Brom I highly recommend everything he’s published 5 stars Also if you like a specific drawing you can go to Bromartcom and get a autographed print Reread A highly talented artist with a wide scope and dark realism lovely art This is a really beautiful book of fantasy and colour art The colours are bold and the images are stunning Brom's artwork was new to me but I adore it This book is one of those few that i'd always have time to leaf through and look in wonder over and over again I love Brom's dark mind and how he brings his creativity to life on paper Each page brings forth a darkly surreal fantasy with exuisite details and vivid imagination that has it's own tale to tellThis book is close to my heart not only because it's so beautiful but because i always use this as inspiration whenever need be While I really enjoyed Darkwerks The Art of Brom this one was not as interesting Make no mistake there are still brilliant Brom pieces throughout but many of them are smaller in size than the previous volume The inclusion of a sketchbook in the back is a nice touch An excellent addition to the library of any fan of Brom though I would pick up Darkwerks before this one Just a tiny portion of Brom's incredible output I would also have liked to see some of the artist at work though we do get to see a number of thumbnails and sketches which is always nice

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  • Offerings Paper Tiger
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  • English
  • 14 September 2015
  • 9781843401247