Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts (Sabuda Encyclopedias)

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts (Sabuda Encyclopedias)❴Reading❵ ➶ Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts (Sabuda Encyclopedias) Author Robert Sabuda – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Lions and tigers and bears Stand back for a beast of a pop up Within these dynamic pages lurk fearsome saber toothed cats bears taller than basketball hoops and everyone's favorite Ice Age giant the w Lions and tigers and bears Stand back for a beast of a pop up Within these dynamic pages lurk fearsome saber toothed cats bears taller than basketball hoops and everyone's favorite Ice Age giant the woolly mammoth Prehistoric Yeti like mammals now extinct birds and giant flying lizards all come alive in a showcase featuring than thirty five astonishing pop ups In this third and final volume of the best selling Encyclopedia Prehistorica series D masters Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart Encyclopedia Prehistorica PDF \ tackle the titans of the ancient world awing us with a humbling close up look at some startling mega beasts that preceded us on planet Earth. Book ShareHave you ever wondered about how animals looked like in the past? The exuberant non fiction Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega Beasts was courtly authored by renowned masters Robert Sabuda and Mathew ReinHart Once the book starts the reader immediately plunges into the world of sky lizards dating to about 150 million years ago The reader finds out about naturalists and paleontologists finding the first flying dinosaur fossil in 1784 Next after learning all about lizards and cold blooded organisms the book gives birth to the rise of the mammals Whiskers and fur are introduced to the world which leads to the paleozoic era started 575 million years ago and ended 245 million years ago This chapter explains how mammals were created and who where the first mammals to roam the earth After a long time of mammals leading the earth some mammals evolved into what humans consider to be the big the bad and the ugly These animals like the simosthenurus used to be wombats and now have turned into giant oversized bears Not only the mammals evolved but so did the birds Mostly herbivores these gigantic ostriches called moas didn’t harm anything and did’t act violent unless provoked Later after this growth spurt of the animals and dinosaurs weird and never seen animals have appeared such as hairy turtles horned giraffes and gophers with spike heads Although these animals were not terrifying they were extremely dangerous Even 15000 years ago these animals still lived on earth Unfortunately these animals were forced to extinction because of disease and hunters The hunters indeed were the most ferocious prehistoric predators Saber toothed lions would roam the lands and would fight against bears and tigers which could crack bones with there teeth Surprisingly there were few predators and dangerous animals near Australia only pouched marsupial wolfs These were the obvious ancestors of kangaroos Finally about 1 million years ago temperatures plummeted and earth had survive a series of harsh ice ages During this period of time woolly mammoths and Lion Kings appeared and roamed the earth until the temperatures went back to normal killing them or icing the remains of all the ice age monsters In conclusion Robert and Mathew’s outstanding paperback was informative and helpful After reading this book I still had a couple of uestions that really keep me thinking When did dinosaurs appear on earth? Where there any dinosaurs with mammal like featuresWhen did prehistoric mammals go extinct? What other reasons made them go extinct? What did the marsupial wolfs in Australia use their pouches for? When was the first sabertooth lion live and start the breed? Where there any dinosaurs with mammal like features? When did prehistoric mammals go extinct? What other reasons made them go extinct? What did the marsupial wolfs in Australia use their pouches for? When was the first sabertooth lion live and start the breed? Second I wrote an acrostic poem about my story and the beasts in it Materialistic Arts Entertaining Facts Ghostlike Creatures Abnormal turtles Belated Mammal Takeover Ecstatic Lions Awesome Authors Shaggy Horns Terrible Bears Finally the woolly mammoth pop art was my favorite illustration for several reasons First after reading the history of the woolly mammoth I found it nicer and realistic Second the mammoth reminded me of Ice Age the movie Finally this was my favorite illustration because it was the most detailed one and possessed me while looking at it In conclusionThis illustration was my favorite throughout the whole book Mega Beasts is a book that I would recommend to the sixth grade audience for many clear reasons First of all the book is contains huge pop art illustrations that capture your attention and make you want to read the captions and explanations The information inside the captions are really easy to understand and even the most reluctant reader would like to give it a try While reading the book you will want to answer uestions you never thought you would want an answer for The non fiction miracle goes through everything and leaves no loose endings which makes it good for sixth graders This book wouldn’t be a good choice for readers which are literature preferring and don’t enjoy facts This book is a book that everyone would be satisfied as a good read but not enjoy it so much For instance sometimes throughout the captions you would find a boring fact even though it is necessary This might not convene people who like to keep the story interesting Hence this book has its ups and downs but still is an excellent read for the sixth grade audience Totally amazing Every page is a work of genius in paper engineering As well as the main large pop up dinosaur and information each page has little booklets with details and small pop up images Can I say that every age kid and adult alike will LOVE this book My husband took it out of my hand as soon as I opened it up and then my youngest daughter sneaked it away from him This book is full of facts and information about dinosaurs that is presented very well in small burst But the really amazing part of this book is the pop ups They are intricate and amazingly crafted There are even pop ups under other pop ups so the fun just keeps on coming The colors are catching and the Meat Eaters pop ups are unbelievably cool The best is the Raptors the archaeopteryx flys off the page This was a present for my 6 year old who is now 7 and sitting beside me raving on and on about how much he still loves this book It's one of the best pop ups ever seen and offers something for younger kids the awesome popup creatures and older kidsmany different levels of text and secret messages windows doors and various styles of accordian type pages to open It is a great gift and will delight a kid for than a couple of years I wouldn't give it to one of those kids that are destructive and can't resist ripping paper I could never give a one star review to a pop up book The engineering that goes into one will always be mind boggling and worthy of praise However Robert Sabuda's Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega Beasts Pop Up doesn't really merit a greater rating from me in large part because the images that have been sliced and diced into 3 D engineered illustrations have difficulty resembling prehistoric creatures Perhaps the subject matter doesn't lend itself to the format without taking on the feel of mechanized plated Transformers and conseuently makes for a disappointing pop up book Everyone knows my love of pop up books right? Well Robert Sabuda is like the King of Pop Up I do not know how he is able to create these things let alone in a manner that makes them mass producable That is so not a word but I used it anywayThis one is not my favorite of his mostly because I'm not a 6 year old boy with a dinosaur obsession But it is amazing nonetheless Go Westerville Library for being brave enough to let it circulate It has yet to be destroyed This book and the Dinosaur book in the Encyclopedia Prehistorica series are absolutely stunning By far the best pop up books I have ever seen More like amazing works of art then pop up books Kids are transfixed by these books This was one of three that was given to me as a gift These are AMAZING pop up books They have a wealth of information and amazing graphics Each page has one or two mini pop up books on it as well LOVE these I put this on my shelf because I did not want to forget about this book or the title This book is an excellent book for the 6 9 year range kids that are interested in science I read this to Ty this weekend and it was the best pop up book I have ever read amazing work of art of a book totally stunning and transfixing i dont own this or any other book in the series and neither do i care that its rated ages 5 and up if anyone out there wants to gift me this or the dinosaurs or the sharks one that would be smashing

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