The English Doctor's Baby

The English Doctor's Baby❮Epub❯ ➞ The English Doctor's Baby ➝ Author Sarah Morgan – Sebagai dokter Alexander Westerling dikenal tangguh berdedikasi dan profesional Namun ia juga tersohor sebagai aristokrat playboy yang foto fotonya dengan wanita wanita cantik sering menghiasi majalah Sebagai dokter Alexander Westerling dikenal tangguh berdedikasi dan profesional Namun ia juga tersohor sebagai aristokrat playboy yang foto fotonya dengan wanita wanita cantik sering menghiasi majalah majalah elite London Alex terbiasa berhadapan dengan para wanita yang menggunakan berbagai taktik untuk mendekatinya Jadi ketika Jenny Phillips mengklaim bahwa bayi yang dibawanya The English ePUB ✓ Daisy sebagai anak Alex dengan mendiang adik Jenny Alex curiga wanita itu memendam motif terselubung Membuat masalah semakin rumit Jenny memutuskan untuk tinggal di rumah Alex dan bekerja di rumah sakit yang sama dengan Alex sembari menunggu hasil penyelidikan terhadap siapa ayah Daisy sebenarnya Jenny lalu mengubah rumah Alex yang tipikal rumah pria lajang menjadi hunian yang kental nuansa keluarga Dan tahu tahu Alex mendapati dirinya mengganti popok bayi dan melakukan hal hal yang dulu membuatnya sangat alergi Benarkah Alex merasa terganggu dengan semua itu atau ia justru menikmati peran barunya. 4 BIG BAD WOLF STARSThe English Doctor's Baby is every bit as good as the first two and in my opinion even better I'm a nurse so I really enjoyed the Medical aspect to this story And I was really looking forward to reading Alex story and the author does not disappoint This story captivated me from the start Once I started I just couldn’t put it down Though the plot is really simple and you might say predictable but I was interested enough to see the details get filled in And I can that this is my favorite book in the trilogyI adored Alex ever since I've read the first two books The Spanish Consultant The Greek Children's Doctor I was really looking forward to read his own story In those books we knew him as the fun and protective big brother of Katy and Libby He's also a playboy who preferred blondes But in this book I was able to know the real Alex Westerling He was such an endearing character I fell for him straight off the bat He wasn’t perfect and he wasn’t at all what he seemed He was not the asshole playboy that Jenny assumes he was he’s sweet and charming and protective and swoony I also liked the heroine Jenny She has both the sweetness and determination of the usual Sarah Morgan heroines She is easily one of the most relatable female leads You respect her and you get her She speaks her mind doesn’t take bullshit and deals with matters head onThe chemistry between Alex and Jenny doesn’t truly manifest until much later in the story which I liked since I’m a fan of slow burn romances The building sexual tension is completely addictive as is the verbal banter between them I loved the way the author gradually showed the change in them slowly but surely you saw him changed and Jenny became at ease with him; they were so well suited it was uncannyOverall The English Doctor's Baby is a great ending to a trilogyseries I enjoyed so much The ending was just how I wanted it to be The epilogue to this is just the best I can’t help but smile just thinking about it Nurse heroine thinks doctor hero is the father of her late sister's child Hero is the third triplet from the series and is a commitment phobe He's an emergency room doctor in Cornwall and lives in a sprawling beach side house that was fashioned from four traditional cottages knocked togetherThe story opens with the improbable scenario of the heroine on the hero's doorstep with a baby She refuses a DNA test so the hero decides to let his lawyers investigate while the h and the baby live with him Oh and she's also gotten a job at the same hospital so they can see each other day and nightHeroine cooks and makes a home for the hero and he finds he likes living like a family When his sister Libby heroine from book two arrives with her two daughters they all spend time on the beach together Then Libby is stung by a bee and goes into shock this allergy was established in book one It's a surprisingly fraught scene so it's not surprising the Hh go to bed together for the first time after the relief of her recoveryThe black moment comes when view spoiler the fax arrives and spells out the hero is not the father a prominent married politician had a one night stand with the sister hide spoiler The Westerlings book 3 The English Doctor's Baby is the story of Alex and JennyThis book is the best of this series What with the constant tension the antagonism the ever present attraction Alex's relentless teasing and Jenny's awkwardness and her determination to do right by baby Daisy Alex is a gorgeous playboy a born charmer Jenny is shy and out of her depth with a man like Alex I liked the analogy of Red Riding Hood and the bad Wolf I liked how the relationship developed between these two different persons as they get to know each other From antagonism to admiration to love I liked how Alex gets used to Jenny Daisy's presence in his bachelor life and how he becomes bit by bit attached to little Daisy and how he is so tender with her Available on ScribdI liked Alex and Jenny’s story Although a bit far fetched the development of their feelings for each other was believable and well done It made me believe in the strength of their eventual Happy ever afterAnd there is a cute epilogue to all 3 siblings This is the kind of feel good easy read I love It got 4 stars only because of how the story started which was a little put there for me The baby is her sisters and the sister told Jenny Alex was the father So she just shows up at his door expecting him a disreputable rake to be ok with it and let her live with him In any other world then fiction the cops would have been called This is a little unbelievable to me which is the only reason it got 4 stars She just starts living with him and refuses a DNA test bc she doesn't want the baby to be pricked🙄Ok look past all that and I really enjoyed the story I enjoyed the dynamics between the two I especially appreciate that it was about the characters and not about sex It seems like a lot of the books any are all about sex and not about the relationship I like the relationship I enjoy the building of the characters This was seriously sweet Alex growing and realizing he's in love with her Jenny building a backbone and going after what she wants I enjoyed this easy light read I've been steadily bypassing titles like these bec i grew a big head and started thinking i was too good for harleuin shame on me Never forget your roots Granted harlies avons silhouettes et al do tend to be a bit redundant but once in a while you find a gem that keeps you reading till 146 am crying your heart out and giggling and sighing It feels uite a bit nostalgic i haven't read a harlie in over two years though i did reread some old faves a year ago Takes me back to my younger years going to the used bookshop and finding a bunch of romances that fit my small budget This was just delightful Jenny did get on my nerves than a few times with her judgmental tendencies but other than that it was smooth cruising for me I cried I laughed and I definitely wanted a longer epilogue This was my least favourite of the three Westerling books because I don't like baby plots It's still well written with great medical details and I like Alex as a character but this trope or variant on the trope just isn't my thing I was finished this book only in one night For me it's long time ago since I read and never stop until it's done And it happened again with this bookI really like this book Even it's almost like the other romance books but I really really like the main character both of the male female They're honest with their feeling In omnibus Summer with loveI'm a sucker for stories involving children but even I found this highly predictable and a bit sickly sweet I read this in omnibus version Summer with Love but if reading as separate books be sure to read in correct order as this updates on sibling storylines that feature in their own books Just like another Harleuin romance book this book also has happy ending Description and building of the characters are uite good And the details of medical stuffs includes the treatment and cases are complete and well told Nice Worth a re reading a year from now