Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover➹ [Read] ➵ Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover By Ally Carter ➼ – Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the New York Times best selling Gallagher Girls series with this new edition f eaturing an exclusive new epilogue from Ally Carter When Cammie Morgan visits her roomm Celebrate the th anniversary of the New York a Girl eBook ✓ Times best selling Gallagher Girls series with this new edition f eaturing an exclusive new epilogue from Ally Carter When Cammie Morgan visits her roommate Macey Don't Judge ePUB ✓ in Boston she thinks she's in for an exciting end to her summer After all she's there to watch Macey's father accept the nomination for vice president of the United States But when you go Judge a Girl MOBI ï to the world's best school for spies exciting and deadly are never far apart The girls suddenly find themselves trapped in a kidnapper's plot with only their espionage skills to save them Soon Cammie is Judge a Girl by Her MOBI :¼ joining Bex and Liz as Macey's private security team on the campaign trail where they struggle to answer the uestions Who is after Macey And how can the Gallagher Girls keep her safe The girls must use their spy training at every turn as the stakes are raised and Cammie gets closer and closer to the shocking truth. ''Sometimes people run to see if you'll come after them'' In book one we see the girls opening themselves to the outside worldIn book two we see the girls opening their heartsIn this book we see the girls opening their eyes to face dangerThings are getting seriousWhen someone tries to kidnap Macey a fellow spy student at the Gallagher Academy everything changes for the Gallagher girlsThe girls are growing up They’re becoming mature and focused It can easily be said that this whole series is a coming of age story among many other thingsIt’s not one of my favourite series because it’s interesting Or uniue Or well writtenIt’s a favourite of mine because the characters remind me why I love reading in the first placeThey’re brave strong intelligent but the most important part is that they make us reflect upon ourselves Are we the people we were always meant to be?They make us believe that we too could make a change in this world That saving someone isn’t about having the right gadgets or impeccable timing but about knowing them and being there for themThese girls make me want to be a better personFor now all I have left to say is that in an alternate universe I hope I’m a Gallagher girl It would make me proud and very very happyBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ I fail to see the point of this book??? It could honestly be condensed down to 30 pages and added as an excerpt in another book I enjoyed how friendship seemed to be the dominating theme of this book but the lingering love interests is pissing me off bc love triangleThe humour has not picked up nor has the writing Still v juvenile still v lameHmmmmmm what else?Cammie is annoying Her friends are much cooler than her and I think it would be enjoyable if we got some POVs going around especially BexMy brain did this thing again where it wouldn’t comprehend what I read I think it was to save me from anything traumatic and intensely boringHopefully this series picks up bc its still boring and idk man not much else to say “I thought about how there are two types of secrets the kind you want to keep in and the kind you don't dare to let out”15 stars Ally Carter is a great writer and this book just proves it She weaves in the new mysteries and includes some old ones too just to tie all of the books together Once it comes down to the final showdown I wouldn't be surprised to see all of the characters spies or not included in the battle This series is fantastic and I definitely recomend this book REREAD July 27 2015I WAS INNOCENT ONCEInitial Read January 22 2015I ship Solomon with Abby a lotand I also ship Macey and Preston That's the only update I could ever give you Definitely an improvement over the first two books; it's basically what I'd wanted to see from the series to begin with actual spy action that isn't focused almost completely on boys and an actual focus somewhat on Cammie's relationship with her friends specifically Macey who is admittedly probably my favorite character in the series so bonus points for that which has thus far been rather superficialThe book is marred however by having dramatic scenes particularly toward the end that all scream This was so aVOIDable had most of the adults actually you know decided to divulge what they knew with Cammie and Macey earlier on in the book Bad things happening because of people in the know keeping secrets from other people who have a right to know to keep themselves safe always smacks of a cheap way to have a plot Regardless of what Solomon and Mom say if they honestly knew pretty much nothing than Cammie all that time then they're pretty sorry ass spies and not really in a position to be protecting her I'd think especially considering that the girl has a huge habit of sneaking out of the school on multiple occasions and everyone knows it Most likely they did know but chose not to give the girls any clues forwhat reasons I can't think of any smart ones right now considering the previous italicized and bolded segment above Because they're still kids? Hello these are girls that are trained to deal with highly sensitive government information and how to kill people using mundane everyday objects They're not really kids Get your priorities straight Actually that's something that's kind of been bugging me about these books The teachers at Gallagher are largely supposed to be some of the greatest spies of all time butpersonally I've yet to see much proof that would lead me to agree p l e a s e for the love of all that is holy and pureread these books I finished the galley for this book last week and I really enjoyed it I think each book could have in it though I'm not sure what I mean about but the books are spread out too far and are too forgettable that if there was to it I wouldn't have to spend the first few chapters trying to remember what happened in the last book Maybe it needs action or missions or something That being said I always enjoy the books when I am reading them and this one is no different I love the idea of a spy school for girls and I like the main character very much When I read YA I usually do it unthinkingly by which I mean I read YA like I would read any other book for which I am the target audience The Gallagher Girls series is one of those things though where I am constantly made aware of the fact that I am absolutely not the target audience From a bookselling perspective I'd definitely recommend these to a young reader making the transition from MG to teen; the series may get darker later on but as of book three the series is pretty sanitized easy to read and uick So I recognize the particular use and place of books like these I just feel like even with that fact acknowledged Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover is just badI get it It's book three in a six book series and not every plot line can be resolved That said it's impossibly frustrating to read an entire novel and get nothing resolved This doesn't feel like a complete book and honestly the information and action that occurs in here could pretty easily be condensed into half a book I get each novel is supposed to cover a semester at a time but when the author fails to make the semester interesting then maybe it's time to consider a different format?Like a lot of my objections are personal taste where other people might find Zach cool and intriguing I find him and insufferable prig The adults are unlikable and strangely incompetent for super spies Cammie's friends are impressively two dimensional The writing itself isn't bad but it's boring Rather than finding different ways to write scenes Carter is overly reliant on almost this memetic shorthand Cammie knows 14 languages but doesn't know what to say c c Once that line is cute but it gets dropped obnoxiously often The action is unclear and difficult to follow which may have to do with my engagement with the text than the author's craft That said these books have been surprisingly slow reads despite being 250 or so pages and also about spiesI guess the problem is there's very little spying Hardly anything happens and whenever the characters act for themselves it almost always ends terribly The school structure of the books doesn't help; I don't care about their classes I don't care about their teachers and I really really really do not care about boys Like the whole omfg what do boys think?? thing gets super annoying I hated it in Wheel of Time and I hate it hereLike I said though I am obviously not the target and I'm glad that these books make other people so happy I was really expecting to at least enjoy this series since I like the author's other work so much but no dice I guess I swear this series gets better and better So I definitely wasn't disappointed with Don't Judge A Girl By Her CoverThe plot gets interesting and it definitely has action I mean a kidnapping attempt on the daughter of the governor soon to be VP of the US? Yea action packed novel for sure And not only is there an kidnapping attempt who are the people behind it? And who exactly are they trying to kidnap?The characters are definitely well defined Cammie seems to be a lot mature in this novel and her relationship with Zach is confusing as ever which only adds an element of mystery and suspense to Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover Cammie's best friends are as always her loyal sidekicks So they're always a refreshing element to the plot especially with their obvious different activities and specialtiesThe writing style is also a lot flowing There's definitely not as many parenthesis I'm really against it if you couldn't tell So against it that in fact I use them too and if there were it didn't bother me as muchMy favorite part is probably the disguises I mean you get to read about Cammie dressing up as a hooker How amazing is that? It's totally entertaining and hilarious Plus you get a lot of advice in spy stuff too which is always helpful The ending is kind of a cliff hanger but then again it shows that there's a definite continuation If there isn'tI'm gonna sue HahahaOverall I can't wait for the next installment of the series I hope I can wait for this book to come out I am sooooooooooo excited Ally Carter is a great writer and everyone should read the Gallagher Girls series