Leading From the Front: No-Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women

Leading From the Front: No-Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women❮Reading❯ ➵ Leading From the Front: No-Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women ➭ Author Angie Morgan – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Ask yourself honestly is your professional life going according to plan If you are not developing your leadership skills there is an essential element missing from your efforts for success Leading fro Ask yourself honestly is your professional the Front: PDF/EPUB ½ life going according to plan If you are not developing your leadership skills there is an essential element missing from your efforts for success Leading from the Front will show you how to start leading your life rather than allowing your life to lead youMany women have never received formal leadership training They weren't taught to be decisive commanding and ready to take risks But it's never too late to change Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch weren't born leaders they became leaders during their Leading From eBook ↠ years in the US Marine Corps enduring some of the toughest training on earth Now they pass the leadership know how and experience from that training on to youDrawing on their years as Marine Corps officers and successful private consultants Morgan and Lynch deliver key practices to becoming a powerful leader You'll improve your decision making focus and performance as you learn to Set an inspiring example Think fast on your feet Stop making excuses Take care of your team so they'll take care of you Respond without overreacting Stay From the Front: PDF/EPUB ¾ cool while dealing with crises Have the courage to achieve your goalsLearn how to effectively take on any challenge that comes your way with the confidence you need to lead like the toughest Marine but with a woman's touch. I read this book in a work book club and it was a mix bag of like vs pull my hair out are you kidding me I think the strategiesrecommendations of the book are no different than any other leadership book so if you're looking for a uick read then reading this book isn't horrible But if you are feminist you will find the blatant gender roles and stereotypical gendering of women peppered throughout this book For example don't cry because women are emotional or women don't negotiate their salaries like me do WTF There were glimmers of maybe shit for women is harder and then a few pages later it will undo itself At any rate I would skip this book for maybe a Brene Brown book instead I really enjoyed this book Well all but 1 chapter but I will get to that in a moment The authors are 2 women who became friends during officer training for the Marines They took the lessons they learned there and applied them to life in the private sector after leaving teh military These are the main points of their advice1 Meet and exceed the standards you ask from others Lead from the front You are likely to be seen as a competent leader if you are also able to accomplish the feats you ask of your team 2 Make Timely decisions Find the 80% SolutionsIf you wait until you have ALL of the possible data the decision may come too late Act when you are mostly sure of what needs to happen 3 Take responsibility before you start to place blameTaking accountability for the results of your and your teams' actions is vital It prevents the delay of finger pointing and allows you to move uickly to resolution 4 True Leaders Devote themselves to service Take Care of those you LeadBeing a servant leader is the best way to inspire your team to success and innovation 5 Think before you act Especially before you over reactYour reaction should match the severity of the action You want to react in a way that will get the best results 6 When faced with a crisis Aviate Navigate Communicate Aviate Keep business moving forward Navigate act to move through the crisis to resulotion Communicate Alert all concerned parties to what happened 7 Courage Initiative Perseverance Integrity SuccessKeep at it and don't let yourself get discouraged or tempted to cut corners You can do it8 Don't cry over something that won't cry over you Hold you emotions in check as they could derail your teams' faith in your ability to lead 9 Say you're sorry only when you are at faultDo not apologize for external issues Only apologize for what was directly your fault 10 Always Lead as you are You have to be your authentic self Do not try to mimic others or change your own personality Instead focus on the actions to improve and use your own strengths to change themI very much disliked the section about crying I think showing actual emotion is a humanizing event when so many people tend to see Leadership as impersonal Despite that one section I did have a lot of take aways that will help me to continue to grow as a leader Highlights1 Go with your best assessment right off the bat and move on 2 Timely decisions are proactive; they help you move forward Procrastinating only puts you in a reactive mode in which you give up opportunities to lead your life 3 My taking responsibility up front created a climate of trust so that everyone under my command felt comfortable offering suggestions for improvement without fear of sanctions 4 Being practical can often be productive 5 When subordinates feel that they receive no respect or loyalty from those in charge the organization’s morale and culture are bound to suffer 6 Coddling is about pampering and indulging; care taking is about determining what your team needs and then helping get it for themselves so that they can perform at their best 7 To be most effective you need to balance the needs of others with your own needs8 Your reputation for being even tempered will encourage complete disclosure It will also attract followers Overreacting to situations damages your credibility and reduces the confidence others have in you Emotionality will overshadow your talents and abilities It is an acknowledgement of responsibility not an excuse for poor performance 9 Spend time suggesting solutions or ways to correct the error than apologizing for your role in causing the problem Women often feel guilty for situations is which they have little or no involvement or responsibility They lose sight of where their responsibility begins or ends Feedback is useful when you learn steps that you can take to build specific skills; it’s less valuable when you’re told to somehow alter your personality 10 To be effective you need to work on enhancing your strengths and improving your weaknesses Leading from the front is a book written by two former marines It is ostensibly written by women for women which is why I could not fathom some of the authors' phrasing choices in a book meant to inspire women specifically There are a lot of leadership kernels within the book that one can run with I also enjoyed the personal stories to illustrate points From my perspective half the book focuses on leadership and the other half is about coming from a position of strength by overcoming weak stereotypical feminine foibles to succeed in a man’s world I sometimes took umbrage at the authors' tone admittedly somewhat from seeing myself in some of those stereotypes doh but also feeling bashed over the head with our own feminine natures I found myself uestioning their generalities and looking for data to back up their claims Overall a decent leadership book with some unfortunate stereotyping; fun illustrative narratives; and useful leadership takeaways This wasn’t a bad read Both authors are female and discuss various leadership principles that they had learned both as officers in the US Marine Corps and successful business leaders While there are certainly much better leadership books out there there were several important takeaways that I can incorporate into my life they were1 A good idea today is better than a great idea tomorrow2 Don’t ask for forgiveness unless its your fault really got a lot out of the chapter dedicated to this phrase3 Don’t cry over something that won’t cry over youI appreciate both authors’ insights and experiences This book is helpful for both women and men Accessible leadership self help book with good examples “Leading from the front” used in the positive sense of “going to the head of the class” Be a leader at any level by “striving to be your best at any task you undertake”; leaders as “keepers of the standards” Their Ten Principles felt generally familiar to meCo authored by Brookland Dist Supervisor Courtney Lynch Most of the book felt pretty condescending They also seemed to focus on low hanging fruit so maybe that's why it felt so condescending I've read a lot of personal development type books and what was included in this book didn't really enlighten me An entire chapter on not crying at work was the final straw for me While reading this I also met with a group of women and shared my thoughts I know that it helped me look at my actions a bit and put my ego aside in many situations While there are a few parts I disagree with or feel that they could have said it better overall the messages are clear and helpful and you can bring them to your work life or personal life Good read Enjoyed their illustrations from their time in the Corp Some great thoughts on leadership and very easy to read Being decisive and “not crying over something that can’t cry over you” Great Book on Leadership I liked the practical information All of this is helpful whether you are in the professional field or you have kids

Leading From the Front: No-Excuse Leadership Tactics for
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  • Leading From the Front: No-Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women
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  • 19 September 2016
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