Intimate Allies (AACC Library)

Intimate Allies (AACC Library)➽ [Download] ✤ Intimate Allies (AACC Library) By Dan B. Allender ➲ – In Intimate Allies counselor Dan Allender and theologian Tremper Longman III merge their minds and skills to strip away cultural expectations and takes a fresh look at God's design for the marriage re In Intimate Allies counselor Dan Allender and theologian Tremper Longman III merge their minds and skills to strip away cultural expectations and takes a fresh look at God's design for the marriage relationship The authors focus on five foundations taken from Genesis and include an extensive review of other biblical passages on marriage Each section begins with a real life story concerning an unresolved marriage issue and concludes with the same story built on the foundation of a godly marriage With elouence and wisdom Intimate Allies will challenge readers to move their marriages out of the mundane and into the fulfilling and enriching experiences God intended. Though unmarried I think this is one of the best books on marriage particularly because it is based upon a Biblical Theology which many books on marriage omit There is the theme of and the recognition of the Fall Promise Redemption and Restoration throughout the book The Book essentially is how to live the Christian Life as a married couple as they both look forward to the restoration namely the New Heaven and New Earth Many singles do not have this Biblical Theology in mind when they enter relationships This is a great book to prepare them for marriage “Intimate Allies” is one of those books to keep on your bedside table for daily guidance and inspirationThis is my second time to read this novel and I must admit that I’m looking forward to our next encounter Highly recommend So far so GREATFinally finished this one Was it good? Nope It was GREAT and should be mandatory reading for ALL married couples regardless of faith It would uickly put me a family law lawyer out of business if this book was read and heeded by ALL And frankly that would not be a bad development in this ol' pirate's eyes Rock on me hardies It's a GREAT life; whether you're married or not I thought this book was good but it’s not one of my favorite marriage books ever written It describes how a husband and wife can best team up together in life and enhance one another’s mission in Christ One of my favorite uotes “I must learn what it means to draw out my wife’s uniueness to draw her to live out God’s glory in a way that no one else can or should do” p 45 Exceptional book for any couples who engaged or already married I also think this would be great for single people to help you understand God's design for marriage and how our relationship with our spouse is an echo of God's relationship with the church I wanted to give up on this book several times but I am glad I powered through Some stuff I had heard before but also provided a uniue perspective on marriage in this book I'm really glad I read this It gave me new perspective on my marriage and God's intention for it I enjoyed the layout of the book and the balance of stories and Scripture in addition to the candid conversation Highly recommend it I stumbled upon this title through Timothy Keller's uotation of these authors in his book the meaning of marriageI deeply appreciated the depth of wisdom and insight both theological and practical in this book God's original design redeemed through the gospel sparkles on every page The authors use of fictional scenarios to set the stage for each section was helpful and engagingI heartily echoed the truth proclaimed throughout the pages of this book until right at the end where the authors use the epilogue to expound the future grace of heaven's glorification in our intimate fellowship with the Lord and one another Their speculative application of how human sexuality will find glorification in eternity especially in uoting Lewis Smedes on page 361 was not well grounded in scripture and I found to be distracting at best certainly unnecessary and tasting of error At the same time it would not hinder me from highly recommending this book with a word of caution over the epilogue I have to preface my rating and review by saying my first encounter with Dr Allender was at a marriage conference my then boyfriend and I attended at our church Much of the material in this book was covered at the conference I found Dr Allender to be a way engaging speaker than a writer So if given the option I would go to hear him in person over reading his book However if you haven't had any exposure than this book is very interesting My husband and I spent a lot of time while we were dating and engaged doing work on our relationship I found his insight into the leave cleave and weave aspects of marriage very interesting informative and helpful for framing conversation amongst ourselves A good book for those getting married or who are married I have heard wonderful things about Dan Allender and had the chance to see him speak recently After hearing him I uickly made a list of all the books of his I was eager to read I recently just finsihed this one Although I am not married my boyfriend took a strong interest in the book as well and is planning to read it now that I have finsihed I read some of the parts aloud to him which sparked some very wondeful intreging conversations between the two of us Although it took me awhile to read and I felt it was uite wordy at times I would still highly recommend this to any couple married or not having trouble or doing just fine It is insightful and pushes you to dig deeper into your own spirituality to connect closer with your partner

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