A Royal Pain

A Royal Pain[PDF / Epub] ★ A Royal Pain Author Rhys Bowen – Oaklandjobs.co.uk 1930s London Poor Lady Georgiana thirty fourth in line to the throne has nothing to serve her Bavarian princess houseguest even though the ueen of England has reuested that she entertain her Then ther s London Poor Lady Georgiana thirty fourth in line to the throne has nothing to serve her Bavarian princess houseguest even though the ueen of England has reuested that she entertain her Then there's the matter of the body in the bookshop and the princess's unwitting involvement with the Communist party It's enough to drive a girl mad. I read the first book in this series at the end of 2017 and then left it on the backburner because I was already engaged in this author's Molly Murphy series Well Molly has become a bit morose and her relationship with Daniel is going nowhere fast so I am giving that a breather for whileIn the meantime Lady Georgiana is much better entertainment She is funny and her actions are a lot light hearted than poor Molly's I also enjoy her supporting characters especially her crazy mother and her rock solid grandfather Oh and the ueen of course She is just wonderfulIn this second book Georgie is instructed by the ueen to care for a visiting princess from Bavaria who she hopes may tempt Prince David away from Wallis Simpson We all know that will not work but the princess leads Georgie into all kinds of difficulties All good fun and I am looking forward to book three Review written May 26 201643 Stars Simply wonderfully cozy 9 hrs mystery fun Book #2My latest reading passion started last fall are all these lighthearted cozy mysteri novels A genre even better as audiobooks I really liked the serial starter Her Royal Spyness 42 back in January It was with a good feeling I started this second part London June 1934So much fun to once again meet the ueen's amateur spy Lady Georgie aka Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie Rannoch cousin of King George V of England is a unforgettable lovely penniless aristocrat — When the ueen ask it's hard to say no ‘But flirting does not come easily to someone brought up in a remote castle with tartan wallpaper in the bathrooms bagpipes at dawn and men who wear kilts’ This Rhys Bowen serial could probably be a future favorite of mine Not a lot of hot romance stuff and fuss but with a truly entertaining action packed female chick lit feel during the interwar period And there is a dashing goodlooking Irish mysterious hero to dream about — A Royal Pain had it all I'm Georgie addictive by now I listened to the audiobook 9 hrs this time too Flawlessly well and enjoying narrated by Katherine Kellgren She is one of the best for this kind of stories I LIKE eager to start the next part A fun vacation read I enjoyed the antics in this book Lady Georgie is 34th in line for the throne but penniless and living in London without an allowanceIn this story she does some maturing in terms of seeing people as euals As in the first book the mystery is a small part of the story This series is a fun light fluffy look at social status and societywith a few dead bodies and mystery sprinkled throughout A fun read 15 starsOnce again I expected and once again I find myself dissatisfied It takes forever for the 'mystery' to begin in full force Georgie is repetitive whiny and incredibly dense Like the first book she doesn't really solve anything but gets thrown into the answer by the villain's actions always conveniently at the right timeplace On top of that the writing was jarring The choice of words from characters the incredible articulation of anti communist proponents and all the 'haha Adolph Hitler' didn't seem to fit with the plot at all Either this is the 1930s or its not What I disliked the most however is the constant bombardment about sex It is a topic of conversation from almost every character and it is very much obnoxious and crude Even minor characters are thrown into awkward and horrible situations In fact I think I might be done with this series for the near rape scene alone Yet despite the fact that this book has almost nothing going for it there is something rather likable in the setting I find I am drawn back We'll see ALSO once again I must complain Georgie is not a blond What is up with you cover designers Another fun cosy mystery with the penniless Lady Georgiana Great Granddaughter of ueen Victoria 34th in line to the throneIn this instalment Georgie has been asked by the ueen to entertain a visiting foreign Princess who the ueen hopes will catch the eye of the Prince of Wales and turn him away from “that dreadful Simpson woman” But things are never simple before long there are dead bodies communists shoplifting to deal with all while attending Royal Functions Parties with the Smart Set visits to the country with very little money hiding her secret cleaning business from the world And of course the mysterious gorgeous Darcy O’Mara popping in out to save the day1110 for the audio narration by Katherine Kellgren She really makes the book I believe synopsis from GoodreadsIt's 1930s London and Lady Georgiana thirty fourth in line to the throne has a lot on her plate but little in her cupboards in this national bestsellerBaked beans and boiled eggs That's what my houseguest the Bavarian princess will have to eat if I don't get help posthaste The ueen of England has reuested I entertain said princess placing her in the playboy prince's path in hopes he might finally marryBut ueens never consider money of which I have little And which is why I moonlight as a maid in disguise My plans1 Clean house in manner of palace2 Blackmail brother Binky into sending a few uid3 Unteach Princess Hanni English from gangster movies lest she address the ueen as old broad4 Keep eye on princess at parties where she drinks like a fishThen there's the matter of the body in the bookshop and Hanni's unwitting involvement with the communist party It's enough to drive a girl madLet me start by saying I rate my cozy mysteries different than all other genres of books I read I still use a five star rating system or with cozies I like to think instead of stars how many cups of coffeeteawhich is my idea of cozy The following is how I rate my cozies1 cup of coffee did not finish or will not continue on in series2 cups of coffee this book has potential but on the fence about whether I will read the next book3 cups of coffee good will definitely continue series but did have some issues4 cups of coffee great will definitely continue series minor issues5 cups of coffee EXCEPTIONALWhat I think about when I give my ratings1 There called cozies for a reason and that being said I know they are not for everybody I love them Therefore the first thing I think about is how cozy are they? The cheese the better for melol The horrible puns in the titlesLOVE THEM Yesif you’re wondering I am the person who loves laffy taffy jokes2 Characters and relationships with secondary characters3 Settingtheme4 The mysteryI triedI tried to tell Georgie that nothing good comes from being summoned to Buckingham palace for tea with HM She insisted that when HM summons you go So that’s how it all startedBroke no servants and we have to take in a baroness?? Seriouslyuggthis can’t go well We did threatenI mean talk Georgie’s brother Binky and sister in law Fig to send some money and persuaded her grandfather and his neighbor friend to fill in as a butler and maidI mean what could go wrong??lol When the Baroness arrived we were shocked by her obsession with “gansters” American slangnot to mention her tendencies towards the “five finger discount”Soon the bodies are piling upand enter in Chief Inspector BurnellyeahGeorgie is defiently not his favorite galThis series is a royal delight I love all Georgie’s antics Belinda’s romps Darcy Binky and even Fig The mystery is fun fast paced and kept me guessing If you enjoy historical cozies I royally recommend this bookCheck out my blog at everyday is a great reading day What a hysterical and riotous treat this series is turning out to be Had P G Wodehouse ever written mysteries I can see them having felt like this Another fun cozy mystery so ably narrated I enjoyed it lovely relaxed listening A Royal Pain is the second in the Lady Georgiana series by Rhys Bowen In this one set in Depression era London Georgie's house cleaning business isn't going that well but she is scraping by living alone in Rannoch House and eating baked beans and toast One day she is summoned to Buck House by ueen Mary It seems the ueen is very concerned about her son David's inappropriate attachment to that awful American woman Wallis Simpson and has decided to try to entice him to a suitable girl Georgie is shocked and much dismayed to hear that the ueen has invited Princess Hannelore of Bavaria to London and that she will be staying with Georgie at Rannoch HouseGeorgie agrees one never says no to Her Majesty and then sets about trying to find a way to get servants to help at Rannoch House and enough money to feed the entourage coming from Bavaria She finds a cook and a butler when she enlists the unlikely help of her Cockney grandfather and his neighborlady friend Mrs Huggins who agree to come to the house and give her a hand The Princess and her companion Baroness Rottenmeister show up a few days later and Lady Georgie finds herself with uite a handful in Princess HanniAs the story unfolds dead bodies begin piling up and Georgie is once again asked to help sort out what is happening There are Communists and debauched nobility drugs and wild parties All in all it's a pretty entertaining story with a decent mystery and of course a little romance as Lady Georgie trys to find the right man for her and avoid Lord Fishface or being sent to the country to be a companion to her old maid aunt Rhys Bowen's A Royal Pain the follow up to Her Royal Spyness is as good if not better than the first book I thoroughly enjoyed this from beginning to end and even have the dark eye circles to show for it I simply could not put it downWe meet Georgie again who's still dealing rather matter of factly with her penniless existence and is as humorous and witty as ever To make her life worse and amuse us further the ueen's decided that visiting Princess Hannelore Hanni of Bavaria should stay with Georgie for an undetermined length of time and this princess is not only boy mad but has a shoplifting habit Along the way we get a lot Darcy Granddad and meet a whole host of interesting new charactersDespite my love for the first book I winced a bit at the thought of this dreaded royal pain Princess Hanni taking up a great deal of time in this second one It's very hard to like a brat Imagine my relief when I realized she might have her annoying sides but she's impossible not to like Without leaving any spoilers I must say that Hanni gets increasingly interesting as her role in the bigger picture is revealedAnother positive result of Hanni's appearance is that Darcy and Georgie's previously stalled relationship has been kicked into gear again upped a notch A Royal Pain reveals a great deal about Darcy's mysterious background and hints that his guardian angel habit of being there whenever Georgie needs him has much deeper implications than just coincidence or a show of his interest in her Despite Georgie's insecurity Darcy clearly cares deeply for her I can't wait to see developments in the next bookLike in Her Royal Spyness the murder mystery is set into motion reasonably early on but only really takes center stage in the latter third of the book However unlike other cozy mysteries where I might complain that other unnecessary events take too much time there's no such problem here One of the greatest strength in this series is the character building; we have a whole host of incredibly vivid and colourful main and supporting characters and it is so much fun to see their interpersonal relationships in play and learn about their past particularly the scandalous ones Frankly I so enjoyed taking part in Georgie's high class world and social engagements that I didn't even notice she hadn't begun real investigating yetAll in all A Royal Pain was spiffing good fun It's too bad the next installment takes Georgie back to Castle Rannoch because having Granddad there to aid her investigation really spiced it up But who cares when there's hopefully Darcy? Onto the third book

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