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Love Waits❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Love Waits Author Donald James Parker – Cheri is an innocent fourteen year old raised in a small town in Nebraska Her father lands a promotion demoting her to a status of 'nobody' in a much larger and inhospitable city One of the few people Cheri is an innocent fourteen year old raised in a small town in Nebraska Her father lands a promotion demoting her to a status of 'nobody' in a much larger and inhospitable city One of the few people she connects with in her new school spills the beans that Cheri is still a virgin Some of her cool schoolmates exert pressure on her to unbuckle the chastity belt Faced with the loneliness of the new environment and coupled with relationship problems with her father Cheri finds the temptation growing strong When her father recruits a sixty something babysitter she is ready to rebel However she finds that Jean Macalester is no ordinary woman Jean's womanly wisdom background as a flute teacher and love of God provide a counterweight to the peer pressure of Judy Green the girl who goes on a crusade to convert Cheri to modern morality When Cheri and Duke Williams Cheri's new crush discover the church youth group plans a chastity pledge they have to decide whether to join or fly solo. This is either a great book or a blah book depending on what you are expecting If you are expecting a really good story about a young girl dealing with all the changes described in the synopsis you may be very disappointed If however you are looking for a good manuel for teaching adolescents all the Christian values a parent strives to impart this is the perfect book for youLove Waits is a series of sermons couched in a story of a 14 year old girl facing a new school and a whole lot of peer pressure The writing comes across like a friendly pastor telling a story to teach a lesson while attempting to sound hip Archaic in teenage society words like dudette and too many to name scream uninformed adult and need serious updating As the story itself goes it is an important one but seems only used to connect points As the book progresses events become unbelievable and pile up fast and furious A rape a pregnancy childhood abuse a slashing all within the last few chapters it's a whirlwind that would probably have been better suited to than one book as it became overwhelming and muddied up the moralThe lesson's however are very good ones and it's not just the adults who preach them Kid's preach to each other Teacher's preach to the kids kid's preach to parents and adults preach to adults it's a very inclusive program and one young adolescents could stand to read This was the first e book I've ever read I was amazed at how much slower I read this book than I probably would have had I been holding a hard copy in my hands It took me about 4 days to read what I should have read in about a couple of hours This book is the story of Cheri a young girl who is moved away from Nebraska and everything she knows by her single parent dad Cheri has had her share of heartaches and heartbreaks in life and this move sure didn't help her out However along the way Cheri meets her next door neighbor Jean and things start to look a little better See Cheri didn't want to meet Jean and hang out with hershe's old enough to be her grandmother But with Cheri home alone while her dad is out working her dad thought it best that she have a chaperon especially after he saw her walking home from Duke's house one day Lots of things are going on in Cheri's life just like any other hormonal teenager She learns many valuable life lessons and joins the local youth group It's there that she learns the value of saving oneself for marriage and where a chastity pledge is takenI liked this book and I didn't like this book It was very easy to read and would have been faster for me if it was a hard copy and focuses on what many teenagers and adults face todayhuman sexuality and it's urges The storyline in and of itself is very straightforward and what today's society needs to know and learn aboutespecially our teenagers The parts of this book that disturbed me is that the author and I have some obvious differences in religion and religious thoughts This is the first christian fiction book that I have read where a specific religion was mentioned and elaborated on I do not believe in this religion and for that reason could not in good conscious recommend this book to anyone I was also a little taken aback by the use of strong language in a book that is considered to be christian However I think that the author may have been trying to make the book as true to the nature of teenagers as possible A small warning at the beginning of the book would have been appropriate I will add that I think my favorite character in this book is Judy I immediately got a picture of someone named Judy that I know and that seemed to fit this description As mean as Judy was in the book I couldn't help but laugh at some of the things she saiddid because of the image I had put onto her I felt sorry for Judy throughout the book regardless of what she chose to do I guess in some ways Judy reminded me of myself at one point in my life Another thing that struck me from reading this book is that I'm not sure I've ever read a book that was almost straight dialogue At first I didn't like it but the I read the I appreciated the straight up story The characters described the setting well in their conversations and I was alright with that This was just a little different than I had expected when I first started reading it I never attended American high school or junior high so I don’t know what it’s like And I never had any daughters so I don’t know what they’d think it was like eitherThe school in Love Waits by Donald James Parker fits all the clichés that I’ve heard of with girls discussing their virginity or lack thereof peer pressure showers church youth groups and moderately aggressive religious witnessing But I liked the way the author indicates that his setting is just one school without implying that everywhere is the sameThe protagonist Cheri has just moved into the city with her father as he starts a new job She remembers peaceful country lanes small communities and safe friends but she finds herself trying to fit in with the local popular girls who insist she needs to “do it”Meanwhile Duke is facing similar peer pressure in the boys’ locker room and Judy sets them up to meetThe author handles the shyness and conversation of his two teenagers very realistically I found myself really enjoying their interactions And when Cheri’s father meets Duke his over reaction is eminently plausible Cheri is grounded and even given a baby sitter in the form of their elderly neighbor leading to a delightful cross generational friendshipSoon Cheri is going back to church and again the author makes it clear that not all churches are the same All black people aren’t the same All white people aren’t the same All rich people all poor people all families aren’t the same And although there are some obvious stereotypes in the story they are always very cleverly balancedConversation in the church youth group—We meet every Wednesday night todiscuss sexual abstinence”—turns out to be uite natural and wise despite the unpromising introduction The ultimate outsider Becky finally succumbs to the lure of friendship and the troubles that land on the youngsters’ shoulders lead to a satisfying conclusionWhile the story’s ending may be a little too easy this is fiction and problems need to be resolved The story itself is far from simple and the message is well delivered In a complex teenage world I’d imagine this novel would provide at the very least an interesting talking point and at best an entertaining involving inspiring and educational story When I first looked at the book I almost thought “oh great another nasty book Love waits” I read a pretext someone had given and it caught my attention that they were talking about virginity and God In the same book This one I had to get I love how the author addresses an issue that millions of parent worldwide and their children fathom most; SEX The write finds a humorous way of talking out the issue and manages to put it out from a Christian perspective while emphasizing the need for sexual purity and abstaining from sex before marriage I love how he also points out that if it has already happened God forgives and gives one a second chance to keep pureThe writer combines Christianity Humor Love and Peer pressure to present a book that I would recommend to EVERY young person and parent Review by ReithJerevinan from After her mother’s death Cheri has to go with his father’s decision to move out from Nebraska Leaving her old memories and starting new life in a big city is a big deal for herIn her school the 14 year old Cheri has to face the mean girl society led by Judy and her feelings for a mysterious guy In her home problems don’t stop there Cheri has to counter his father’s changing personality as he hopes Cheri to replace his late wife’s task in treating the house and be his little daughter in the same time Out of those problems Cheri has to decide what to do with her deeply personal situations about her virginityAs a girl from little city Cheri doesn’t know the life would be in the new city that would be her new home Having sex in young age is something that has never come across her mind yet it becomes an issue for her school life The mean ueen Judy then tries to hook her up with a guy For her surprise the guy is her crush DukeDuke and Cheri meet and decide to stay who they are Life takes Cheri with her father disapproval on her relationship with Duke and let her trapped into a protective mode life at home after school The unexpected Mrs Macalester grabs Cheri to her real passion in flute and into the world where she doesn’t feel lonely With her Cheri is able to see the other side of the world while she pursues to get her life back on trackMy review Donald James Parker has succeeded to bring this issue of teenage life in 21st century in a very clear example through the book Also the acceptable message regarding the issue on wise thoughts within the belief of Christianity is written very well and logicalThe chemistry among the characters is seen very moving Cheri really represents an image of young girl coming from small town and the words of her mind really showing how she feels about the fear and lost she has been into The life told in the book amazingly puts us on how if we’re in the life that Cheri has including past events and characters she meetsAlthough the story is about searching real self and principle of life it doesn’t lose any points for romantic scenes and family valueI recommend this book for teenage girls and boys as well who is seeking their life path and power of faith I deal with teenagers facing this problem every school day As a teacher I wish I had this book to hand to a couple of my students who had made it very clear they were sexually active I laughed cried and related to a lot of this book Donald Parker has taken a very tough subject and put it in a way that is non confrontational to teens It shows them a way out Cheri has moved from a small town to a larger city after her mother's death and her father's promotion Shortly after starting school she is challenged to change her beliefs about sex before marriage Her challenger Judy even offers to hook her up with a guy she knows is a virgin Cheri almost makes that mistake but on that fateful day she and Duke decide no one should have the right to push them into this decision Found walking alone with a boy her father finds her a babysitter in her next door neighbor Jean is a widow and a former flute teacher She is also a strong Christian She guides Cheri in her flute lessons and in lessons of the spirit Cheri begins attending church and she and Duke join a purity class that teaches them about the role of abstinance in their life Cheri invites Becky another girl that Judy has constantly ragged on about being a virgin They along with Tiffany from their church form a strong friendship When Judy is attacked it is the very people she has verbally attacked that befriend her and lead her to God's love This book is about teen problems rape abortion sex before marriage for teens and adults conseuences of bad decisions and true friendship Most importantly it is about the miracles God can work in your life if you let him The book was full of scripture which I found refreshing but was not preachy at all This is definately a book I will add to my shelf at school Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadToocomCheri just moved from a small town in Nebraska to the big city Her mother died from cancer two years ago and Cheri is at loose ends She misses her friends and isn't getting along with her dad all too wellThere is a girl at school who has found out that Cheri is a virgin and is trying to get her hooked up Cheri doesn't know what to believeThen in walks her neighbor a wonderful grandmotherly type person who leads Cheri to God Cheri's world changes and even though there are still times of trouble life makes a dramatic turn for the betterI enjoyed the story a lot but had a hard time with some of the beliefs the author had even though I am a practicing Christian It is heavy on fundamental faith values Some of the dialogue is not very realistic but the struggles that the characters are dealing with are very real whether you are a Christian or notI got caught up with the story and even if you don't believe all that the characters do you can come away with a good story and start deciding on what you believe about sex dealing with death rape and teenage pregnancy Love Waits was a book that is different to the books that I would normally read but I decided to read it because it sounded like it could be a good read And it wasWhile reading Love Waits I found myself deeply drawn into the story line of the novel The characters were all very good although I have to say at first I didn't really like a couple of the characters but later on in the story as they changed I began to really like themLove Waits gave me a lot of things to think about That is to say for me it was a very thought provoking novelI loved how there were some parts that made you laugh out loud and then there were also some very serious parts that made the book stand outI feel that Love Waits was a really good read that made me think long and hard about some of the issues that were brought up I definitely felt emotionally attached to the characters and the issues they facedOverall I really enjoyed Love Waits I found it to be a serious refreshing read that brings about some very good points I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves christian fiction as well as anyone who would love to read a story that brings up some really good issues wonderful REALLY INTERESTING

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