Stay Tape

Stay Tape❴Reading❵ ➺ Stay Tape Author Alex Draven – Dirk loves his life He has his partner Kit and he has a wonderful job at the local fetish shop working behind the scenes Panic sets in when Dirk's boss Sukie asks him to model some of the wares in the Dirk loves his life He has his partner Kit and he has a wonderful job at the local fetish shop working behind the scenes Panic sets in when Dirk's boss Sukie asks him to model some of the wares in the next catalog He's not sure he wants to be on the front lines where everyone can see him Kit is than happy to help Dirk get over his case of nervous jitters In fact Kit might just be uniuely suited to the task He sets out to make sure Dirk can do the job helping Dirk ease his fears Can they prove to Dirk that it's not so bad to be in the spotlight after all. Dirk works for Fawcett’s Corsets as a clothing designer Although his boss Sukie insists he will be the perfect model for the “trad romantic stuff” in her next catalog Dirk is not convinced He cares deeply about the catalog coming out right and knows how important it is to both the shop and his boss He doesn’t want to mess up or disappoint anyone involved with the photo shoot When Sukie won’t take no for an answer Dirk concedes with uite a bit of trepidation and Kit resolves to be there for him every step of the way Staytape is a refreshing story that focuses on characters that you don’t often see in stories It would be so easy for these men to be simple stereotypes but Draven has written them with so much depth and emotion The main focus is on the interactions between the two lovers and not simply on what type of clothes they like to wear It is wonderful to be presented with two characters who are completely comfortable with who they are and make no excuses or exceptions They are men that like to wear makeup corsets and elaborate clothes but that does not detract from their masculinity in any way The relationship between Dirk and Kit is based on love and support They have a wonderful playfulness to their relationship They know so much about each other just what buttons to push and what the other is thinking without a word being said The sex between them is erotic and sensual and there is always an overriding sense of gentle intimacy between them Kit struggles to make Dirk understand what he sees in the man what he knows will come across in the catalog pictures as shown by this uote “You see this? This is you looking fantastically fuckable yes? Wearing clothes you designed that you made and that make you look so hot I couldn’t stop myself jumping you” During the actual shoot we get to see yet another aspect of the relationship between these two men When Dirk can barely breathe out of anxiety over the upcoming set Kit is there for him in every possible way He helps Dirk to release some of his tension with soothing and naughty touches while Dirk dresses They have a beautiful relationship and it is moving to watch them interact together whether through sexual intimacy or chaste touch I particularly loved the attention to detail given to the garments worn by the models and especially the corsets that Dirk wears Draven masterfully describes the fabric and detail as well as the allure for Dirk A corset invariably controls breathing changes posture and overall line of the body and increases sensation for the wearer Dirk experiences all of these things and is soothed by both the ritual of lacing the corset and the sense of being constrained and “ard” which comes in handy during the photo shoot My favorite description was of a corset that Dirk rescues from a corner of their living room “Black on black brocade with gun metal binding and an etched steel busk It had an asymmetrical front part lacing as a detail cut so it curved open to the left leaving his heart exposed” I thoroughly enjoyed this story from beginning to end With vivid descriptions and tantalizing intimacy Draven has crafted a wonderfully enjoyable story I wish that I could get my hands on the Fawcett’s Corsets catalog to enjoy all the beautiful photos but thankfully Draven craftily provides the details you need for your imagination to run wild and the resulting images will no doubt be amazing I ended the story with a smile on my face wanting to spend even time with these amazing characters I highly recommend this fabulous story Dirk designs and sews outfits for I’m not sure Kind of a specialty stores corsets and kilts for guys tight leather and pvc stuff sexy but not sex stuff Anyway his boss is getting ready to make their new catalogue and is basically forcing Dirk to be one of the models His boyfriend Kit who models for free promises to help him through it Half way through Dirk is totally losing it so Kit ducks under the kilt to relax him The shoot goes great and company flourishes I’m kind of ambivalent For one I detest people who push around their employees and force them to do things they don’t want to do Who just bully over them and don’t give a damn about how they are feeling like Dirk’s boss Kit is the kind who wears make up and nail polish and he was understanding and knew Dirk had no choice which I didn’t uite get – tell her to fire you and as her main designer that ain’t gonna happen It was interesting to hear the descriptions of the dresses and outfits and Dirk wearing a corset which really isn’t my thing Some pictures would have been helpful as I didn’t know what some of the clothes were and I didn’t feel like googling It was okay uite different I guess with the clothing emphasis