Academ's Fury

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A good old fashioned fantasy series that doesn´t try to reinvent something break with genre conventions be progressive but instead tells a great story has a cool magic system an interesting enemy and very good characterizations It has become a bit difficult for fantasy authors who don´t go the dark way and make everything grimmer and dirtier but stay instead with a bit of the cheerful Tolkien happy go lucky style reminiscing the good old days when bad was bad and good was good Some not liking this series may be simply too strict with it because not every novel can or want to be the next Rothfuss or Sanderson and I am sure that many are appreciating the conventional and entertaining way fantasy used to be told since just a few years ago I like the mixture of ideas the avatars and elementary powers the evil Vord that will become a cool evil collective intelligence something a bit closer to Sci Fi than to Fantasy and a stylish unusual enemy for the genre Give the thing a chance Butcher is a great storyteller and hey one can never run out of fantasy series if there comes a time when nothing too seductive is waiting in the TBR Tropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres uniue 255 StarsAnother okay installment in the Codex Alera series it’s time for me to part way with this seriesI’m going to keep this review short I actually can copy my review for the first book here to explain why I won’t be continuing with this series Although my review is going to sound negative let me state that this is not a bad series but then again there’s nothing special about it and I don’t see any sign of improvement from the first book It’s all once again pretty basic and formulaicI can already predict that the newly introduced villain in this book the vord will become the final boss of the series Let me make a guess the vord sounds like a virus so judging from that there will be a ueen or King vord that became the final boss of the series Then judging from the tone of the series so far even though there are war politics and all that jazz none of the main POV characters will die maybe one at most Feel free to correct me if I’m wrongAcadem’s Fury the second book out of six in the Codex Alera series began two years after the events of Furies of Calderon and the plot is still immensely predictable A lot of scenes were still too long for the pacing’s own good and Butcher kept on repeating the things we already understood over and over again For example Amara couldn’t have a child This situation is repeated for so many pages throughout the book I don’t know why Butcher had the need to emphasize this point over and over again I get it she can’t have a child saying it once or twice is enough The worst part is this is only one of many examples Also this series actually featured a lot of romance and I’m generally not a big fan of romance in my fantasy readCharacters are still very hard to care I kept on wishing the entire plot to focus only on Tavi because his POV is the only one that I’m slightly invested in The rest are just okay ish to meh Amara was probably the worst for me I kept on wishing she would die already so I don’t have to read her POV any Maybe when it comes down to it I just couldn’t connect with Butcher’s prose I feel like I should've cared about some of the events that happened in the book but it just didn’t connect with me I’ve read a few series that’s predictable but they still managed to intrigue and made me invested but not Codex AleraI’m usually a patient leader but still there’s a limit to my patience This is not a small series at all six books long and each book are easily over 600 pages I’ve read or less 1300 pages so far and I’m only slightly invested in Tavi That’s ONE character only one over the course of 1300 pages and 400k words If I’m not invested in the characters by this point there’s just no way I can push myself to continue with the series I tried so hard and got so farrrr but in the enddd it doesn’t even matter This is a beloved series among many but when it doesn’t work it just won’t work I won’t be spending my time for another 3000 pages of an okay series there are so many great books out there waiting for me It's time for me to part ways with this series Overall this is a series that I would recommend only to anyone who’s new to adult fantasy You can find this and the rest of my Adult EpicHigh Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest If you were on the fence about the first book Furies of Calderon then go ahead and give this one a try The pacing was faster there are finally some explanations for the way the furies work and now that I knew a bit about the world the entire thing is a bit easier to understand Plus I really enjoyed seeing the characters again This one was a bit different than the last book because besides all of the political intrigue there was also an Invasion of the Body Snatchers flavor to itWhat the what?I know right?But it was really cool So not only is everyone in danger from all the normal backstabbing that comes along with an attempted coup but now our heroes have to try to convince everyone that there's an alien life form thatwell Invades your Body and Snatches your mindAhhhhhhh And they're being led by these creepy ass bug ueens Toss in some really sweet and in Tavi's case kind of hilarious at times romance and mix it all together to make a really fun story I'm sold I'm also guessing that if you didn't like this one it's probably best to put this series down and move on to something else For me though? This is staying a top priority Minor spoilers follow as it is impossible to talk about the plot of the second book of the series without at least mentioning some characters indicating they survived to live by the beginning of the second one Two years have passed since the events of the first book in the world with magic inspired by very popular Pokemon franchise with social structure coming straight from Ancient Rome Thanks to a brilliant stroke by the First Lord the Big Guy in charge of everything in the realm for those unfamiliar with the series in political maneuvering the main characters of the first book a former shepherd boy Tavi and his foster parents now have to support the First Lord at all cost whether they like it or not So Tavi studies in the capital's Academy his aunt stays at her steadhold a glorified huge farm and his uncle is in charge of local military unit Their world is not exactly a very peaceful place; in fact the only one dangerous I can think of is David Gemmell's Drenai Anyway a new almost alien threat appeared straight from John Carpenter's movie The Thing Now the three people I mentioned and their sidekicks are the only defense of the realm against total destruction Do I need to say none of trio has any superpowers? Tavi cannot even use any magic at all Minor spoilers end hereOne third of the book was spent on hinting at gloomy and apocalyptic things to come While the plot moved alone with a decent pace without losing any momentum I still got bored I cannot even explain the reason for this I just did I was sure this would have 3 star rating until I hit the second third of the tale when plot switched from fast moving to flying supersonic aircraft style mode Once things began moving they really moved with people escaping extremely dangerous situations by inches only to end up in much worse ones This reminded me of one of my favorite uotes by Robert Asprin When things are at their blackest I say to myself 'Cheer up things could be worse' And sure enough they get worseAt this point my resolve to give 3 stars started to get weaker And then I hit the last third of the book That portion of the novel contained such a nice and absolutely unexpected twist that I forgave the part where I got bored I forgave the use of typical and worn out classic fantasy tropes I forgave killing off a fascinating character just when she was getting some screen time I forgave Tavi becoming the Wonder Boy for no apparent reason I forgave countless other things This was good enough for me to warrant 4 stars Before I conclude my reviewThe first book could almost be considered standalone ad it finishes practically all the plot points This one albeit without cliffhanger at the end still has enough dangling threads to knit a sweater for a medium sized elephant Among other things this means that if you made it this far it is too late to stop now and it applies to me as well My special thanks go to my friend Jaime for the ideal Pokemon image idea I liked Furies of Calderon the first book in the Codex Alera series but thought it was pretty average compared to other works in the genre Academ’s Fury on the other hand was AMAZINGSeriously – I couldn’t put it down It delivered on every promise made in the first book and completely blew me away with its stellar pacing fantastic battle scenes exceptional characters and overall creativity I felt like my heart was ripped out a few times while reading it and I love it when a book can make me feel that engaged I already liked Jim Butcher but this book launched him forward a few notches in my bookIf I had any criticisms it’s that the main character was sometimes suave and resourceful in difficult situations than I thought believable but it did make for some excellent and memorable moments so I won’t complain too much Overall if you are on the fence with whether to start the series or continue on after the first book like I was take it from me – totally worth itVia The Obsessive Bookseller at wwwNikiHawkescom Other books you might like I really enjoyed reading this book The book has two main plot lines – The first takes place in Calderon and the second in the Capital You'll see here politics and intrigue and a bit less action in comparison the first book in the series Butcher gives his characters depth and reveal to us knowledge about the worldAcadem's fury is another great book in the series I really like the world the writing the characters the action and all the politics and intrigueSo once again – definitely 55 I'd say this one is marginally better than book 1 The first two thirds I wasn't please with the progress of the series but the last third really made up for it I think part of my frustration is that the two best new characters both got killed off and they both had great potential Additionally I like several of the secondary characters than the main characters More Katai Lady Acuitaine and Odiana The series has all the elements to be great but is just average at this point I'm hoping it grows I'll continue the series but will take a break from it This book is just as bad or even worse than the first book in the series but for a the opposite reason This book I love the pacing but I hate all the characters All the characters to me seemed 1 dimensional and flat that I was not emotionally connected which for many books the pace of the plot is of a problem than disliking a character I think the writing design of the cover and the overall series are all just god awful words can't describe it I for one will never try to read or go near this series ever again This is my third one star and the other one is the first book I don't think I will ever try or read this book ever again I don't exactly understand how people could enjoy reading the series maybe it has to do with the fact that many have enjoyed the Dresden Files which I love so much as it has become one of the most fun series of all time for me Will I guess everything does not work for everyone all the time Another action packed installment of a great fantasy series I didn't know where it where it was going to go after the first book but was floored when it was every bit as good as Furies of Calderon and possibly exceeding it In Academ’s Fury we get to see Tavi grow as he studies to be a Cursor We get multiple stories going again with many of the characters from the first book In addition we are introduced to some new intriguing characters one of my favorites being Tavi’s best friend Max Kitai makes an appearance and she is just the perfect heroine This is the second book of the series so I can only say so much about it without giving things away But what I love most about this series besides the writing is that it always has you thinking The political villains in this series aren't Snidley Whiplash obvious villains You start to see their side of issues and it makes it difficult to decide where your allegiance should lie I love when a story makes you think about which side of the road is the evil In this series most of the politicians fall in the grey zone There is one group that is definitely the evil party but from there it is hard to decide whose team to root for Although this is much actionadventure there are some romances that are sprouting from the series but it is happening in a very believable atmosphere The only negative is unlike the first book bouncing between stories was cliffier Maybe that was just because there wasn't any breaks throughout the whole bookIf you are into Fantasy like great writing and don’t need the steamy you really need to pick up this series It’s not very often that I pick up a 600 page fantasy book and don’t have to skim 425 of 5 stars Omg this book I definitely loved this than the first book I certainly loved the political aspect as the main focus of this series It always excites me whenever a story involves political mind games and battleground techniues I specifically loved this because of the slow but intense world building The dreadful battles didn't last for just a few pages but span for almost half the book Those battles kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time There was than enough tension set up for a whole bookAside from that there's so much character development especially Tavi Oh my Tavi I remember that there was not enough scenes of him on the first book and I was so glad we had of him on this one I can proudly say that he became one of my most favorite male fictional characters ever Among the several character perspective Tavi was the one I'm most looking forward to He was so smart courageous caring and rational I loved that despite being furyless he's the most capable among all of them He didn't let his emotions cloud his judgements In fact he can think rational when he feels things I can practically hear how his mind works whenever he was in a helpless position He was also wise and politically knowledgeable That scene when he was almost too late to get to the Citadel to save the First Lord and hopeless about not having enough help his 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' clever plan was not something I can think of myself The fact that the fate of the Realm relies literally on his decisions was too much I actually felt bad for him Oh my I loved his character so much If Tavi was my most favorite character in this series Isana was one of my least favorite It already crept my mind in the first book I don't like how she handled things I almost always disagree with her decisions She was the exact opposite of Tavi when it comes to formulating steps and decisions She always let her emotions affect her judgement I mean I respect her for having so much love and care for her loved ones her desire to protect them and do everything to make them safe but she often decides without thinking beyond that I can't exactly blame her especially when I discovered something from her words at the end of the book But still I always don't like unwise characters And I noticed that she always missed the important battles even in the first book There's always something going on with her and her lack of participation in those battles made me think about her less Overall this is a very intense book So much happened and I enjoyed every last bit of them Those last few pages made me speculate a lot of things I'm so excited for the next book