My Name is Daphne Fairfax: A Memoir

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Just out in paperback and I'm not entirely clear why I picked this up Perhaps I'd read too much serious fiction and heavy SFFantasy for my own good or perhaps I just saw the cover and realised I didn't know much about Arthur Smith Yes I've seen him on some TV uiz shows and he does lots of Radio Four but I wasn't sure uite where his reputation had come from Still a lighter read while on my tea breaks etc at work seemed like a good idea so there you goGiven Smith's career as a comedian I guess I thought this would be of a humourous Christmas Stocking type affair rather than an out and out biography To be fair there are some funny sentences some amusing anecdotes and some witty one liners but there's an overwhelming sense of melancholy contained within the book Partly that's to do with the opening chapters which warn us that Smith's life is going to have some unhappy moments ahead but there's also something about his writing style which even when dealing with apparently funny subjects cuts through to the underlying darkness Smith may have lead a fascinating life and achieved much but there's a sense of emptiness throughout the narrative He's clever enough to know that writing with the benefit of hindsight changes your perception of the past but incisive enough to compensate without distorting the facts well as far as someone who wasn't there can tell anyway Alcoholism too much smoking womanising lack of direction sounds fabulous I know No no I mean terrible It's a surprisingly touching read even if you don't really know who the author isJust out in paperback and I read it at work ISBN 9780099519652 I thoroughly enjoyed this book despite the author's fondness for working on Radio 4s Loose Ends programme which I couldn't abide It was well written well constructed and good humoured which cannot be relied upon in autobiography and certainly not expected from someone who has been paid to be an official Grumpy Old Man I laughed out loud as befits a work by a comedian but was impressed by how thoughtful and grounded it seemed to be grounded than anyone who has been through the conventional lows of excessive drinking and general not looking after oneself or anyone else of celebrity has any right to be Why does Noddy have a silver bell on his hat?Wonderful evocation of a life well lived From birth to death and back again Arthur's essence shines from the first page to the last Genuinely inspiring and may very well become of biblical significance to future civilisations I was directed to this book by my GP a hopeless romantic and expert in close hand combat Indeed I recall Daphne Fairfax being the last words I heard before his neck hold rendered me unconscious If I could recommend one book this year it wouldn't be this one Oh yes it would As you can see Arthur's humour is infectious And he had crabs in the late eighties Well I have to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book Arthur Smith is probably known to most nowadays from 'Grumpy old Men' This book traces his life from when he was running around the bomb craters playing as a child right up to the present day It is a very touching book and serves as a good history of post alternative comedy Parts of the book are very sad but these are written about in a very sensitive way there is plenty of Arthurs dry humour in this book tooOverall almost a 5 star book for me Can't I give this 4 12 stars please Thought I would struggle with thisArthur Smith I take him or leave him really as far as seeing him on TV goes but I actually enjoyed this book and sailed through itDefinately recommend it if you know who he is and I now want to see of his stuff old and new on TV having fingered through his life and background which is both funny and sad in placesI didn't realise this 'Grumpy old Man' could be so elouently movingThe Paris Poem is desperate touching and lovely One of the greatest autobiographies of all time I read it when it first came out and am now reading it again to my demented motherIt's a strange thing to read a book in which you appear repeatedly over 50 yearsI ought to declare a conflict of interest in that the book is by my beloved brother I like Arthur Smith but I found that there was something lacking in this autobiography that I couldn't uite put my finger on Well written honest and a good laugh If only all celeb biogs were this good Arthuror Brian as that is his real name is a fantastic storytellerReally good Biog and defo worth a read An honest and interesting tale of Arthur's life and family There are obvious gaps in there freely admitted by himself An interesting peer into a comedianreprobates life

My Name is Daphne Fairfax: A Memoir eBook õ Name is
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • My Name is Daphne Fairfax: A Memoir
  • Arthur Smith
  • English
  • 14 January 2014
  • 9780091921033