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Dick – An omnibus volume of five of the best novels by 'the most consistently brilliant SF writer in the world' John Brunner Dick's tales of twisted perceptions and false realities have shaped modern SF and An omnibus volume of five of the best novels by 'the most consistently brilliant SF writer in the world' John Brunner Dick's tales of twisted perceptions and false realities have shaped modern SF and provided the inspiration for numerous blockbuster movies'For everyone lost in the endlessly multiplicating realities of the modern world remember Philip K Dick got there first' TERRY GILLIAMIn The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch mankind Five Great Kindle - is offered a permanent shared illusory world when industrialist Eldritch introduces the alien drug Chew ZIn Martian time Slip Arnie Kott and his plumbing union control the entire water supply on Mars But Arnie is poisoning the lives of everyone around him Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Dick's grim vision of a bounty hunter stalking renegade replicants through a devastated future was made into the film Blade Runner Ubik crosses the boundaries of life death and reality with the story of Glen Runciter He is dead Or is he As reality warps for those he left behind nothing is certain any A Scanner Darkly is perhaps uncharacteristically for Dick about the dangers of drug use drawing a future plagued by an almost hallucinatory level of drug induced violencePhilip K Dick was born one of twins; his sister died in infancy He lived most of his life in California and wrote than fifty books in a career of prodigious productivity and achievement The films Blade Runner Total Recall Minority Report and Paycheck are all based on his stories. Writing over 40 novels often at breakneck speed while on various drugs Phillip K Dick produced a lot of so so work and about 15 or so essential books Five of those essential ones are here in a handy 840 page omnibus I'm convinced now that there are two kinds of people the kind that loves his work and can't get enough and the kind that starts crying and goes I don't get it This is terrible because I do not get it If you're one of those people you should probably stop after a few chapters of The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch and go back to cherry picking from Oprah's Book Club You ain't gonna get much from going much furtherFor the rest of you this is a good way to get your weird fiction fix And if someone is bothering you on the bus you can hit them with it It's uite a heavy book even in paperback format Ah PDK Is there anything you can't do? This is a compilation of five booksThe Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Off world colonists try to forget their harsh existence through the use of hallucinogenic drugs and doll sets Interesting ideas but also very confusing Martian Time Slip A powerful union head tries to hold on to his power by manipulating a boy who sees time differently So many unlikeable characters it's hard to stay with this one Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? A bounty hunter attempts to find and kill a group of rogue androids A good book Ubik A group of people who can counter psychic abilities are caught in a bomb blast They then try to work out whether they are alive or in a state of post death stasis called half life Confusing but intriguing A Scanner Darkly An undercover anti narcotics agent starts to mentally collapse while investigating a group of his own friends Again confusing but strangely gripping Overall a lot of Dick's work involves altered states and drug use which can be hard to get a handle on if you have no similar first hand experiences Good books but not entirely to my taste I don't read much science fiction thank god but thought I'd give this a bash Consists of the 'Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch' which is well weird; 'Martian Time Slip' which is captivating and well written; 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' yep the basis for Bladerunner but a lot lot better than Bladerunner in parts and also worse in others; Ubik which is probably the most interesting and better developed of the five; and A Scanner Darkly which is just pathetic decrepit and not worth spending any time on and written at the height of PKD's speed power binge writing periodReading all five has made me understand why filmmakers and Californians in particular love PKD and see him as somehow deep man He's not In fact he's pretty shallow but the most infuriating aspect is that you can see the writer he might have become if he put an ounce of energy into the development of a half of the ideas that he spewed out onto the page in speed fuelled ravages of writing Its such a pity as you can see that he can write but that he can't be arsed to fully develop his ideas because the next one is already impingeing on his ephedrine buzz A great shame and a great loss A great way to get into Philip K Dick's writing with five stories that draw the reader progressively deeper into the writer's weirdly wonderful world while dealing with the overarching theme of our humanity Another book read a while ago but still on the to read listI want to read everything PKD did never boring always entertaining and exciting Classic Sci Fi What can I say? PKD invented modern science fiction in my book And here are 5 of his best stories Yes the Bladerunner one is there and so is A Scanner Darkly which is better I can't believe I didn't know about Philip K Dick These novels are right up my alley I don't even know which I liked best as each was so distinctive and mind altering I will say that I found Ubik a bit creepy to read before bed in a dark room by myself Ubik is mind blowing The rest is very good I know Phil Dick has great stature in the world of science fiction and many of his stories have been made into films However I honestly found this book a real chore to read Many of his stories have elements of drug use in them which is hardly surprising given his own drug use These elements of his stories massively detract from the hard boiled science fiction elements Too often the stories seemed to ramble along aimlessly and you start to wonder where on earth it's goingThe films made of his books tend to leave out all the drug related aspects and are better for them Ironically the most readable was A Scanner Darkly which was all about drugs drug use and the impact of drugs The film that was made of it was probably the worst one of all the adaptationsI won't be reading this again and I've donated my copy to charity Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is one of those books you have to reread once in a while Still as good as the first time

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