Getting to the Heart of Interfaith: The Eye-opening, Hope-filled Friendship of a Rabbi, a Pastor, and a Sheikh

Getting to the Heart of Interfaith: The Eye-opening, Hope-filled Friendship of a Rabbi, a Pastor, and a Sheikh❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Getting to the Heart of Interfaith: The Eye-opening, Hope-filled Friendship of a Rabbi, a Pastor, and a Sheikh Author Don Mackenzie – A deeply personal journey to interfaith collaboration that offers hope for an inclusive and healing way of being together in the world Too often religion seems to fuel hatred than love conflict than c A deeply personal journey the Heart PDF/EPUB ¾ to interfaith collaboration that offers hope for an inclusive and healing way of being together in the world Too often religion seems to fuel hatred than Getting to eBook ✓ love conflict than collaboration Interfaith Talk Radio's interfaith amigos a pastor a rabbi and an Imam provide a rich understanding of the road to interfaith collaboration by sharing their stories challenges to the Heart PDF/EPUB ä and the inner spiritual work necessary to go beyond tolerance to a vital inclusive spiritualityFrom their deep commitment and lived experience they present ways we can work together to transcend the to the Heart of Interfaith: Kindle - differences that have divided us historically Together they exploreThe five stages of the interfaith journeyThe power of our storiesThe core of our traditionsThe promises and problems of our traditionsNew dimensions of spiritual identityAnd much Along with inspiring insights and encouragement for tapping into the promise of interfaith dialogue they provide practical actions additional readings and discussion uestions to help you embody their revolutionary spirit of healing. I do not recommend this book While there are some valuable thoughts about interfaith friendships the theology is off baseThe book claims to explore the interfaith friendship between a pastor a rabbi and a sheikh yet they all believe they worship a common deity a common Universal They view Christianity Judaism and Islam as faith traditions This makes their exploration an exploration of cultures rather than a search to understand how to build friendships with others who hold different beliefsThis belief in a common god reuires that the distinctives in each religion are minimized Rather than worshipping God as He has revealed Himself the authors' focus on themselves and their sensitivities There is no sense of God's holiness and uniueness There is no worship Rather than wrestle with tough concepts they discard what they disagree with They offer a human centric religionThe book does offer some advice about how to approach interfaith dialog Develop a friendship first Begin discussing faith by looking for common ground As you begin discussing the difficult areas initiate the conversation yourself by discussing what you find difficult in your own faith and by telling what you wish others could understand about your faith When discussing areas where you don't agree listen with empathy and aim for understanding Unfortunately the underlying beliefs harm any good in the book If you are looking for a book which portrays interfaith friendships I would suggest Seeking Allah Finding Jesus A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity In that book David Wood models interfaith friendship Compassion Unconditional Love and Oneness were described by the Muslin Christian and Jewish authors in an effort to share a Core Belief from which each author comes when they are doing their interfaith work together They challenged me to find my own core belief and my own story to share when I encounter a person of another faith tradition This would be part of what is referred to asStage 1 Moving beyond separation and suspicion It is only after I have an honest in depth place in my own life from which to share that I can listen and relate to another person with awareness of their own depthStage 2 of inuiring deeply stage 3 of sharing both the easy and difficult parts stage 4 of moving beyond safe territory and stage 5 of exploring spiritual practices from other traditions can better be realized in the context of knowing one's own core position and being able to see how it relates to the core beliefs of othersThis book told of the trip the three interfaith friends took to Israel and how that trip affected each individual in the group and then how that individual was able to open up to the others about his own experience in a way that helped reveal new insights for all three I especially liked the section that told of spiritual disciplines and devotional practices in the three faiths Do not be fooled by the cover this is a beautiful book The Three Interfaith Amigos of NPR fame guide us down the dangerous rapids of interfaith dialogue suggesting healing occurs when we focus on what unites rather than on what divides us As we learn to listen to one another deeply we discover and are enriched by the uniue insights of each tradition Individually they share what they uestion as well as what they love about their own faith and counter common misconceptions They share their personal spiritual journeys and the development of their friendship These revealing moving stories capture the essence of spirituality – the wellspring of life from which humanity emerges the face of God reflected in every person Their premise seems to be that we can dialogue constructively without violating the integrity of our own tradition – interfaith means a juxtaposition of ideas rather than merging blending or erasing boundaries A pastor a rabbi and a sheikh explore the commonalities among the three Abrahamic faiths They outline steps that we can take to begin our own interfaith journeys They share how exploring other faiths has not only helped them feel brotherhood with each other but has also deepened their appreciation for their own faiths I liked that each of them described both the positive aspects and the difficult aspects of his own faith The three of them co led a tour of the Holy Land feeling empathy as they experienced the sights through the eyes of another faith This book was easy to read and left me wanting to build interfaith bridges and feeling that there may be a path to peace in the Middle East This book is on the 2011 UMW reading program list I'll pass on my copy to whoever wants to read it This is the most helpful interfaith book I've seen The authors illustrate with the progress of their own friendship how to gradually build relationships with people of other faiths or spiritual outlooks making the process concrete and human The reflections of the three Interfaith Amigos also provide food for thought on spiritual matters Even though I've never belonged to any faith tradition over the last several years I've been involved in interfaith events to support better understanding among people When things get faithy I've often felt What am I doing here This book has given me insights that will allow me to bring to and take from these experiences Wow An absorbing comparison of Christianity Judaism and Islam by a pastor a rabbi and a sheikh I was intrigued by the honesty of the three men as they struggle with the difficult uestions of their own religions and as they experience a shared trip to the holy land I loved that they also shared what they loved about their religions and how they attempted to bridge thegap between each other and their respective religions Getting to the Heart of Interfaith is an enjoyable read The authors have suggested 5 steps for successful interfaith dialogue and stress the fact that it has to go beyond our prejudices about the different faiths It's a journey of coming out of our little boxes and expanding not only our mind but our hearts and experiences What I realized though is that for inclusive spirituality one has to have an outlook that is brave enough to embrace instead of being governed by fear Thought provoking look at what happens when a Christian minister Jewish rabbi and Muslim sheikh come together to discuss their common ground and share their discoveries with the world Eye opening in that the three religions share than Abraham and have many worship traditions and beliefs that are similar or very nearly the same An intriguing look at faith that doesn't propose that all paths lead to one; instead it suggests what can be appreciated from various systems of faith to help strengthen one's own choice of religiousfaith practice The authors are refreshingly candid as they include the aspects of their faith systems they find cohesive and devisive I have very mixed feelings on this book I started off liking it and the authors' mindset to the whole interfaith issue But as I read on I noticed my vision of interfaith is very different from theirs If this book is what all books on interfaith have in mind then the word for what I was expecting is not interfaith

Getting to the Heart of Interfaith: The Eye-opening,
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  • 183 pages
  • Getting to the Heart of Interfaith: The Eye-opening, Hope-filled Friendship of a Rabbi, a Pastor, and a Sheikh
  • Don Mackenzie
  • English
  • 04 October 2014
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