The Companions of Doctor Who K9 and Company

The Companions of Doctor Who K9 and Company[KINDLE] ✽ The Companions of Doctor Who K9 and Company By Terence Dudley – In the sleepy village of Hazelbury Abbas the Winter Solstice is fast drawing near It is a time of deep mystery and ancient evilSarah Jane Smith journalist and former companion to the Doctor comes to H of Doctor ePUB ✓ In the sleepy village of Hazelbury Abbas the Winter Solstice is fast drawing near It is a time of deep mystery and ancient evilSarah Jane Smith journalist and former companion to the Doctor comes to Hazelbury Abbas to start work on her new book While there she Companions of Doctor Who K9 eBook Ô meets Brendan the young ward of her Aunt LaviniaSuddenly Brendan disappears Has he been kidnapped by the practitioners of Black Magic who are said to live in the village Is he to be sacrificed to the goddess Hecate on the Winter SolsticeBut Sarah is not alone in her search The Companions PDF or for Brendan Across the unimaginable gulfs of time and space the Doctor has sent her a very special companion a robotic dog by the name of K . Yes it was a cheesy TV show and the story is only slightly better but it was a fun cheesy storySarah Jane Smith travels to her aunt's house in the country for some rest and ends up with a new dog a young ward to look after and a mystery to deal with as her aunt has disappeared and there are rumors of a witches coven in the neighborhoodAn old fashioned mystery with some genuine suspenseful bits and two likable main characters The TV version may have bordered on cheesy curiosity but without it we would never have had The Sarah Jane Adventures That said as with all his novelizations Terence Dudley performs a miracle and gives this story all the substance and style that was lacking on television Only Eric Saward's novelization of The Twin Dilemma outdoes this for sheer power of rehabilitation returnreturnLong long before Torchwood or the Sarah Jane Adventures the BBC made a pilot for a possible spinoff series K9 and Company which lasted for precisely one 50 minute episode in December 1981 The novelisation by Terence Dudley who also wrote the script wasn't published until 1987 as the third the last in another series of spinoffs Target's Companions of Doctor Who the two earlier books being Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma and Harry Sullivan's War I picked it up the other day as a uick leisure read my thing than Elizabeth SpencerreturnreturnDudley also wrote novelisations of his two other two episode Who stories Doctor Who Black Orchid is possibly the best Fifth Doctor novelisation; Doctor Who The King's Demons is one of the worst Of the three stories as televised Black Orchid was OK K9 and Company dull and The King's Demons pretty dire so I was curious to see how Dudley would manage turning this one into printreturnreturnIt's not too bad in fact The beginning is a bit ropey with Dudley insisting on giving us the exact age of each character and some dubious descriptions of Sarah's problems in an Ethiopian village; but it settles down and has a lot oomph than the original Sarah is explicitly a 'girl' as compared to Elisabeth Sladen's svelte but mature 33 when this was made She is tough; she sometimes prays; she has a black belt in karate; she loves driving her MGB and there is a great chase seuence absent from the original TV version returnreturnSome other things done to continuity Aunt Lavinia has become an anthropologist rather than a virologist which gives her an excuse for writing to the newspapers about witchcraft; Brendan is explicitly 14 so the reference to him doing three extra O levels has been dropped As indeed O levels had been by 1987 The red herrings of the original Aunt Lavinia's mysterious disappearance the not so sinister Bakers are retained without further explanation For some reason K9 sings 'While Shepherds Watched' rather than 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' at the endreturnreturnSo towards the Doctor Who Black Orchid than the Doctor Who The King's Demons end of the spectrum and without the silly mistakes that marred the former Ugg this was a bore Morbid curiosity is the only thing that kept me reading it The story moved far too slowly and Sarah Jane seemed out of character She wept and cried in several places Really Sarah Jane crying? Apparently she has a black belt in karate I don't remember seeing this in the show I thought Sarah Jane was of a tough mental character rather than an Angelina Jolie type In 1981 the BBC showed what was then the first and until 2007 the only spin off from Doctor Who This is the novelisation of that spin off in which much loved companion Sarah Jane Smith teamed up with robot dog K9 to investigate sinister goings on in a small village Solidly written reminder of a simpler age The audio version actually adds to the story and it's appropriate to the season too I like John Leeson's voice

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