Only Milo

Only Milo[EPUB] ✺ Only Milo ✽ Barry Smith – Meet Milo a closet writer who emerges from his dull SPAM flavored retirement to become an unseen force in the literary world But when Milo's illicit ghostwriting is nearly exposed on national televisi Meet Milo a closet writer who emerges from his dull SPAM flavored retirement to become an unseen force in the literary world But when Milo's illicit ghostwriting is nearly exposed on national television his options are limited In a world of egotistical no talent authors and duplicitous back stabbing publishers how can Milo achieve the recognition he deserves. Feeling screwed over? Everyone taking your ideas and getting credit? Want revenge? Write about it Make yourself the smartest character kill everyone who makes you mad get away clean This is like a diary entry that was then expanded upon also a voodoo doll in writing Oddly you sort of want the murdering main character to make it maybe because we've all felt unrecognized and unrewarded for our efforts at some point One of the Wordstock booths was giving out free copies of this book It's in Courier font with extremely generous line spacing This book drew me in from the beginning We meet Milo retired loves Spam but wants to get published He soon starts dating a publisher Margaret who hires him to translate José Calderon's first novel from Spanish to English Except the book his horrible and decides to use his own novel as the translation But when Calderon finds out and almost cracks under pressure on live TV Milo knows he has to take care of the problem And so begins Milo's journey to gain the recognition he deserves and nothing will stand in his way as one by one those who stand in his way fall by the waysideIt was shocking to see the callousness of Milo has he continues on his way to success That was what was so incredible about this book Milo is a horrific murderer and yet I care about the guy I don't want him to get caught; I want him to be successful and find the happiness he's been looking forWhat will a person do to gain their heart's dreams? We come face to face with the demon inside us all How many people do we step on to gain our dreams and desires how many do we callously overlook and destroy? I thought this was a brilliant satire on how we can corrupt ourselves to the point of losing our souls Yet in the end Milo finds success and happiness; just as in life when good things happen to bad people or people less deservingBarry Smith really shows us Milo who he is in only 256 pages A fascinating read that makes you laugh and think I say a wonderful combinationThanks to Nicole again for letting me be apart of the Only Milo book blog tour and giving me the chance to read such a fun and thought provoking book This was a VERY fast highly entertaining readIt's funny in a very twisted way Milo finds himself in situations which although not fair are of his own making He decides to make his own solutions as wellThe writing had an interesting rhythm to it with short sentences repeated phrases In some ways the book read like poetry although it wasn't what I'd normally name poetic A superfast read uirky funny The uestion is did Barry Smith really write this book or did Milo? I’m looking back through the beginning of my copy of Barry Smith’s Only Milo I read it in two parts the first half one night several weeks ago before bed and the second half this afternoon I didn’t break up the reading experience intentionally – it just happened But what I’m noticing is that I read the two halves very differently During my first reading session I circled the first sentence on the first page which reads “Maybe it was the SPAM Reuben sandwich” I also underlined and commented in the margins until I uit reading that night I was very gung ho about ‘reviewing’ When I picked up the story this afternoon though I just wanted to know what happened next I flew through the rest relishing the murder and mayhem and rushing headlong to see where it would lead meI think Only Milo can be read either way It’s got dark humor to savor like you would smooth dark chocolate or a great cup of coffee It’s also got action and a non stop plot to keep you chuckling and racing to find out if Milo can possibly get away with it Whichever route you take Only Milo is a hilarious snarky up to the minute novel for readers writers and anyone who has ever secretly seethed that someone else got the credit of their work It’s subversive witty a little bit odd and a lot wonderful I loved it Only MiloBy Barry SmithInkwater Press2009 Reviewed by Angie ManginoRating 4 starsThe first three short background sections of Only Milo set the pace followed by 82 extremely short sections most only a page or less some only a sentence or two in a simple direct writing style unlike most novels But it worksSmith takes readers along uickly with Milo a frustrated writer who hides his own writing but secretly craves recognition Hired to translate a young Mexican’s first novel Milo is driven to do than translate it substituting his own rejected work which leads him in directions he never initially planned Milo’s dull rejection filled life takes on unexpected excitementThe uniue style of this novel keeps the readers engulfed in Milo’s actions as he gets deeper and deeper into his deception and keeps them absorbed with each new twist and turn until the very end of the book Angie Mangino currently works as a freelance writer and book reviewer I received this book free through Goodreads I different type of writing in that the story is told through short sentences and short paragraphs without the detail that sometimes bogs down a novel I found myself turning page after page enthralled with the story and which turn it was going to take A very entertaining and fun read Won this in a goodreads giveaway Maybe it was the Spam Reuben sandwichFirst sentence How can you go wrong with a beginning sentence like that? A uirky dark humor odd but fun read I read it in one sitting The story was fast paced and though few in words it was mesmerizing action packed and uite fulfilling Just like a Spam Reuben sandwich Granted the truncated language of the first person narrator made that task a little easier But I couldn't put it down I stood over my grill cooking dinner with the book in my hand Please read my full review here A born loser Milo drifts from rags to riches to rags and back again The novel is written in spartan paragraphs that appear to be a manuscript typed on a manual typewriter which is fitting since Milo is an author The lengths he'll go to get published under his own name are astounding and black humor hilarious

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