Child of Time

Child of Time☀ Child of Time PDF / Epub ✍ Author Isaac Asimov – Timmy é um rapazinho Tem uatro anos E nasceu há uarenta mil A história de uma criança neandertal retirada do seu tempo e transportada uarenta mil anos para o futuro através de uma ousada e contro Timmy é um rapazinho Tem uatro anos E nasceu há uarenta mil A história de uma criança neandertal retirada do seu tempo Child of PDF \ e transportada uarenta mil anos para o futuro através de uma ousada e controversa experiência Para os cientistas Timmy é uma cobaia; para os adeptos dos direitos humanos é uma causa; para as pessoas vulgares é um monstro Só Edith Fellowes a enfermeira contratada para cuidar dele encara Timmy como realmente é um rapazinho solitário e aterrorizado. I love it when a book sneaks up on you and holds you in it's grasp as thoroughly as this one did with me A simple pairing of stories really made fascinating by the 40000 year time span and the numerous endings that could have beenI loved Asimov's robot short stories and novels for the moral and ethical dilemmas the author tackles This novel was similar in that the scienctific underpinnings are secondary to the unforseen conseuences of their implementationIt was refreshing to see too that the authors didn't bind themselves by Ray Bradbury's butterfly effect of time travel in which minor changes to the past can have enormous conseuences in the presentThe fact that The Ugly Little Boy is under hyped possibly under read and certainly overshadowed by Asimov's and Silverberg's renowned accomplishments very likely makes it all that enjoyable It's the literary euivalent of your favorite used book store that everyone else bypasses on their way to Border's or Barne's and Noble Silverberg clearly intended this novel as a kind of eulogy to Asimov It carefully retains the style and thematic approaches that Asimov used A book of dialog a measured pace minimal action maximum reasoning and logic As a result the novel this is a big 'IMO' both succeeds AND fails because of its achievement of these elements The novel succeeds in expanding Asimov's short story in exactly the same way Asimov would have likely novelized the short story 50 years ago That makes the novel a 50 year old object as if it were found in a time capsule Concurrently the novel fails because it does not tackle some of the improvements in recent SF There was no attempt to update with new technology or detailed scientific background 'hard' SF has improved in that regard over SF from the 1950s The logic and moral reasoning and characterization could have been meaningfully complex The pacing of the plot might be too slow for many readers not from that age which are almost all readers now The edginess of the best modern SF is missing It would be interesting to see an anthology of novellas from original short story 'the ugly little boy' written by authors not wanting to emulate Asimov but to take their world views and literary skills and apply it to the story's concepts Simmons Bacigalupi Doctorow WillisEulogize Asimov with a modern day regeneration and interpretation of 'the ugly little boy' 'Lastborn' aka The Ugly Little Boy by Isaac Asimov;Description Asimov wrote the short story The Ugly Little Boy in 1958 But there is much to the story of the little Neanderthal boy plucked out of time and transferred to the 21st century Now Robert Silverberg in this second collaboration with Asimov has made this sf classic into an engrossing novel length taleSilver CloudShe Who Knows4 I Robot 3 The Ugly Little BoyTR The Caves of Steel 3 Fantastic Voyage 5 The Last uestionTR Fantastic Voyage II Destination Brain This novel really got me hooked from the very start of the story Most enjoyable This was originally a short story by Asimov that first appeared in the September 1958 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction under the title Lastborn It was later republished under the current title in the 1959 collection Nine Tomorrows Robert Silverberg later expanded it into a novel with the same title published in 1992 as this full length novel also published as Child of Time in the UKThe story is about a Neanderthal child who is brought to the present day as a result of time travel experiments by a research organization Stasis Inc He cannot be removed from his immediate area because of the vast energy loss and time paradoxes that would result To take care of him Edith Fellowes a children's nurse is engaged She is initially repelled by his appearance but soon begins to regard him as her own child learns to love him and realizes that he is far intelligent than she at first imagined She names him 'Timmie' and attempts to ensure that he has the best possible childhood despite his circumstance She is enraged when the newspapers refer to him as an ape boy Edith's love for Timmie brings her into conflict with her employer for whom he is of an experimental animal than a human being When Stasis decides to end the project with Timmie and move on to another experiment Miss Fellowes decides on an unexpected drastic step to help him The book also alternates with the story of the group of Neanderthals from which Timmie was taken This part of the novel was part of the expansion by SilverbergOverall I would give this a high recommendation Silverberg and Asimov are two of my favorite science fiction authors and this collaboration was very good This novel version was published in 1992 the year Asimov died so this was probably a tribute to him by Silverberg Asimov is a difficult author to categorize because he's so prolific but even for him this story represents a dramatic change from the norm Through a strange new technology a neanderthal boy is transported from his time to ours As he grows up he faces the hardships of prejudice loneliness and confusion Where does he belong? Not the typical robot fare from Asimov and an enjoyable read from start to finish This is the full length version written in part by Robert Silverberg of a very famous short story of Asimov's by the same name I'm sure I read some Asimov years ago but I can't recall specific titles I know that I didn't read this one and it took me by surprise If I'd had to guess who wrote it Asimov wouldn't even have made my long list How much of the story was written by Silverberg? Stasis Technologies Ltd has perfected a way to reach back into time and bring forth objects for scientific study Their most recent triumph was a baby dinosaur and now they’ve taken a Neanderthal child from the Ice age to the 21st century The nurse assigned to care for the child must somehow bridge a 40000 year cultural gap Initially shocked by the “ugly little boy” Edith Fellows soon recognizes that he is really a frightened child and slowly forms a deep emotional bond with Timmie Originally written as a short story in 1956 Robert Silverberg teamed with Asimov to expand the work into this novel format released as The Child of Time According to Wikipedia Silverberg added the storyline of the Neanderthal tribe and the child advocate subplot both of which definitely do add to the basic plot This also explains how I was reminded of Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear when reading about Silver Cloud Goddess Woman She Who Knows and the other members of the Neanderthal tribe from which Timmie was taken I started out wondering if Auel had borrowed from Asimov but now think Silverberg wrote these sections after Auel’s publication I do wish I had a copy of the original story however so that I could see how Asimov wrote the ending I had pretty much figured this would be what happened but don’t know if it conforms to the original story or is a result of the added elements Sort of the same conundrum faced by the characters when bringing the child into the future – are you altering the course of history?I did like that the characters are portrayed as fully developed – having both good and bad ualities Miss Fellowes is dedicated and truly devoted to Timmie but also very judgmental and freuently fails to see clear signals of what is to come Hoskins is not merely a profit seeking CEO but a family man who listens to Miss Fellowes arguments and tries his best to provide the child with a nurturing environment given the constraints of the Stasis bubble Child advocate Bruce Mannheim is originally painted as a rabid rabble rousing attention seeking hysteric adept at media relations but turns out to be genuinely concerned and willing to help When a company has the scientific technology to scoop a neanderthal boy and bring him to Earth in modern times what will happen? Is he human? Can he learn things even though he looks barely human? Or is he an animal? In this short story turned into a full length novel this uestion is explored through the point of view of Timmy's nurse Edith Fellows She explores these uestions and this story alternates with what is happening to Timmy's family 40000 years ago I fear I'm not doing this book justice but know I truly loved it As long time readers know I'm not much of a sci fi fan— i can count the number of sci fi books I've read on one hand— but thisbook was so emotionally compelling that if I can find books like this I'll definitely read them Right from the beginning I knew this was going to be a book I was going to read than once It takes on intense subjects such as the morality of time travel and the awareness that one is growing old with a light airy tone and I dare say beautiful tact Robert Silverberg has done a wonderful job of creating a wonderfully refreshing strong yet feminine woman No one is right and no one is wrong but depending on who the POV character is and how they are feeling you get to see the good and bad side of everyone This makes it feel so much realThere are few books that end in such a satisfying way that you just have to smile for a few moments after you read it and it isn't the way you think it will end This will be my new go to book when I am feeling down or sick I’ve been fascinated for a while by the idea of homo sapiens encountering homo neanderthal