A Fine Mess Living Simply With Children

A Fine Mess Living Simply With Children➩ A Fine Mess Living Simply With Children Ebook ➯ Author Michelle Kennedy Hogan – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A Fine Mess Living Simply With Children is a memoir full of tips for living frugally and simply Through humor trial and error the Hogan's have learned how to scale back live frugally and have fun in t A Fine Mess Mess Living PDF ✓ Living Simply With Children is a memoir full of tips for living frugally and simply Through humor trial and error the Hogan's have learned how to scale back live frugally and have fun in the process Between homeschooling owning their own businesses and working at jobs they love they have been able to stay debt free and feed their family fresh organic foods for less than a month. I'm not uite sure what to say about this book Some interesting points based on first hand experiences of the author but a lot of ramblingand I felt somewhat inconclusive at the end of the book Author seems firm in her belief that living rurally and simply In VT is the better way to raise a family but by the end of her book they all move back to the city Green Bay WI and basically start a new urban life? Ok I really liked this book ie it held my interest and it had some nice tips although I didn't agree with most of what the author says and I found her really judgmental towards people women actually who do try to have a life outside their children And she really judges all women who don't breast feed cloth diaper wear their babies at all time use cloth wipes etc In her world all women want to do is be with their babies and kids 247 or otherwise there is no point having kids at all and none of the women who don't do the above who try to have some time away from their family shouldn't have kids at allBeing the full time working mother who wants to work whether I have to or not who likes ocasional breaks with friends or alone away from both husband and a child who breast fed just for a little while and decided that it was limiting my sleep time as I wanted my husband to alternate nights and feeding times with me I am just that selfish and who pretty much all the time said thank God they invented wet wipes etc I found it hard to relate But I am still giving it 4 stars because I do believe we have to read different points of view and I see how in her life all of those things fit Of course she readily admitted moving back to the city when it was convenient than living on the farm ie her husband whose only goal was to be self employed got offered a good job and took it While this seems hypocritical I think it is very human and personally I always like to reserve my right to change my mindThe woman has 7 kids she must know what she is talking about I wish he book was better edited as I think the articles were from her blog maybe not sure but in some of them she has 5 sometimes 6 and sometimes 7 kids so it was obviously written over the course of several yearsAnd another thing whenever I read a book by a minimalist they list the things that you will NEVER need for the baby and a changing table is always on that list I don't get it I used it for 25 years CONSTANTLY it was the most used baby item apart from his crib I loved having a ready and neat place to change my baby with everything on hand rather than having things scattered all over the place or changing the baby on the couch in the living room or something messy like that But then again I am very organized hence my love for books and booklets like these I do always pick up a tip or two I like the way she home schools her kids I'd love to be able to try that but besides being at work full time I do usually succumb to peer pressure unfortunately So all in all an interesting read and I got it free on too This book was a sort of ongoing magazine article about justifying the lifestyle the Hogans have chosen While admirable it is not a fit for everyone And it should be noted that they eventually left their Vermont abode living debt free and as much from the land is a laudable goal and she presents the argument that it can be done all while doing jobs we find fulfilling Overall interesting but not what I was looking for

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  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • A Fine Mess Living Simply With Children
  • Michelle Kennedy Hogan
  • English
  • 03 April 2015
  • 9780578018386