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Untamed A House of Night Novel[BOOKS] ⚣ Untamed A House of Night Novel Author P.C. Cast – Oaklandjobs.co.uk I saw the end of everything Aphrodite'svoice was as haunted as her face I saw all of ithappening because you were dead Zoey Your deathmade it happen Ah hellI said and then myknees gave way and I had t I saw the end of everything House of PDF ☆ Aphrodite'svoice was as haunted Untamed A PDF/EPUB or as her face I saw all of ithappening because you were A House of PDF/EPUB ½ dead Zoey Your deathmade it happen Ah hellI said and then myknees gave way and I had to sit downA week ago Zoey had a group of special friends three boyfriends and a kinda clear conscience Now she has none of the above Luckily ice ueen Aphrodite is showing signs of melting and ex roomie Stevie Rae isn't as dead as she'd thought Though Stevie Rae's now hanging out in tunnels with freaks totally grossAssuming she can get them to listen Zoey will need all her friends as events take a frightening turn at the House of Night school for vampyres Shocking true intentions are about to come to light loyalties will be tested and an ancient evil is about to rise againSome days being special just doesn't seem all that. I like the general story line and the characters but the redundant writing is getting a little old Constant vocabulary lessons from Damien the author describes everyone over and over again everything from their personalities to their day to day clothing choices Everytime the Grandmother speaks she calls Zoey the Cherokee word for daughter and every single time the author explains that the word makes her feel safe There is a whole lot of explaining and back story and description and really not a whole lot of story plot character development or emotion It's a good story idea but not very well executed Also has anyone ever noticed that Zoey falls in lovelust with any cute single guy that walks into her path?These authors definitely need to take that writing instruction that everyone learned in grade schoolShow don't tell I TOTALLY NEED TO VENT AT THE STUPIDITYIDIOCYAND OBVIOUS MENTAL ISSUES OF THE MAIN CHARACTEROK honestly what type of reaction would you expect from someone who used to be your boyfriend and CAUGHT you in the action of not only making out with someone but down right naked in a freakin room at school doing the freak nasty to a teacher LIKE REALLY HAVE YOU NO SHAME OR BRAINS THUS THIS STUPID PARAGRAPH GETS ON MY NERVES'Erik looked at me His blue eyes were absolutely expressionless which felt completely wrong Those same eyes had shown me happiness and passion and warmth and even the beginnings of love Then they'd shown me hurt and anger And now they showed me nothing at all? How could that even be possible?'Um Zoey its possible ur a And thus for now at this part im rating this book a solid 1AND this book will strike all time lows if Eric somehow forgives her and gets back with Zoey again Cause that is utterly unrealistic and impossible Eriks cruel attitude toward Zoey better keep up since this makes me actually like him as a character in this lame book for as before i was wondering and tbh still wondering why he's in this book at all UPDATE THIS GIRL TAKES BEING A TO A WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL Tell me how she cheats and makes out with her ex boyfriend while in a relationship with another boy and despite that manages to have sex with a teacher all in the same 2 month time span THEN IF THAT WASNT THE WORST OF IT 2 days after her lover teacher died she didnt hesitate and give herself time to recover She lays a big one on a random boy who was in the process of DYING WTH this book is steadily getting on my last nerves Right off the bat this is my favorite book of The House of Night series Yes it's only book 4 but it is fantastic This book doesn't deal with Zoey's love life as much as the others have I'm all for the ooey gooey bits but this one does well without her having a boy or man in her life It focuses on Zoey coming into her own and she is beginning to portray the high priestess that she really is A new character Stark is introduced but his part is just too short in this book so I'm hoping there will be to come of him in the future books Neferet has truly gone evil and Aphrodite is gasp nice I finally like Aphrodite and am happy to read about her snobby self without wanting to smack her Zoey's Grandma comes to stay at The House of Night and it is easy to feel the love all of the fledglings feel towards this woman The Cast's did a wonderful job of weaving Cherokee stories into the book for both background purposes and featuring the tales up front and center The novel is a uick read because it's just so hard to put it down The book comes to a close in the midst of the action and you are left unaware of what's happened to some of the characters outside of the main group of friends It is the biggest cliffhanger of the series thus far leaving us waiting to find out how Zoey will save the world I found the book so fucking annoying Why is Zoey such a ho and a hypocrite? She and her friends call Aphrodite a ho when Zoey is a ho I mean she was dating Erik Loren and Heath At the same time Then she goes after Stark and when it's been two or three days she starts kissing up on him What the hell?The fact that she has to mention that Damien and Jack are gay and that Shaunee and Erin aren't twins gets on my nerves every timeThen she gets all mad when Erik starts to call her a slut Can you seriously blame him He walked in to find her and Loren fucking each other And she gets all hurt when Heath breaks up with her and gets with Casey or something I couldn't stand this paragraph when I saw itBut I couldn't I couldn't be alone with him and hurt his feelings Not yet Not so soon after losing Loren and Erik and Stark I couldn't stand him tell me how much he hated me now and how sorry he was that we'd ever been together He wouldn't say all that in front of Aphrodite I knew Heath Yes he'd break up with me but unlike Erik there wouldn't be any public name calling and cause a ugly scene Heath's mom and dad had raised him right He was a gentlemen through and through and always would beUm Zoey don't ya think that you've already hurt his feelings? Don't ya think that you NEED to be called names? Besides you barely KNEW Stark How could you LOSE him?Damn Ho Shouldn't she have broken up with him from the start instead of cheating on him behind his back? So when we last left Zoey Erik had mercilessly slut shamed Zoey until her friends abandoned her Loren had died and Neferet was evilly declaring war against humans for those murders that she totally didn’t do Untamed picks up like a day or two later with Zoey sulking because her friends are angry at her for not telling them things I can’t be fucked to remember I think it was about Stevie Rae? Also possibly Loren? Anyway the vital part is that Zoey’s adrift with only Aphrodite as an ally which makes her vulnerable than usual because of reasons Luckily this lasts all of two seconds before Aphrodite bullies Zoey’s friends into not being mad at her any because god forbid things have conseuencesSPOILERS ABOUND YOMeanwhile Shekinah High Priestess and Only Other Black Vampire in the World Besides Shaunee visits the campus to put the kibosh on Neferet’s holy war and insist that the human police be allowed to investigate those murders that she totally didn’t commit Zoey suggests that cop she worked with like two books ago that nobody remembers and the matter is settled Neferet is real pissed and she stomps all around the place like a spoiled child making it even mystifying that anyone would believe she doesn’t have her own fucking agenda But nah nothing suspicious going on here nopeMeanwhile meanwhile Zoey spends one night volunteering at at cat shelter run by some weirdly open minded nuns Ostensibly she's working with this nun run charity to “better integrate with the community” and get an opportunity to talk to Stevie Rae off school grounds but mostly it’s so that Zoey can know these characters’ names when she summons and imposes her needs on them like two days laterSeriously she’s met this particular nun Mary Angela once for like an hour before she fucking summons her to the hospital after her grandmother is injured in a car accident Zoey doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her grandmother alone so she calls this woman to babysit her unconscious body and of course the nun does it with a smile on her face because Zoey is Zoey and everyone loves believes and trusts Zoey implicitly unless they’re the bad guysMeanwhile meanwhile meanwhile James fucking Stark aka motivator number two for continuing with this re read rolls into town Stark is another speshul snowflake set up to join Zoey’s harem of complete tools and since Cast has run out of elements he gets the Goddess given gift of infinite Patriot ArrowsIt’s the doinkiest fucking thing you guys he can literally fire an arrow into the sky and it will Looney Toons its way right into whatever he’s thinking about even if what he’s thinking about isn’t literally what he’s thinking about Like he tells this story about how he tried to hit “the heart of a tree” meaning right in the dead center I guess but instead he hits an owl which according to some rando folklore he cites was the true “heart of the tree” It’s the most gloriously absurd fucking thingStark comes complete with his own dark and tragic Falcon Story which he spills to Zoey after knowing her for approximately twenty seconds Thanks to his terrible terrible curse of shooting really accurately he accidentally killed his best friendmentor in the Vampire Olympics and now he refuses to ever participate in competitive archery ever againBut There’s a catch THAT'S RIGHT he gets archery BLUE BALLS you guys Unf if he can’t shoot it off it just hurts him SO BAD And he’s such a tragic tormented figure he can’t stand the pain of not shooting his arrows off so he does it anyway even though he feels real bad about it afterIn case you guys didn’t get it he’s a real mysterious tortured bad boy Anyway Stark spends approximately ten minutes confessing his Sady McSadface backstory to Zoey before promptly dying in one of the most appallingly awful scenes in the series so far in that while it's happening Stark makes it entirely about how sad he is not that he's dying but because it means he can't get to know Zoey betterHow fucking horrifyingly narcissistic is this to have this character come meet the heroine briefly and then spend his dying moments lamenting not getting to know her better? How horrifying is it to make this character’s last moments about how amazing the protagonist is? This fucking Zoey centric world is a thing of nightmares I imagine that Zoey is some sort of Haruhi Suzumiya god like character who warps reality to suit her needs and so this guy she thinks is hot spends his last moments on earth praising her beauty while inside he’s screaming like “WHY AM I SAYING THESE THINGS? I DON’T KNOW YOU I’M FUCKING DYING PLEASE GET HELP”But nope he dies in the way that hot people that Zoey likes die which is to say he’ll come back soon enough But in the meantime Zoey spends the book mentally lamenting his loss and that connection they TOTALLY ESTABLISHED ten minutes before he diedSure you might think it’s shitty writing that they only knew each other for ten minutes but you know what? That’s YOUR FAULT for having ridiculous social expectations about relationships like that people take TIME to get to know one another before they decide that they’re SOUL MATES Which Zoey decides they are by the way She literally says that they might be soul matesThis is the darkest fucking timeline for this world you guysShe spends the rest of the book eagerly anticipating his resurrection as a red fledgling and his inevitable position as the fourth point on her Love Suare which has collapsed for the moment but is back on the riseSpeaking of vertices Erik is back as a teacher in this installment and in the one class that Zoey actually attends they have a wildly inappropriate moment in which he literally gets hard choking Zoey she’s super into it and they make out in front of the entire class that he’s teachingWe have to fucking talk about Zoey and her guys because I just cannot stand the way this book handles that So look polyamory can be a thing and I would almost be willing to well not praise I could never praise House of Night that’s just not a thing I can physically do but I could give it a modicum of credit for giving Zoey the agency to sustain multiple romantic relationships at onceEXCEPT for two things A oh jesus fucking Christ the double standard slut shaming like how can you even justify that? NoAnd B Zoey pursues all of these guys simultaneously without being honest with them She does it in this very book She thinks about Stark constantly before during and after his death She thinks about how much she wants to date him can’t wait to maybe pursue a thing between the two of them when he rises from the grave But then she pursues Erik at the same time Erik who she KNOWS isn’t interested in sharing her with another guy who broke up with her for that very reason But she just cannot fucking stand the idea that Erik might exist on the campus without being in love with her so she goes out of her way to try and patch things up get him back into her and on her side while also tapping her foot looking at her watch waiting for Stark to reviveAnd you know what I could even fucking deal with that if she and the book would just acknowledge how selfish she’s being But it’s like when she’s thinking of one the other doesn’t exist NEVER THE TWO THOUGHTS SHALL MEET NOPEI just really can’t handle Zoey’s love life I can’t I vaguely recall the later books going into some shit about how she as a High Priestess has multiple boy slots that she can fill so they might all have the Talk at some point I don’t remember But she needs to do some goddamn self reflection like ASAP this shit is getting oldMeanwhile^4 Aphrodite human now but still psychic has a vision about 100 pages from the end of the book that slaps down a new slab of plot that we’ve never even heard of beforeYes our foreshadowing prophecy revealed again 100 pages before the end of the book Aphrodite transcribes it from her vision in Zoey’s grandmother’s handwriting so naturally Zoey calls for a consult and Cast proceeds to exploit the characters’ Cherokee heritage for that sweet sweet Native American mysticism Zoey’s grandmother exposits the from what I can tell completely made up for House of Night tale of Kalona a fallen angel rapist and father of the Raven Mockers actual creatures from Cherokee legend who are half bird half man in exactly the way you don’t wantIt’s around this time that Untamed shoots for its most unexpected target – feminism I almost shudder typing that word in this context because it’s so fucking laughable I mean jesus do you guys remember the man hating straw feminists following Aphrodite around in the first book? Remember how Zoey calls like every single woman in this book some variation of slut whore or skank especially if they disagree with her? Remember how this book others exotifies or tokenizes every single one of it’s women of color? Remember how there was one line about goddess worshipping lesbians and that’s it? Remember the fucking ridiculously rigid women priestesses men warriors gender roles? And yet House of Night wants to play the “girl power” card by making its “villain” a rapist defeated by a group of Cherokee medicine women and shooting off cheeky little lines about how Kalona will be shocked to find that “today’s women are not so easy to subdue”I mean first fuck you hard for that bit of casual victim blaming apparently applicable to the entirety of historyanyone else who was “easy to subdue” Even typing that my blood fucking boils I cannot handle how offhandedly cruel and insidious that statement isSecond just like no man It’s too late We’re four books in and this one hasn’t dispensed with any of its ugly misogyny racism homophobia general hatefulness or shitty world building You cannot salvage this story into one that’s woman positive It’s not fucking feminist if only one type of woman is deemed acceptable and all others are shamed or erased You can piss right fucking off with that shitUgh anyway Kalona and the terrible prophecy they don’t get it Even with the help of Zoey’s grandmother and Damian My Other Character Trait Is That I’m Smart they just can’t suss it outSo the group attempts to interpret the prophecy to no avail but hey when all else fails you know what’s there to move the plot along? The Irritable Bowel GoddessThat’s right Zoe’s Irritable Bowel Goddess term coined by Fangs is in full force kicking in whenever Zoey has a stray thought that’s relevant to the plot Neferet has orchestrated It all culminates in an embarrassing mess of a climax that a baby could have seen coming Love Suare Vertice #4 Stark is resurrected from the dead to do the one thing that we’ve been told he can do shoot shit That’s literally the reason Neferet poached him from a rival House of Night It’s not even a very difficult shot to pull off I guess like nobody else could be trusted to hit the broad side of a barn He shoots Stevie Rae because that fulfills the prophecy by making the representative of the element earth bleed which none of Zoey’s fucking walnuts managed to put together Kalona rises and Neferet instantly converts an entire campus full of goddess worshipers to hot winged rapist worshipers She also kills the High Priestess of All Vampires without anyone noticing bringing the number of black vampires in the world back down to oneDespite being fucking stared at the entire time Zoey manages to disappear from the fray via the use of elements which I like to picture as Neferet fixing her eyes on Zoey and then suddenly there’s a Zoey shaped cloud of fog there instead and Neferet’s like “FUCK WHERE DID SHE GO?”The Raven Mockers wreak havoc on the city and Zoey guides a group of than a dozen teenagers with stupid tattoos on their faces through downtown Tulsa on New Year’s Eve without being noticed not because of plot convenience but because Nyx goddamn willed it thank you very muchThey hole up with Stevie Rae’s Red Fledglings do a team cheer and Zoey levels up And that’s it The endSo obviously there’s a lot going on here I guess you could say that Untamed is technically one of the better House of Night books purely by virtue of the fact that something relevant actually happens in it Untamed moves the series plot forward in one giant awkward lurch making it one of like four House of Night books you actually have to read to keep abreast with what’s going onAt the same time this installment feels very transitional and not much like a complete story in itself There’s a lot of abrupt set up for things that are meant to occur later particularly in the next book Hunted The introductions of Stark the Benedictine nuns and the prophecy are clumsy and clunky and feel like last minute additions that should have been set up books ago in order to pay off the way the Untamed wanted them to I am actually genuinely curious to know how much of the series Cast had planned out in advance because right now this whole book feels like a last minute swerveBut even with plot related happenings this is still a House of Night book and it is still garbage It’s hateful it’s terribly written lazily plotted and the characters are all monstrous in ways the narrative refuses to acknowledgeI go through like a complete emotional cycle every time I read one of these things first it’s so bad it’s painful then you get used to the pain and it’s kind of enjoyably awful But by the halfway mark you’re wallowing in mind numbing despair at how many fucking brain cells you’re losing with every word you read and once you finally make it to the end you’ve been begging for death for pages just wanting it to be overThen you look up and realize that the end isn’t even closeRead full review with gifsuotes snark at You'reKillingUs This is a very important book of the series because two really significant characters are making a grand entrance1 James Stark the new boy in school the dog lover the archery genius who has never missed a target and who will make all the Zoey’s pursuers dead and alive fade away Stark was cute He was medium tall not uarterback tall like my human ex boyfriend Heath or abnormally gorgeous Superman tall like my fledgling turned vampyre ex boyfriend Erik But he wasn’t short either Actually he was about Damien’s height He was kinda on the thin side but I could see muscles through his old T shirt and his arms were definitely yummy He had cute messy guy hair that sandy color between blond and brown His face was okay too with a strong chin straight nose big brown eyes and nice lips So dissected into separate parts Stark was an okay looking kid As I watched him I realized that what took him from meh to hot was his intensity and his confidence He moved like everything he did was deliberate but that the deliberateness was tinged with sarcasm It was like he was a part of the world and at the same time he was flipping it off2 Kalona the winged Cherokee demon the fallen angel the father of the Raven Mockers the ultimate bad guy He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen His skin was smooth and completely unmarred and was gilded with what looked like the kiss of the sun’s loving rays His hair was as black as his wings and fell loose and thick around his shoulders making him look like an ancient warrior His face—how can I ever fully describe his beautiful face? It was like a sculpture come to life and it made even the most handsome mortal be he human or vampyre look like a sickly unsuccessful attempt at imitation of his glory His eyes were the color of amber so perfect they were almost golden I found myself wanting to get lost in them Those eyes called to me he called to me Interesting cliff hanger and the story becomes complicated Ok so I really hated the last book and I told myself I wasn't going to read any of this series but I came across a cheap electronic version and I couldn't help myself I am glad I did This book was so much better than the previous ones my only two complaints are 1 too short and 2 I know this is targeted towards a young audience but come on does Zoe really need multiple love interests in every book? And to make it worse does she really have to fall head over heels for EVERY guy that shows even remote interest? Ugh it drives me crazy when a strong and otherwise independent heroine seems to need male attention 247 to feel worthwhile Once again I am not some feminist nazi men hater I love romance I think it's great but when it seems that it is only thrown in to keep readers interested and appeased it really kills it for me If not for complaint number two I probably would have given it one star I enjoyed the way Zoe and friends learned the importance of forgiveness I especially enjoyed seeing the geek suad learn to be a little less self centered and realize that the world does not revolve around them trust me I was well into my twenties when that idea finally started to dawn on me Not that I have mastered it yet either They finally understood why Zoe had to do things the way she did and they even felt a bit ashamed for their selfish reaction and unwillingness to see things from her perspectiveI also loved the way this book brought in beliefs and traditions from different cultures and faiths I also enjoyed seeing Zoe realize that there is bad and good in all groups not all Christians are bad not all vampyres are loyal to their goddess etc take beside the fact that Zoey is definitely a sorry ho PC Cast had created a great book I love that the story has something to do with legends and myths really i found the idea with Kalona really impressingAnd maybe because i am a teenager i just adore the easy going writing style Those are some plus pointsEven if i gave the book 5 star rating that doesnt mean the book was flawless I am 15 years old and i had a boyfriend i know how it felt like to be between handsome men but still i doubt Zoey is normalMy first impression 1 Zoey is a TOO nice girl2 Zoey is freakishly shallow3 Zoey is over hyperactive aggressive and has no women's pride4 Zoey has issuehyper sexwhatever Why cant she just break up the imprint with Heath? Why couldn't she think clearly before fooling around with Heath? Why Heath why? I never like Heath Obviously i was very glad that Zoey may had something with Stark Maybe the reason i gave untamed 5 star is because there were less love thingie not like in Chosen i thought i would puke because Zoey was definitely shallowThis book was totally focused on the real issue and i found it very pleasant This is the best book of the other four And please please Zoey must not be so perfect Its too cliche Zoey is the wrong hero I like Aphrodite even the names too cheesy Throw Zoey and all her boyfriend to the trash bin then i would give untamed 7 starsorry for stupid grammar and spelling mistakes i am still learning Okay even though I haven't been a teen for a couple of years uhm make that over a decade I'm a HUGE fan of the House of Night series Rather obvious considering I bought it on the date of its release Marked Betrayed and Chosen were superb That said I really enjoyed Untamed but if I had to order the books according to preference it'd be fourth on my list I eagerly await Hunted And the twists and turns I anticipate and can't even imagine will result from the events in Untamed Nope no spoilers from me It's a good thing these teen vampire dramas take only a couple of hours to read I've read the first four of this series and each one made me vomit in my mouth just a little Seriously I know you're asking why I have read 4 if the first one made me throw up even just a little Well it's a funny thing I'd rather stick a book out on the off chance that the ending makes the whole thing worth it than never know if the ending made the whole thing worth it Now mind you the ending making a crappy book worth it thing very rarely happens I know it's happened to me before but I just can't remember when It's a good think I'm not in a terrible marriage right I'd be here till the end waiting to see if it got betterIt's usually not such a bad thing I'm a fast reader Even if the book produces much mouth vomit I only have to spit and rinse for a few days However these series books man alive they're a bit of a problem Thankfully there's only one book in the House of Night series and I know the chances are slim that it's going to make make it all worth it but I've gotta try To be honest it's not the storyline or characters that turn my stomach it's the condescending tone and the judgemental stereotypes It's like a PSA in Utah or the 1950s I know your writing a teen book mostly for girls so you might think it's a good time to give a few lessons on how to be an upstanding moral teen but it's not your teenage vampire book is not the right platform to tell us only losers smoke pot or drink druggies are losers always only desperate girls give blowjobs girls that give blowjobs are being used only a slut would kiss her boyfriend out in the open like that goths smell bad and don't bathe enough And if you can't help but pass on these nuggets of wisdom don't hit us on the head with them give us some layers lady Seriously I'm not sure who reads and enjoys these books considering that the authors succeed in alienating every 'type' of teenager except the most middle mundane average boring one which might cover like two actual kids in the world GeezAside from all of that well I don't know it was hard to get past all of that I keep waiting for something to happen maybe it's all about the denouncement?

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